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Thread: Maruti Service Station in Naraina - Delhi

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    Default Maruti Service Station in Naraina - Delhi

    Maruti Service Station in Naraina - Delhi


    ☎ : 011-45541100,45541133,45541120/35

    Address :
    C-119,Industrial Area,
    Phase-I, Naraina,
    New Delhi

    Maruti Customer Care

    Toll Free Number :
    1800 1800 180

    New Delhi Regional Office

    : 46781000
    : 46150275, 46150276

    Address :
    Maruti Suzuki India Limited
    Plot No. 1, Nelson Mandela Road,
    Vasant Kunj,
    New Delhi-110070

    Maruti Customer Care

    Toll Free Number :
    1800 1800 180

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    Default Complaint

    I Gave my Car at Maruti Naraina For Washing , A that time it was working alright,, but after washing it became difficult for me even to bring back at home.
    The advisor also told me after washing about the parts not working properly.
    Those parts were working properly before the washing.

    unhone bill badhane ke liye meri car jaan bhuj kar kharab ki hai....

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    Default Total dissatisfaction with the service

    I am Simmi Mehta owner of DL9CP2551. I got my car serviced on 19/10/2012. After service i DID NOT RECIEVE THE BILL. Further the problem that i reported was not solved.
    Also the staff was incoperative and were more interested in money than the satisfaction of the customer.

    I am quite dissatisfied

    Hope you will look into the matter with deep thought.

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    Default Center lock and back horn not working after service

    I got my vehicle serviced on 12/12/12 from your station and later on i found my vehicle back horn and center lock beep not working.
    All rest is working fine.

    I a regualar coustmer oy yours.

    Vehicle number DL2C AK -6046
    Mobile :9910383042
    Kindly lok in to it

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Delay in Work

    I had given my Swift DZire car Reg HR 26 AV 6909 for left side panels denting and painting on 11 Mar 2013. I was told the work would take three to four days after the surveyor approves the work.
    The Surveyor approved the work on 12 Mar 2013. However my vehicle is still not ready on 19 Mar 2013. Following reasons have been given;-
    1. (Friday 15 Feb 2013) - There was no space in the body shop to place the vehicle for undertaking work. Vehicle will be ready on Sunday 17 Feb 2013. On Monday we will send information to the insurer to get the DO. You can take the vehicle as soon as DO received.
    3. (Tuesday 19 Mar 2013) Rubbing is going on. We will process the papers (!!!) today for getting the DO.

    No estimate of delievery of vehicle was Given

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    Default Total dissatisfaction with the service DL4CAM 0648

    Address :
    C-119,Industrial Area,
    Phase-I, Naraina,
    New Delhi

    Subject:Total dissatisfaction with the service

    Respected Sir/Madam
    I am GEET SETHI owner of DL4CAM 0648.8/B Supriya appartment A/4 Paschim Vihar New Delhi 63 I got my car serviced in the month of FEB 2013. Further the problem that i reported was not solved.That whenever i start my AC next day my car didnt start Daily in the morning i have to call small people to PUSH my car in the morning from the last 3 days.

    I also receive a call from ur side for satisfication i already told them that i was not satisfed as you have not done my car clean from inside the spokesperson has promised that he will give a free check up camp of the car but it was not provided till yet.the satisfaction of the customer is the motive of the company If you fail in that what is the use of that i have been given my car to you from last 4 year....

    Hope you will look into the matter with deep thought.
    Thanking You
    Geet Sethi (Advocate)

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    Unregistered Guest

    Post Poor Service /Swift VDI (ABS)Reg No. DL8CQ-5688

    We have Swift VDI (ABS)Reg No. DL8CQ-5688 This car is under warranty and we always repair and service from Maruti Sells and Service, Naryana, Delhi.
    We never service/repair out side for the date of purchase to till today you can check in record.
    and now our car hold in your workshop for 4 days and at the time of delivery they told they have no parts in stock.
    And our car in under warranty then why charged?
    Please check this issue as soon as possible.


    Jai Bhagwan Garg
    Reg No. DL8C-Q-5688


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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Service Dissatisfaction

    18th May 2013
    Address :
    C-119,Industrial Area,
    Phase-I, Naraina,
    New Delhi

    Subject: Total dissatisfaction with the service

    Respected Sir/Madam
    I am Jitender Gupta (Cousion on Mr Arun Singla-Registered owner Name) owner of HR26BA5728,Resident of A-8/8,Sector 15,Rohini,Delhi.
    I got my Serviced on 26/04/2013 ,At the Time of Service AC was working fine but after service it became difficult for me to drive as the vehicle was Overheating.
    When i approached the Workshop in the Evening at around 7 Pm of 01/05/2013,The duty Supervisor told me that this type of problem can occur any time ,when i asked him that at the time of servicing why you have not recommended he told me that it was not possible to deduct this type of fault during the servicing again requested him to please have a look he told me to cam in nest morning ,when i went there again on next day in the morning at 8.45 A.m. (02/05/2013) I met Mr.. Sarker of your workshop,he told me to leave the vehicle for the day and will inspect it thoroughly, in the afternoon the duty supervisor told me that the FAN engine Cooling unit needs to be changed and the Approx cost is Around Rs 5000/- ,I told him that before servicing it was working fine how can a major problem of this king occur suddenly. He told me that i have to pay the charges otherwise it was not possible to rectify the problem. I made a written complaint of the same in the Feedback form and dropped the same on 02/05/2013 at the drop box of the workshop, when i requested to please give me the copy of my Complaint yours staff at the counter refused to give the same.
    I got a cll from your call center and i registered a complaint Id no 13039562, then Mr. Sarker of the Workshop called me and told me to come and meet,when in the Evening i met hime he offered me that he will get the refund processed only for Rs 800(Approx) ,and i have to remind the same ito him the nest morning and have to come again to settle the issue.
    I wasted so much of time visiting the workshop and for only Rs 800 i do not want to waste my time further
    I am writing this to you as i needs 100% refund against invoice No BC 13221159 (Amount Rs 4443) dtd 02./05/2013 and Invoice no BC 13219929(5519) dtd 26/04/2013,as the service was totally unsatisfactory and i am feeling harassed visiting workshop again and again.

    Hope you will look into the matter with deep thought.
    Thanking You
    Jitender Gupta

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    manoj bhati Guest

    Default complaint of t.r shawney showroom

    Hello.I am manoj bhati.I am very suffer by t.r shawney showroom near loni road.I buy swift vdi from this showroom.and I found many problem in this car.but t.r shawney service manager dont take any type of action with this further problem .in my car steering problem, in driver side gate some noise maked .so plz I am requestee plz rake fuether action for this.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Angry Rtiz VDI intercooler changes 3 times from my pocket by there mistakes

    My Maruti Ritz VDI (DL4CJ ___) car went for body shop 2years back (with insurance covered) and at that time front bumper rod was damage and not replaced, I was new to this and have not seen the the damage and just took the car after body shop on there trust. after 8 months I have seen intercooler was leaking and is damaged i went to service station and they said it is damage became of wear and tear. I argue that car was body shop last time and you guys have not replaced the intercooler at that time but I need to replace by my pocket and trusted these guys again for there work and not done personal check. Now today after 8 months again intercooler is damage and i argue that what the hell is going on with this intercooler and I have personally seen the car at their working station and find out that the front bumper rod is bent and which is causing this intercooler damage again and again. This time also i need to pay from my pocket fot their mistake.

    Intercooler cost 7500/- so for 2 times i paid 15,000 just for their mistakes.

    These guys are irresponsible and unprofessional in behaviour.

    There one guy Sarkar... which is king of all these usesless stupid fellows.


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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Same problem anlyzed 4 times, but not reectified : DL9C AC 5775


    I have been facing a problem with a Ritz LXi which I bought in Nov 2012 .

    When I got delivery of the car, there was a noise in clutch pedal and I reported it to the dealer. Dealer told that it will be rectified in 1st service.

    For 1st service, I took my car to Maruti Sales & Service, Naraina, Delhi and reported this issue to them. They did dome lubrication and the noise was not heard for a couple of days, but it cropped up again.

    So, during 2nd service, I reported same issue to Mr. Tap Narayan(S.A. at Maruti Sales & Service, Naraina, Delhi ). Again, they did some lubrication or something and the next day, noise was audible. So, 2 mechanics/engineers visited my home, tried everything and finally told that spring needs of clutch-pedal is problematic and needs to be replaced, for which I need to get my car to the Service Centre. So, I told that I will get the car to service centre during 3rd service and get it replaced at that time only as I can’t visit the service centre again and again because of time constraints.

    During 3rd service(9th Nov 2013), I again reported the problem to Mr. Tap Narayan(S.A. at Maruti Sales & Service, Naraina, Delhi ) and also explained the diagnosis done last time. Requested Service Advisor to get the spring changed as advised by their mechanic during home visit. But, they did not change it. They again tried everything….replaced stopper etc and handed over the car to me at 1 pm saying that the issue has been resolved. I took the car out, noticed the noise again and came back to service centre within 2 mins. Again they tried some stuff an dhanded over the car to me. I took it , but noticed the noise again and came back to the centre. Finally, the mechanic/engineer(Mr. Chandra Bhan) told me that the clutch pedal needs to be replaced, for which order is being placed and Service Advisor(Mr. Tap Narayan) will call me back in 2-3 days once clutch pedal is received. But, I did not get any call from him. Today, 13th Nov, I called him to check the status. He told that clutch pedal is not yet received. After 1 hour, he again called me and told that ther could be some other problem…so I should get my car again to service centre for inspection, where he will install clutch pedal from his manager’s Ritz and test.

    I want to know, after an year of analysis, they want to do analysis again? Was their analysis not complete on 9th November whey finally concluded that Clutch pedal needs to be replaced?

    I have also spoken today to Mr. Lalwani and another cutomer relation manager, but seen no benefit.

    They should replace the clutch pedal right now and sort out the issue ASAP.

    Reg no : DL9C AC 5775

    Thanks & Regards
    Ankit Goswami
    91-88 260 33 559, 91-98 11 840 805

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    Manusharma.pkf@gmail.com Guest

    Default Complaint


    In November, 2012 I bought Maruti Swift vdi car from Rohan Motars, Mohan cooperative, Delhi.
    Car Details: DL 3C BU 4875
    Chassis No.: 342844
    Engine No.: 326749
    Current Mileage: 60560

    I am taking good care of my car and is taken for service/maintenance regularly at C-119, Naraina Industrial Area, Phase:1, New Delhi 110028.

    I began to experience the following problems related to the vehicle:

    - In first 20k kms i faced the problem with the clutch. It stopped working and when taken to the service centre was noticed that the clutch plate was broken. It was replaced within warranty.
    - Within next 20k kms the second gear stopped working. Again the car was taken for service. They repaired the same and ensured it will not repeat again.
    - Now the car has crossed 60k kms and I am tackling with the same problem again. When contacted the service station, the are denying to repair within warranty.

    I have obtained an independent report in support of my claim that the car has a serious fault, which might was a manufacturing defect, and a copy is enclosed for your attention.

    I am not able to use the car because of which I have to opt for cab and it is increasing my daily expenses.

    I look forward for your response to the earliest and would appreciate immediate action on the issues highlighted.

    Thanking you.

    Yours truly,
    Manu Sharma

    P K Formulations
    210A, Gian Kutir, Masjid Moth South Extension P-II
    New Delhi-49

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Denting/Painting of Maruti Alto 800 Green LXi BS IV No. DL9CAD3915

    Respected Sir,
    I have handed over my car for denting/painting on 19.07.2014 through Mr.G.M.Zaidi,SA and explain him regarding all denting/painting work.He told,the total expenditure to be born by me Rs.2500/-ie
    12.5% of cost of painting and car will be handed over within one week but I am socked on a/c of poor performance on the part of Mr.Zaidi on behalf of Maruti Sales and Service,Naraina due to following
    1. The service centre has asked me to deposit Rs.2681/-which is not 12.5% of painting cost and I have deposited Rs.2681/-
    2. The denting of left side portion and bonut,which was marked by Mr.Zaidi on job card no.JC14303727 has not been attended and copy of job card also,which was given at the time of handing over the car
    on 19.07.2014,not returned by Mr.Zaidi despite my request.
    3. The cleaning of inside of car has not been done before handing over of car.
    4. I am the regular customer of this centre.
    5. All services of my cars(This one and Swift VXi) got done from this centre.
    6. But this time,i am not satisfied at all.
    7. My EMail id is "kumarraj1957@gmail.com" and M.No.9953640015 for reply.
    Thanking you in anticipation of reply.

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    ishan nangia Guest

    Default very poor service

    Today i went to service center of maruti nariana. .my job card opening time is 15:23pm. .they handover my case to mr. Vinnay Pqnday. .till 4:15 no one came to 2 assist me. .that was very bad on part of maruti service station nariana. .that 1hour i continuesly visiting to that person look over my car. .i went to coustmer care manager but i cant find any result. .atlast i have to take out my car from that service center n vsit to next service center. .n they told me sir you are late. .maruti narina is very bad services i must say. .they doest know tha importance of time n coustmer. .

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    YaKal sehgal Guest

    Default not open a air bag

    accident of my swift zxi model not open a air begs

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