Central Bank Of India

Central Bank Of India Customer Care

Address: Chander Mukhi, Nariman Point Mumbai – 400 021 Tel.: 022 – 6638 7777

Email ID: complaints@centralbank.co.in

Phone No: 1800221911

Website : https://www.centralbankofindia.co.in/

Latest Judgments

Total 2926 Consumer Court Cases Against Central Bank Of India.

Madhya Pradesh

Case Number: 12


Date of Filing: 20-03-2023


Date of Upload: 26-09-2023

Madhya Pradesh

Central Bank Of India V/S Rameswar Choudhary

Central Bank Of India   Bank Of India  

Court Name: Shajapur

Appelant Advocate

Respondant Advocate

Case Number: 118


Date of Filing: 12-10-2017


Date of Upload: 25-09-2023

Tamil Nadu

Central Bank of India, rep. by its Branch Manager, V/S 1. L.Srinivasan, S/o. P.Loganathan & 1 Another.

Central Bank Of India  

Court Name: Salem

Appelant Advocate Mr.M.Loganathan

Respondant Advocate Mr.K.S.Jegaraj

Case Number: 37


Date of Filing: 08-05-2023


Date of Upload: 25-09-2023

Madhya Pradesh

Central Bank Of India V/S Bhagirath warehouse

Central Bank Of India   Bank Of India  

Court Name: Shajapur

Appelant Advocate

Respondant Advocate

Case Number: 119


Date of Filing: 12-10-2017


Date of Upload: 26-09-2023


1) Branch Manager Of The Central Bank Of India (2) Branch Manager Of The Hudco V/S Rina Nathabhai Kanpariya

Central Bank Of India   Bank Of India  

Court Name: Gandhinagar

Appelant Advocate Heta Shah

Respondant Advocate 1) N J Vasu (2) K .G. Pandey

Case Number: 289


Date of Filing: 28-10-2022


Date of Upload: 20-09-2023


Central Bank Of India V/S Kailash Chander

Central Bank Of India   Bank Of India  

Court Name: Fatehabad

Appelant Advocate R.D Gijroiya

Respondant Advocate M. K Dharnia

Case Number: 26


Date of Filing: 09-01-2019


Date of Upload: 26-09-2023


Central Bank Of India V/S Inder Singh

Central Bank Of India   Bank Of India  

Court Name: Fatehabad

Appelant Advocate Rajesh Sharma

Respondant Advocate M.K Dharnia

Case Number: 14


Date of Filing: 02-01-2019


Date of Upload: 26-09-2023


Central Bank Of India V/S Mahender Singh

Central Bank Of India   Bank Of India  

Court Name: Fatehabad

Appelant Advocate Rajesh Sharma

Respondant Advocate M. K Dharnia

Case Number: 15


Date of Filing: 03-01-2019


Date of Upload: 26-09-2023

Uttar Pradesh

Central Bank OF INdia V/S Phool Singh

Central Bank Of India   Bank Of India  

Court Name: Banda


Respondant Advocate

Case Number: 7


Date of Filing: 11-08-2023


Date of Upload: 19-09-2023

Tamil Nadu

The Branch Manager, Central Bank of India and another ONE V/S Mr.ARU.Muthiah

Central Bank Of India   Bank Of India  

Court Name: Thanjavur

Appelant Advocate Mrs.G.Innisai

Respondant Advocate Mr.G.Anbarasan OP1,Mr.J.Sabarish OP2

Case Number: 43


Date of Filing: 29-07-2020


Date of Upload: 14-09-2023

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Common FAQ

Question : Am I eligible to file case against Central Bank Of India in Consumer Forum?

Answer : If you have purchased a product or avails any service, either for your personal use or to earn your livelihood by means of self-employment.

Question : When I can fill a complaint against Central Bank Of India ?

Answer : A complaint may be made against Central Bank Of India under the following circumstances:
1 : Loss or damage is caused to the consumer due to unfair or restrictive trade practice.
2 : the article purchased by you is defective.
3 : the services availed of by you suffer from any deficiency.
4 : charged more then MRP
5 : Goods or services, which will be hazardous to life and safety, when used, are being offered for sale to the public.

Question : Is there any exemption from payment of Court Fee?

Answer : The complainants who are Below the Poverty Line shall be entitled for the exemption of payment of fee for complaints upto rupees one lakh on production of an attested copy of the Antyodaya Anna Yojana card.

Question : What are the Reliefs available to Consumers?

Answer : The reliefs available are :
1 : Removal of defects from the goods
2 : Replacement of the goods
3 : Refund of the price paid.
4 : Removal of defects or deficiencies in the services
5 : Award of compensation for the loss or injury suffered;
6 : Discontinue and not to repeat unfair trade practice or restrictive trade practice;
7 : To withdraw hazardous goods from being offered for sale;
8 : To cease manufacture of hazardous goods and desist from offering services which are hazardous in nature;
9 : If the loss or injury has been suffered by a large number of consumers who are not identifiable conveniently, to pay such sum (not less than 5% of the value of such defective goods or services provided) which shall be determined by the forum;
10 : To issue corrective advertisement to neutralize the effect of misleading advertisement;
11 : To provide adequate costs to parties.

Procedure to File Complaint againt Central Bank Of India in Consumer Court

Filing a complaint against Central Bank Of India in a consumer court involves following a specific procedure to ensure your grievance is addressed appropriately.

About Central Bank Of India

The Central Bank of India, established in 1911, is one of the oldest and largest public sector banks in India. It operates under the ownership of the Indina government. As a central bank, it is responsible for formulating and implementing monetary policies, regulating and supervising financial institutions, and managing the issuance of currency. The bank has a widespread network of branches and ATMs across the nation, contributing to financial inclusion. Central Bank of India has a rich history and continues to be a key player in fostering economic growth and stability in India.

Step 1

Contact Central Bank Of India Customer Care

Before filing a formal complaint in the Consumer Forum, consider approching customer care or the Branch Manager to address the issue. In many cases complaints can be resolved through direct communication.

Central Bank Of India 24/7 Toll-Free Number

Customers facing any issues related to any banking service may contact 24/7 customer care available on the following numbers: 1800221911 , 18002021911

WhatsApp Number

Central Bank Of India also offers a dedicated WhatsApp Number 63-64-861-866. You can send your question directly through WhatsApp.

Card Hotlisting / Card not working

Call : 1800 22 1911
Email : complaints@centralbank.co.in

Failed transaction in ATM/POS/Online

Call : 022 49197313 /15
Email : smatmreversal@centralbank.co.in

UPI and BHIM app help

For technical issues
Call : 1800221911
Email : upisupport@centralbank.co.in

For Reversal/failed transactions
Call : 022-61648613
Email : smtbk2@centralbank.co.in

Debit Card HOTLISING by sending SMS

Send SMS to phone no. 9967533228 as follows:
LOST : For blocking all cards linked to mobile
LOST card no. : For blocking specific card no.
LOSTAccount no. : For blocking card in specific account

Step 2

Contact Central Bank Of India Nodal Officer

If you are not satisfied with the Central Bank Of India customer care response, you can escalate the issue to the nodal officer by sending a written complaint.

Central Bank Of India Nodal Office Details

Zo Ahmedabad

Shri Prashant Deshpande
Tele No : 9422654648 , 079-71786072
Email : Agmoperahmezo@Centralbank.Co.In


Shri Rakesh Roshan
Tele No :7567883892
Email : Operahmero@Centralbank.Co.In


Shri Nandkishore Verman
Tele No :8860084295
Email : Operbaroro@Centralbank.Co.In


Shri C K Garg
Tele No : 9466212988
Email : Operganaro@Centralbank.Co.In


Shri Sanjay Ghosh
Tele No :9431268589
Email : Operjamnro@Centralbank.Co.In


Shri Dharmraj Kumar
Tele No :9909992087
Email : Operrajkro@Centralbank.Co.In


Shri Pritesh Shah
Tele No : 9879794069
Email : Opersura@Centralbank.Co.In


Shri Neeraj Goswami
Tele No :9616366260
Email : Cmoperambica@Centralbank.Co.In


Shri Harishankar Soni
Tele No :7024173565
Email : Operbhopro@Centralbank.Co.In


Shri C.P. Nandeshwar
Tele No : 8226003800
Email : Cmcreditchhiro@Centralbank.Co.In


Shri N K Mangal
Tele No :7354888663
Email : Recvgwalro@Centralbank.Co.In


Shri Prashant Yadav
Tele No :9893773197
Email : Operhoshro@Centralbank.Co.In


Shri Kamlesh Diwakar
Tele No : 8370012095
Email : Auditindoro@Centralbank.Co.In


Shri Anil Nayak
Tele No :8226014333
Email : Cmoperjabaro@Centralbank.Co.In


Shri G C Dewangan
Tele No :8370019826
Email : Operraipro@Centralbank.Co.In


Shri Kamlesh Diwakar
Tele No : 8370012095
Email : Auditindoro@Centralbank.Co.In


Shri Anil Nayak
Tele No :8226014333
Email : Cmoperjabaro@Centralbank.Co.In


Smt Samyuktha Shetty
Tele No :6262603306
Email : Cm2Ratlro@Centralbank.Co.In


Shri Manoj Jain
Tele No : 9926133263
Email : Cmopersagaro@Centralbank.Co.In


Shri Mukesh Khare
Tele No :8226012556
Email : Opershahro@Centralbank.Co.In


Shri C.S. Chugh
Tele No :9988803085
Email : Operchanzo@Centralbank.Co.In


Shri G.L Pandit
Tele No : 9888851878
Email : Operamriro@Centralbank.Co.In


Shri Ashok Kalra
Tele No :9988690156
Email : Operchanro@Centralbank.Co.In


Shri N.K. Ahirwar
Tele No :9888825910
Email : Operjalaro@Centralbank.Co.In


Shri R.K. Yadav
Tele No : 9179045414
Email : Creditkarnro@Centralbank.Co.In


Shri Baldev Singh
Tele No :8054209043
Email : Operludhro@Centralbank.Co.In


Shri Pradeep Kandu
Tele No :9370588927
Email : Operrohtro@Centralbank.Co.In


Shri J.S. Meena
Tele No : 9547600991
Email : Opershimro@Centralbank.Co.In

Zo Chennai

Shri Satish Talreja
Tele No :9361908924
Email : Agm2Chenzo@Centralbank.Co.In


Shri T Choudry
Tele No :7010660417
Email : Operchenro@Centralbank.Co.In


Shri Kumaravel
Tele No : 8939381222
Email : Opercoimro@Centralbank.Co.In


Shri Sadanandan
Tele No :8943332848
Email : Opercochro@Centralbank.Co.In


Mrs Nalini Meenakshi
Tele No :8489945253
Email : Drm1Maduro@Centralbank.Co.In


Shri U Ambigapathy
Tele No : 9944014425
Email : Opertricro@Centralbank.Co.In


Shri Anil Babu
Tele No :9633854899
Email : Operthriro@Centralbank.Co.In


Shri Gururajachar
Tele No :9538893712
Email : Cmoperbangro@Centralbank.Co.In


Shri G V Ramesh
Tele No : 6304903704
Email : Cmoperhydero@Centralbank.Co.In


Shri M Viswaprasad
Tele No :6304906604
Email : Cmvijaro@Centralbank.Co.In


Shri V V S Prasad
Tele No :9538867536
Email : Cm2Hublro@Centralbank.Co.In


Shri Amba Das
Tele No : 6303929009
Email : Cm2Wararo@Centralbank.Co.In


Shri P Chandrashekhar Rao
Tele No :6304906606
Email : Cm1Guntro@Centralbank.Co.In


Shri B K Prasad
Tele No :9441829763
Email : Cm1Visaro@Centralbank.Co.In

Zo Delhi

Shri Sujit Kumar
Tele No : 9650104428
Email : Complaintsdelhzo@Centralbank.Co.In


Shri Vimal Kumar
Tele No :8859504254
Email : Armdehrro@Centralbank.Co.In

Delhi-A South

Ms. Nitasha Malik
Tele No :9871758491
Email : Operdelaro@Centralbank.Co.In

Delhi-B North

Shri Anil Thukral
Tele No : 7838788855
Email : Operdelbro@Centralbank.Co.In

Delhi-C Central

Shri S K Bhatt
Tele No :9999729532
Email : Operdelcro@Centralbank.Co.In


Shri Anil Jindal
Tele No :9654005051
Email : Cmoperjaipro@Centralbank.Co.In


Shri Lambodar Behera
Tele No : 7064431301
Email : Operbhubro@Centralbank.Co.In


Shri Tapan Saha
Tele No :9733209903
Email : Opercoocro@Centralbank.Co.In

Zo Durgapur

Shri Jayanta Das
Tele No :8695624206
Email : Operdurgro@Centralbank.Co.In

North Kolkata

Shri Rajib Bansal
Tele No : 6292191378
Email : Operkolknro@Centralbank.Co.In


Shri Divyendu Sarkar
Tele No :8136037112
Email : Opersiliro@Centralbank.Co.In

South Kolkata

Shri Manoj Kumar Mondal
Tele No :9955440132
Email : Operkolksro@Centralbank.Co.In


Shri Bibhuti Bhusan Jha
Tele No : 9127051573
Email : Operbarpetaro@Centralbank.Co.In


Shri Keshab Rao
Tele No :8886911811
Email : Operguwaro@Centralbank.Co.In

Upper Assam

Shri Manish Dutt
Tele No :8989632211
Email : Operupparo@Centralbank.Co.In


Shri Prem Chand Mullick
Tele No : 9735011006
Email : Operjalpro@Centralbank.Co.In


Shri Sumit Kishore
Tele No :9394094370
Email : Operbankro@Centralbank.Co.In


Shri Kishor Kar
Tele No :7381041471
Email : Opersambro@Centralbank.Co.In

Zo Lucknow

Shri Ankit Srivastava
Tele No : 9340360649
Email : Complaintsluckzo@Centralbank.Co.In


Smt Shruti Agarwal
Tele No :8859502888
Email : Operagraro@Centralbank.Co.In


Shri Jitendra Nath
Tele No :9135904891
Email : Operayodro@Centralbank.Co.In


Shri Meenakshi Singh
Tele No : 8303716063
Email : Operbarero@Centralbank.Co.In


Shri Sanjay Kumar
Tele No :6388035347
Email : Operdeorro@Centralbank.Co.In


Shri Mukesh Mukul
Tele No :7903884450
Email : Operetawro@Centralbank.Co.In


Smt Doli Agarwal
Tele No : 9336461805
Email : Opergoraro@Centrallbank.Co.In


Shri Kuldeep Singh
Tele No :7908673906
Email : Operjhanro@Centralbank.Co.In


Shri C M Telang
Tele No :8795816298
Email : Operkanpro@Centralbank.Co.In


Shri Nischal Sahu
Tele No : 9918002150
Email : Operluckro@Centralbank.Co.In


Shri Srikant Verma
Tele No :8303713804
Email : Opermeerro@Centralbank.Co.In


Shri Mithilesh Rao
Tele No :9236106769
Email : Opervararo@Centralbank.Co.In

Zo Mumbai

Shri Mithilesh Rao
Tele No : 9236106769
Email : Opervararo@Centralbank.Co.In

Zo Mumbai

Shri P K Das
Tele No :9894462447
Email : Agm2Mmzo@Centralbank.Co.In


Shri A D Sarkar
Tele No :7602853478
Email : Cmoprmro@Centralbank.Co.In


Shri A K Jha
Tele No : 8879128470
Email : Cmcreditmsro@Centralbank.Co.In


Shri Ajeetkumar Kc
Tele No :8148609810
Email : Cmpanro@Centralbank.Co.In


Shri Jaykumar Singh
Tele No :9049629629
Email : Cmthanro@Centralbank.Co.In

Zo Patna

Shri Vijay Pal Singh Rana
Tele No : 9988690453
Email : Dzmpatnzo@Centralbank.Co.In


Shri Satya Narayan Prasad
Tele No :9955899600
Email : Operdarbro@Centralbank.Co.In


Shri M P Pandit
Tele No :8298199766
Email : Operdhanro@Centralbank.Co.In


Shri Dinesh Pd Sinha
Tele No : 7002479155
Email : Opergayaro@Centralbank.Co.In


Shri Ajay Prakash Gupta
Tele No :9693910301
Email : Operkaro@Centralbank.Co.In


Shri Satis Kumar
Tele No :9534397041
Email : Cmoprmro@Centralbank.Co.In


Shri Sanjay Kumar
Tele No : 8406902283
Email : Opermuzaro@Centralbank.Co.In


Shri Arun Kr Singh
Tele No :9470076969
Email : Operpatnro@Centralbank.Co.In


Shri Rajiv Ranjan Jha
Tele No :9123140698
Email : Operpurnro@Centralbank.Co.In


Shri Satish Kumar
Tele No : 9570900444
Email : Oprrancro@Centralbank.Co.In


Shri Sanjay Kumar Sarmah
Tele No :8406902272
Email : Oprsiwaro@Centralbank.Co.In

Zo Pune

Shri Manoj Kumar Singh
Tele No :9607046667
Email : Operpunezo@Centralbank.Co.In


Shri Alok Kumar
Tele No : 7350087212
Email : Opernagaro@Centralbank.Co.In


Shri Dyaneshwar Tapre
Tele No :7798881424
Email : Operakolro@Centralbank.Co.In


Shri Shekhar Dhongade
Tele No :9619600961
Email : Cm1Amraro@Centralbank.Co.In


Shri Prakash M Shende
Tele No : 8390903463
Email : Operauraro@Centralbank.Co.In


Shri Rupesh Kumar Sharma
Tele No :8294514221
Email : Cmoperjalgro@Centralbank.Co.In


Shri Milind Tare
Tele No :7262099444
Email : Opernagpro@Centralbank.Co.In


Shri Kamal S Ramnani
Tele No : 7798986454
Email : Opernasiro@Centralbank.Co.In


Ms C S Geeta
Tele No :9923200364
Email : Drmpunero@Centralbank.Co.In


Ms Pratibha Badurkar
Tele No :8879794550
Email : Cmopersolaro@Centralbank.Co.In

Step 3

If you are dissatisfied with the Central Bank Of India Nodal officer response, you can contact the Banking Ombudsman on the below mentioned address. They have a grievance redressal system where you can file your complaint.
Central Bank Of India Ombudsman List
We suggest you to also visit the below link to know the landmark cases against Banking Services.
Landmark Consumer Cases
Step 4

Contact Consumer Court

If your complaint remains unresolved even after completing all the above steps, you can consider approaching a consumer forum to seek legal remedies. Consult with our legal expert for advice on the best course of action against Central Bank Of India.

NOTE : Remember to keep records of all communication and actions you take throughout this process. This documentation will be important if you need to escalate your complaint in Consumer Court.