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Thread: complaint against cibil

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    Dhanesh Sadashivan Guest

    Angry Housing loan rejected by financial institutions

    Dear Sir,

    This is with reference to my application for Housing loan are getting rejected by financial institutions on account of bad scoring in CIBIL record.

    I have started my career in Supply Chain dept. when I was studying in SYJC but then I have continued my studies and have completed my B. Com and Diploma in Export/Import Management while working.

    Then I had decided to take admission for MBA from ITM Business School and have completed in year oct , 2010.

    I had taken a loan for education from HDFC Bank for paying MBA fees, personal loan from ICICI Bank and Barclays Finance for my sister marriage in year 2008.

    I was regularly paying the EMIs to bankers without default . In Feb 2009, my mom undergone with severe heart attack and had admitted in Hospital where I had paid all the hospital expenses totally sum of Rs. 3 lacs and had informed to Bankers about this when they had called me for EMI repayment and hence default in march 2009 as i was only taking care of all the expenses since i am only person was earning for my family since my dad expired when i was two years of old and sister 4years.

    Thereafter i was paying all EMIs thru cash (I was having bank account with ICICI Bank when loan was taken and had left the job and had joined UFO where my bank account opened at Kotak ).

    as i was not aware about the process i had given 14 EMIs were in cash and rest all my cheques (In 3-4 instances where i had paid before the due dates )

    In Aug, 2010 , i lost my job and therefore i could not able to repay the EMI for three months but then i have covered up by paying double EMIs in Jan, feb & march 2011 .

    if you check with bank records i have paid all the EMIs as scheduled leaving no dues on me as i was knowing i want to take Housing loan once i paid all the EMIs.

    I was paying EMI are as following

    Rs. 2000 to ICICI Bank
    Rs. 4200 to HDFC Bank
    Rs. 6300 to Barclays Finance

    All above EMIs i was paying even though i was getting salary of Rs. 20000/- per month. Refer my all track record i have all the EMIs to aforesaid bankers.

    My salary has been increased y-o-y , i m having salary of Rs. 9lacs plus increment is due on Jan, 2014

    It was surprisingly come to know that there is a credit rating showing below the eligible limit. when i had given my application for Housing loan with Indiabulls & ICICI Bank and they has rejected my loans without considering my request for the same.

    HDFC Bank has charged me ECS bounced charges /.late payment charges total Rs. 19000/- which is due and i had immediately made the payment to HDFC Bank; if they would have intimated me two years back when i had made my last EMI on Nov, 2011 to HDFC Bank , i would have cleared all to HDFC Bank. Neither a call nor any confirmation on this.

    when called up Barclays finance they are no more exists in India but i have statement of account where there it is showing no dues are pending.

    ICICI Bank were charging me 41% interest rate on Rs. 40000/- and have paid all the EMIs and have settled after paying Rs. 13000/- in one go.

    I have made all the payments to financial institutions and have cleared all my dues , i have land up in big problem as i have paid sum of Rs. 3.63 lacs to builders towards 10% flat cost. and amount paid for stamp duty and registration .

    owing to this aforesaid my application for housing loans are getting rejected without the customer is genuine As i have paid all the EMIs inspite of facing severe financial issues in my life.

    i am currently working with Danone Foods & Beverages India Pvt ltd is into business of dairy and distribute in India. They have presence in 93 countries and is no. 1 world wide in dairy business. They are also into business of water/ baby nutrition and medical. i am handling Supply Chain function and have more than 10 years of experience in managing the same.

    I have been rated best employee for two consecutive years in Thyrocare Tech ltd where i had started my career and left thyrocare in year 2003 and have joined Reliance Industries ltd and was handling export/import seamlessly. Thereafter i have been appraised within a span of six months from the date of joinee for my significant contribution for UFO Moviez Ltd , then i got the opportunity in Videocon in Nov, 2011 where i have been rated star performer within a span of six months for operation excellence.
    While working with Godrej grp. i have been rated outstanding performer within a span of 1years working. and have also completed six sigma green belt as sponsored by Godrej group.

    I was working with renowned companies but then i left just to pay the EMIs and buy a house in Mumbai was my dream and i was focusing when i was discharging my works in all above companies .

    Today i am facing this issue and financial institution has doubted on my integrity without knowing the fact . They have rated me adverse in sanctioning the housing loan.

    I have no supports from any one except my mom who have had supported me throughout my life and now when i wanted to do for my life, financial institution has stepped back in giving me loan for housing.

    I need support and consider my request on merit as i am genuine account holder and principle in paying all the EMIs.

    Thanking you,

    Your sincerely.
    Dhanesh Sadashivan

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    Sairam Krovvidi Guest

    Post Incorrect Data Reflecting my CIBIL Report

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Recently I have generated my CBIL Score (CIBIL Registration ID: SCO0214849246 and Transaction ID: 94786571) and was surprised to see that my Housing Loan bearing is showing as AMOUNT Over Due of RS/:- 60,848 but I have cleared all my dues on Dec, 2013 and currently there are no due's pending.

    Also, itís been observed that the report Shows DATE OF LAST PAYMENT as 30-04-2013 & DATE REPORTED AND CERTIFIED 30-11-2013 but till to date I have made all my payments please find the attached screenshot of the report for the account.

    Kindly look into it and update at the earliest as this is impacting my CBIL Score badly and I am in process of planning to take a another Home Loan. Appreciate your understanding and co-operation at the earliest.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default CIBIL credit

    cibil credit report help and advice visit cibilcredit.blogspot.com

    Quote Originally Posted by sabu. View Post
    Attachment 5307Dear sirs,

    CIBIL may have listed names in defaulters list based on flimsy complaints
    from Banks.

    Recently I tried to get a car loan from bank of india bank. I submitted all
    the required papers. Few days later , I was informed as my application was
    rejected as I name was listed in CIBIL defaulters list.

    It seems that CIBIL listens to the Banks blindly, without investigation.

    Is there any government or NGO organization to help victims like me? If so,
    please let me know?

    Is there any way to make CIBIL listen people , and remove the names from
    their defaulter list which is not supported by any court order or with
    strict proof supported and confirmed by the defaulter as nobody can put any
    body defaulter just after listening one side which is injustice and against
    any laws.

    Waiting for your reply.



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    Post Complaint against hdfc bank

    I have already deposit my loan amount in my loan account agreement no:15414459.but no withdraw my cibil score.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Cibil not providing my report. The bank reject my application based on the false cibil report

    Dear sir,

    I requested for the cibil report on 1st feb by paying amount. I did not get the report online and After4 that i have contacted cibil through the email and phone. I also submitted the proofs necessary for the hardware copy. Now it is more than 45 days and still i have not received my report. When ever i contact them i get the reply I will receive it in three days.The Transaction ID: 94463473. My credit card has been rejected from the icici stating that my cibil score is bad. The cibil is masking my scores, I am sure that something is wrong with their end and that is the reason they are not providing my scores.I have seen lot of people having issues because of cibil's carelessness. This type of institution should not be allowed to toy with our common man's life. I request to to cancel it's license and provide justice for the common man.

    Srinivas babu

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default My cibil report problem and transcation of money

    Dear sir,
    I am madhur tiwari . I have used cibil for knowing my credit score first it used to work but now when i am trying to get my cibil report i cannot get it its always saying that the authenication was not successful. Hence it even took my money for the report but till today i cannot get the report . I have lost three times my money that is 470x3 which has not been refunded back to me till now . Sier this the earnest request that please refund my money back or either provide my cibil report as quick as possible. Thank you
    My phn no -9830271903.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Not able to Access Cibil Market Place

    Dear Team,

    I am RISHIKESH R R CHATURVED, My Cibil Contril Number is 721,774,177 I am not able to Access Cibil Marketplace?
    Please Help me my email Id is rishikeshtally@gmail.com

    Thanks & Regards

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default i have not recved cibil report

    माननीय श्री महोदय श्री

    मेने दिनांक 26 /08 /2014 को सिबिल स्कोर जाँच करने हेतु cibil.com वेबसाइट पे ऑनलाइन एप्लीकेशन किया था।
    मुझे ऑनलाइन ईमेल ना मिलने के कारन मेने सिबिल ग्राहक सेवा में cibil report न मिलने की शिकायत की थि. जिसके प्रत्युत्तर में मुझे शिकायत रजिस्टर नंबर (servise reqvest number ) - 3303505 दिया गया थ. मुझे सिबिल की और से महत्तम समय दिया गया था वो कार्यकाल दिनाक 03 /09 /2014 को समाप्त हो चूका है। फिर भी आज दिन तक मुझे सिबिल रिपोट नहीं दिया गया है। मेने जब भी सहायता केंद्र से बात की तो वो मुझे हर बार 3 और 4 दिनों में मिल जायेगा , मेरे लिए क्रेडिट रिपोर्ट महत्व पूर्ण है. और इस लिए मेने ये स्कोर रिपोर्ट ख़रीदा है. में चाहता हु की मुझे एक दो दिनों में रिपोर्ट मिल जाये या तो मुझे पैसे वापिस किया जाए

    thanks for helthy co opration
    MOBILE 8530782665

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default remove outstanding in cibil data

    Respected sir,
    my car loan account no.10248691092 which has been closed since may 01st 2009 and demand loan a/c 10248682769 which has been closed since march 17th 2007. all loan taken from state bank of India, personal banking branch, m.g. college road, gorakhpur (u.p.) but i am disappointed that after close the above account outstanding show in cibil data.
    so i request you to please delete the record in cbibil data.

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    rajeev kumar singla Guest

    Default I clear hosing loan but cibil show balance over due

    I am rajiv Singla I take the housing loan from state bank of india I clear loan amount on 2006 bul in cibil show balance this in cibil report show less score so any bank have not give any loan

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default duplicate account of one account

    I m umesh patiil from nagpur i take car loan but in my cibil it show duplicate account my score get loe after talk with bank they said that we will send this to cibil but for that reason my loan is not santion due to bank mistake after that i purchase cibil report from cibil it score vary on 27.7.15 it is439 and bank score is 598 but cibil say there r two verion to pull out report version 1 and version 2 if so then i can tell bank to pull report from version tohow can i get from this problem

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    I paid for my CIBIL report on 3rd September 2016 but till date I haven't received my report that should have been received within 7 working days. After not receiving the said report within more than a month a complaint was registered with their grievance department dated 10th October 2016 and then they provided the login id and password and told to download the required report from their website but the report wasn't available there also. Then, after that I waited for more than 1 and a half month and finally on not receiving the report till 28th November 2016 a call was made to their office and then they said the report will be delivered at my address within 3 days from courier. Till now the same had not been received and today again they are saying that "you will receive your report within 3 days". Since 3rd September 2016, I have not received my report against which I made a payment of Rs. 500/- on 3rd September 2016. Every time a call is made they just postpone the same asking for 3 working days. Kindly look into this matter asap as it is getting very irritated calling them again and again and having no response from their side. Hope for a favorable response from your end.

    Saurabh Chaudhary

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