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Thread: TDI developers - Kundli Project Complaint

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    Default TDI developers - Kundli Project Complaint

    I am the allottee of the flat no. G9-0802, in tower no. G9, [ Customer ID: KFL-10315] which was allotted to me as back as on dated 13.03.2007, and regarding which the agreement was also duly executed by TDI in my favour on dated 16.04.2007. Further, against this Flat even the following payments also stand received by your company:-

    1. Rs. 3,00,000/- as Advance Payment.
    2. Rs. 6,19,674/- against installments no. 2, 3 & 4 on 19.02.2007, and also,
    3. Rs. 2,92,152/- on 27.09.2010, which was demanded by TDI as EDC charges, vide your letter dated 07.09.2010, and in this letter it was also alleged that the development on the site is in full swing.

    However, now TDI office has issued me a letter dated 06.07.2011, wherein it is alleged that the construction of this Tower has been delayed due to unavoidable circumstances (though no details/ reasons mentioned) and as such TDI may accommodate my allotment in your existing S/ W Tower, which is alleged to be at an advance stage. Further, in this letter it is also alleged that this is a limited period offer and as such I should come and collect my allotment letter on or before 25.07.2011, failing which the provisional allotment will be suspended and extended to some other customer. [ Surprisingly the verbal communication from company's rep mentions that the upward pricing will be applicable for the new offered flat i.e. too in the tower far away from the original promised]

    However, I am shocked to receive this letter from TDI office, especially when the same follows just after the few months of your earlier letter dated 07.09.2010, whereby an amount of Rs. 2,92,152/- was demanded as EDC charges by company.

    It is submitted that I am a middle class person and have already deposited a sum of more than Rs.12 lacs with TDI for this Flat G9 0802 and have already waited for a period of more than six years. But whereas, till date there is no clarification and nor even any assurance as to whether your company is ever going to deliver the possession of any flat. Whereas, on the other hand the price escalation in this five years period, has also now badly affected me without my fault.

    Hence, by way of this letter the undersigned prays that the aforementioned information/ clarifications be supplied to the undersigned at the earliest and further, in case your company is not in a position to deliver the possession of the allotted Flat within a fixed span of time, the undersigned be returned double the amount already received by company along with Interest, so that I may look out for other options.

    Treat it as most urgent.

    Neeraj Khetarpal

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    Default tdi frauds

    I adv. sunil dahiya, my customer ID. NO.kef-00302. my installment delays by 2 days only, and tdi charged me with 175000 and the installment amount was only 2,73,119 Rs, I dont know what r.o.i they are charging, when ask for justification, they threatened to cancel it and even they are demanding installments without any construction plans. None of there employees are supportive enough to help someone, they ask you to run towards another senior person. bt they do not know ,whose responsiblity is this. I am in mood to take some really serious action towards these people

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