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Thread: Complaint Against KPN Travels

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    Default Complaint Against KPN Travels

    We are raising this complaint to bring to the notice of the KPN Travels passengers that KPN has become highly unreliable and the KPN Staffs are totally irresponsible and rude. We 30 passengers were travelling from Salem to Bangalore on 09-Jun-2012[6:30 AM Bus No. KA 51 A 1999]. The bus got breakdown near Hosur and we were waiting for 2 hrs, no one took any responsibility of sending a spare bus or refunding the passengers to get on to some other bus. Everyone was trying to call different KPN offices and no one responds to the call properly.
    Some of the responses we got in that 2 hrs,

    1. We will send a mechanic, wait for him to come. No one turned up for 2 hrs. When called again they say the mechanic cannot come by flight to pick you all.
    2. When Salem KPN office is called, they ask us to call Bangalore KPN. When Bangalore KPN office is called, they ask us to call Hosur KPN. When Hosur KPN office is called, they ask us to call Bangalore KPN.

    Among the passengers few were travelling to catch a flight at Bangalore and there was a patient taken for operation scheduled. They were left with no option than to catch a taxi and continue.
    We need to avoid using KPN atleast till they provide a little care for the passengers.
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    Josephraj Guest

    Thumbs down Irresponsible KPN Staffs

    I was waiting at Dharmapuri bypass from 06:45 PM for reserved KPN bus (7:00 PM departure) but I left Dharmapuri at 08:42 PM by a government bus for Salem to get the KPN bus. bus journey was also not pleasant because of bedbugs.

    On 26/03 I booked a up and down tickets at KPN Nagercoil office for 28/03 (5:45 PM reporting time & 6:00 PM departure time) to Dharmapuri and 29/03 (6:45 PM reporting time & 7:00 PM departure time) return from Dharmapuri. 28th I took the bus & reached Dharmapuri on time.

    On 29th evening I called KPN Dharmapuri office on 04342270199 at 05:43, 05:50 PM - Nobody picked up the phone. I reached KPN Dharmapuri office at 06:40 PM, found office is opened and nobody inside the office. One old lady (around 65 years) next to KPN office told me that the staff will come after 8:00 PM and asked me to stand aside the high way where the bus will stop and pick me up. Also she shown me one cell number written on the wall 9092129181 to contact the staff. I called that cell number at 6:43 PM - not reachable.

    I stood on the place where that woman shown at 6:45 PM and waiting for the bus. same time I received a SMS from KPN saying that "Ticket #: C073145282 Seats: 8A Boarding:DHARMAPURI(KPN) at 6:45PM vehicle #: KA 51A 4199"

    I was also trying on 9092129181 to get in touch with KPN Dharmapuri staff - Not reachable

    07:01 PM - I called KPN Nagercoil office on 04652233566. A gentleman said bus will come around 07:20 PM and pick me up.

    07:17 PM - I called KPN Bangalore office on 08022107192,08026709912, 08026709911 - No response

    07:24 PM - I called KPN Nagercoil office on 04652233566. The gentleman was not happy to answer my call and he said "I do not know anything, contact Dharmapuri office"

    07:45 PM - I keep on calling Dharmapuri office staff on his cell number of 9092129181 10 times at proper intervals.

    08:15 PM - I got KPN Dharmapuri staff on 9092129181 and he replied "Do not worry bus will come and pick you up", he arrived spot at 08:22 and repeated the same thing a again. I put some pressure on him and called somewhere and found bus already crossed Dharmapuri, reaching Salem. I asked him to arrange a seat in the f following bus from Bangalore. He said all the other buses are full and he will ask the bus driver to wait at Salem till I reach Salem.

    08:35 PM - I received a call from bus driver saying that they will wait at Salem till I reach Salem. Dharmapuri Staff was with me till I get a bus to Salem at 08:42 PM

    08:51 PM - KPN driver called me and asked me whether I took a bus to Salem

    08:53 PM MR.Jagan (9442649199) from KPN called me and said sorry

    09:10 PM KPN driver called me and asked my location and said not to worry they will be waiting till I reach Salem

    09:34 PM Mr.Jagan (9442649199) called me and asked my location

    09:47 PM Bus driver asked my location I said I am just arriving Salem

    09:53 PM I reached the bus and bus started - What about the valuable time ?????

    I was waiting at Dharmapuri bypass from 06:45 PM for reserved KPN bus (7:00 PM departure) but I left Dharmapuri at 08:42 PM by a government bus for Salem to get the KPN bus. bus journey was also not pleasant because of bedbugs.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Angry worst travels - kpn

    We booked for kpn travels to go from erode to Chennai by night 10:30 bus. The bus game by 11:15 and it broke dow wwhich was of after 10 minutes. They took an hour and a half to send us a mechanic.
    Most of the passengers called and got an irresponsible or rude response from Salem and erode kpn office branches.
    If the person who safely sits at office gets this irritated, how angry we should be to be in middle of the road being unsafe?
    Now we are waiting for more than 3 hours and 22 minutes to get a spare bus..
    We all should avoid kpn.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Kpn travels harrasses their customers

    The bus is late always and when the staff is asked they are asking us to complain at the head office. The head office keeps cutting our calls. I have called ten times and everytime they have made me wait for ten minutes after which they cut the call. The lady at the front office in bommenhalli stand in Bangalore ms. Shreeja has even asked me to get out the office. Request the consumer court to take this complaint seriously as i have no other way to give in a complaint about this.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Thumbs down Hell Ride in KPN travels

    Never been in such a worst travels.

    I am on the way to Pudukoattai with my mom in KPN. My boarding time is 8.15PM.
    1) The bus came 3 hours late and we tolerated that. The reason was it was raining and in bangalore it happens. But in the KPN travel agency(Wilson Garden branch) there is no toilet facility. Some how in rain took my mom to near by bus stand for urinal.
    2) Then reached bommanahalli travel office around 1.30AM. My mom said the bus is leaking and the birth she was sleeping is completely wet and due to that she wanted to urinate again. But when i asked the bloody driver he said he is going to start and can't allow now and said he is tired of this traffic and let him be in peace and didn't let us go. But the thing is he was waiting till 2AM.
    3) I have asked my mom to sleep in my place and i took that place. Damn, its too wet and even not able to sit. I am shivering like anything. A/C ON, in a bed which is full wet, and wanted to urinate and the driver is not stopping. Imagine fellows its hell.
    4) This would be my last ride in KPN travel. They treat humans like an animal. No humanity at all.

    PNR# E269993932

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    Unregistered Guest

    Angry KPN Travels totallyirresponsible

    We are raising this complaint to bring to the notice of the KPN Travels passengers that KPN has become highly unreliable and the KPN Staffs are totally irresponsible and rude. We 40-45 passengers were travelling from Chennai to Erode via Salem on 12-July-2012[2.30 PM Bus No. TN 30 AP 1999]. The bus got breakdown near u@@@@urpet and we were waiting for 3 hrs, no one took any responsibility of sending a spare bus or refunding the passengers to get on to some other bus. Everyone was trying to call different KPN offices and no one responds to the call properly.
    Some of the responses we got in that 2 hrs,

    We will send a mechanic, wait for him to come. No one turned up for 2 hrs. When called again they say the mechanic cannot come by flight to pick you all.
    When Salem KPN office is called, they are totally giving irrelevant & irresponsible responses and asking us to call back in 10-15 minutes but nothing happened

    We need to avoid using KPN as it's becoming an untrusted operator of travels nowadays as there no care for passangers at all.

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    Monkey. Guest

    Default Complaind

    Please Seen: 21/08/2013 5.00Evening bus Hosur too nagercoil. Hello T.v Repair , Hosurla 23minutes Poo Bus Mela ethathuku. OK eraka 40min. Then Thovalai 35min. NA ketkuren Konjamavathu Decent Theriuma ? EVANDA OWNER ORU case Pota Varuva Courtku. Wait and seen . . Pakalam Courtla

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default WORST & RUDE RESPONSE TO CUSTOMER - Guindy, Chennai

    With reference to my ticket number : H269185672

    I Booked ticket through redbus.in for my travel from Chennai to Madurai.

    The boarding time mentioned for me in the ticket was 9.45pm but when i reached KPN office at Guindy and asked the fellow agent regarding my boarding he told me that te bus will come at 10.30pm only.

    When I asked him the reason for delay he told me that the timing in Internet is not updated yet. He just dint respond me properly and asked me to call head office.

    I called the head office and spoke to your concern and when he asked to give my phone to KPN Agent at Guindy i gave him those two spoke through phone and just cut, he dint give me any explanation.

    When i asked the agent again his response was poor and impolite. He was rude and mannerless. This is not the right way to handle a customer.

    I have booked a Rs 1700 worth ticket and this is not the damn bloody response that a passenger should get. I pay and its my right to claim my discomforts, also its the sole responsibility of the agent to explain me the details with patients and good manner.

    This is the thing that makes me to hate KPN and so from now on if my complaint is not resolved with priority i will never ever book ticket in KPN.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default staffs are irresponsible

    I am waiting to parcel a courier in KPN kalasipalayam office and the staffs here are too irresponsible,they are not properly answering and they are rude too. If you want you can talk to driver this is wat they are telling.
    If they arr not ready to help customers in emergency case then what is the puepose of their service?

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    chaitanyamvnl Guest

    Default kpn travels koyembedu branch, the worst and ethicless employes, never try to travel through kpn ..

    Respected sir ,@First learn , how to respect a valuable customer and then keep your customer satisfaction forms in website, first you act then u speak , I booked my ticket for 8.15 pm chennai to ooty bus through kpn travels on 3.10.2013. But without any prior information through mobile or phone .. how come you can cancel bus and change my seat number to l26 to u27.. and your empolyee mr karthick at koyembedu kpn travels speaking rubish ... and like illiterate he is speaking, if you dnt want cancel the ticket.. is this way ur management training your employes.. can't u call prior and say bus s cancelled... and I dnt have any right to ask ur employes about my seat I ll travel monthly 6 times.. but feeling very sad due to ur organisational behaviour. @It is last time I am travelling with kpn.. srm is the best and your organisational employees have no ethics... who is he to change my seat@number without prior information. And acting before 5 minutes and saying if u dnt like u cancel...if u dnt know how to satisfy single customer. ?. It ll lose u 100 customers... totally ur service is waste and dnt give employ to gundas or rowdys as that of mr karthick... you people are not following company policies. ?.@Please respond me otherwise ll keep open consumer complaintMvnlchaitanyaResearch scholarJss college of pharmacyOotyMobile . 7867912811Sent from Samsung tablet

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Very worst Travel

    Driver behaving very worst to passengers. I gave complaint to this travels but no use. Really very worst travel and very worst management....

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    Unregistered Guest

    Angry KPN cancelling bus abrubtly at short notice and not refunding the difference in fare.

    I booked two tickets from TRICHY to CHENNAI in a Multi Axle Volvo AC BUS.
    Date of Journey : 21-10-2013
    Ticket fare per person : Rs 675 (total Rs 1350 for two); Seat no 11 & 12
    Scheduled departure : 2.30 PM from Trichy

    At around 12.00 Noon, a lady from TRICHY KPN Office called me and told that the 2.30 PM Bus stands cancelled and they can arrange seats for us either in 12.30 PM Bus or 3.30 PM Bus.
    (Note: She did not even apologis for cancelling the bus and did not tell us the reason why they cancelled the bus).

    I said, i cannot catch the 12.30 PM bus and asked her to arrange seats in 3.30 PM Bus.

    Note : The fare in original 2.30 PM bus was Rs 650 / Per Person. But the fare in 3.30 PM Bus is Rs 630 / Per Person. KPN did not even care about refunding me the difference of Rs 45 per ticket. Whose money is it?

    The KPN staff assured me that I will get the same seat numbers I reserved in 2.30 PM Bus (i.e, Seat number 11 and 12). But in the 3.30 PM bus, which was coming from Madurai, they allotted me seats 3 & 4. Who cares, where do you sit?

    Finally came another shocker. The 3.30 PM Madurai - Chennai (where we were boarded) bus will not go to CMBT, but to Egmore. We were under the impression that the bus will go to CMBT. The driver or the crew staff did not even told about this. When the bus crossed the Kathipara bridge and took the T Nagar route, I realised this.
    Then I got down at T Nagar at 10.00 PM and took a MTC bus to CMBT. Who cares, where do you get and at what time?

    Had the KPN Staff told us that the bus will not go to CMBT, we would have made other arrangements by ourselves.

    Has KPN become complacent with its customer base and the feel of being monopoly. It will not be too late to lose customers, unless they take care of these 'critical' things and ensure customers are treated like "Kings".

    KPN - Keep your ears open. Provide a facility in your website to listen to customer grievances. Do not ask the customers to write down snail mails to your HO. Time to change.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Angry Worst Travels & Drivers

    I struggled and booked the ticket in this worst travels.

    Our bus time was 10:15 PM but travels person carelessly told us it will reach either 10:30 PM or 10.45 PM. With 2year old kid we were standing in road, no proper waiting room. Atlast bus reached at 11:05 PM, but from travels they were loading parcels then bus started at 11.25 PM. Within 3 kms again they stopped the bus for dinner it took around 30 mins.

    Then our journey started at 12:05 AM, if they would have told us to come the specific point and time we would have not wasted our time and not waited on road.

    In salem they were filling the fuel it took around 20 mins. After salem within some kms bus got break down. They were not maintaining the bus properly tyres are not in condition so it got punctured. It took around 45mins to replace.

    Finally we reached nearer to Karnataka checkpost, there they told it will take 30mins to get some permission.

    So totally we have wasted around 3 1/2 hrs.

    Atlast we got one more shock, after reaching Bangalore Madiwala stop, driver counted the no of passengers. It was around 23nos and informed us that since no of passenger is less we have arranged another bus please get down and catch the another bus. We came upto Bangalore by Multiaxle Volvo and driver told us a/c bus is waiting please go and catch the bus. After getting down from the Volvo bus we understood that it is van. When we enquired about this van we got very rude answers.

    We don't know where van driver will leave us so we catch some auto and paid around 200rs to go to kalasipalayam.

    I booked this Multi axle bus to reach Bangalore early so that I can attend my shift, but I got nice scoldings from my senior and took leave.


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    Unregistered Guest

    Default KPN travel - A/C not working and no response

    I boarded the bus from Erode to Chennai @10.30pm. The A/C worked for 20 min, from then its not working and it sweats a lot. when I complaint to the driver and he is very rude. Also told that A/C is already on. However before reaching the KPN petrol bunk near salem he powered on the A/c(I hope he did this due to courtesy as we paid nearly Rs.750 ). I complaint again and no response. I have been travelling in KPN for 5 years, intially the customer care was too good. But for the past 2 years it become worst, they are not even responding to our complaints.

    I paid the amount but travelled without A/c finally resulted in headache. The worst response and if you are not willing to switch on A/C then better dont run ac buses. We are paying the amount as decided by you then why cant the KPN management look into this things.

    Paste the complaint number on all the buses, provided proper response is given to the travellers. The buses has been increased but the quality of service became poor, worst and non tolerable.

    Fed up with the travel... Dont try to cheat the passengers SIR, please give a minimum response atleast.

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    scm Guest

    Default worst travels KPN.. please never travel in kpn

    I request anyone who checks this forum.. Please go through it before u book for the ticket.. KPN is the worst travels that i have experienced in my life.. Agents in office is RUDE, Driver is RUDE.. I just asked what time the bus reaches. The driver which left today 1st march 2014, 10pm departure kpn bus... The bus was late by 1hr. When i asked him when the bus reaches. He started shouting at me.. He was so rude. Need to take any actions if these travels are giving such a crap service..

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