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Thread: Complaint Against Worst Services Of Tikona Broadband

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    May 2012

    Angry Complaint Against Worst Services Of Tikona Broadband

    I have an internet connection of Tikona(Client id 1103016183) at Ahmedabad. I raise request on Tikona SelfCare Portal on 12th May 2012 to disconnect the service. Then next day, I got 2-3 calls from Tikona asking the reason and then they confirmed my disconnection request.

    But after that no body came to home for disconnection. My billing cycle is 15th of the month, so new month cycle started by now.

    I called up 2-3 times to check the status but they said request forwarded to concerned department.

    Now today on 22-May-2012, when I called again, they are asking me to pay rent amount for last month as well as for New month which started on 15th-May.

    They intentionally delayed the process and now they want me to pay for new month.

    Request you to please raise concern to necessory department.


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    Hello Sir

    We thank you for your mail.

    We have saved your details in our database, and forwarded them along with your grievance to the concerned Department. At Tikona Services, we try our utmost to keep you? our customers? satisfied. After all you are the reason and the very purpose of our existence. However, we realize that it is not possible for a brand to stay true to every customer’s expectations. But as we said, we will do our utmost.

    Please be patient and help us serve you better.

    Thank You,
    Tikona Services

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    "Dear Tikona
    The service given to me by Tikona Technical agent "Vishal Duraphe" was excellent. He solved my problem from phone it self.he guided me step by step and was ready to help an polite in his speech.he really deserve to be promoted.company really do grow with this kind of staff.
    Vinod Kulkarni
    User id:- 1105128757"

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    I have taken Tikona broadband plan Unifi3999 which allows BUNDLED USAGAE of 40 GB in 36 months. I repeat it is not per MB plan but plan of bundled usage. My customer a/c no. is 118089571. Plan started on 23.5.12. I had paid the plan charges by cash on 22.5.12. Initially I faced problem in getting money receipt from the company and after lot of follow-up only I could get it. I was not able to see the usage data of my a/c under session history in their self-care portal so I requested their executive to send me my usage data report. I got thru email showing Total Bytes from 23/5 to 25/5 as 46.479MB. Later when I saw the same at session history webpage , surprisingly I saw that higher usage was reported for the same date, same time and same duration. and total as 51MB. At every log in minimum 1MB usage was shown though actual was say only 93.489KB. Another eg. actual usage of 7.308MB was shown as 8 MB in the session history. It is to be noted that my plan is not on per MB charge basis so why Tikona is rounding off the usage data to higher side and minimum 1 MB ? ? BSNL never does this for the bundled usage plan, they show actual usage in KBs. This is no where written in the documents I received and never was told by their sales executive. Whether this makes big or small difference of total usages over a period of time but this higher side calculation practice is wrong and hidden.

    I spoke to their CC detp., the person tried to convience me by saying that 93 KB is equal to 1MB ! ! I have reported this in my email. Again I spoke to another executive at CC phone no. but he was not able to give any justification and said that I would get a call in 2 hrs but no call even after 3 days ! I sent a complaint mail dt.31.5.12 with CC to their Appellate Authority Mr Sunil Nair but no reply till date.
    A reminder mail was sent on 01.6.12 but no reply. I have received automatic acknowledgements of my mails.

    Will I get satisfactory reply from Tikona thru this website ? Will they make changes in their system to show the actual usage in KBs for the bundled usage plan ?

    Jaydeep Desai

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    Sathish Raju Guest

    Default Unlimited Plan (Hidden Limitation)


    I have taken Tikona connection on the month of April 2012 and the plan was changed to ADULH512K, which was told as unlimited plan with 512kbps speed. But the connection speed was not at all stable from the day one and have raised couple of cases with Tikona technical support for speed related issue.

    Today again my speed went upto 100kbps speed for which i raised a complaint with Tikona. But I was told by the technical support as this plan has a limitation of 52GB usage and after that the speed will vary from 0-512kbps, which is no where mentioned in the tariff plan or terms and condition.

    I have paid for 6months rent in one shot as plan offer. Either I need my money to be refunded by disconnecting the line or need the service as per the tariff plan.

    Need your help and support on the same.

    Sathish R

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    Unregistered Guest

    Angry complaint-User Id : 1106679271-pathetic service

    I am having a terrible and pathetic experience with Tikona service.
    1. I had applied for a broadband connection and I received a call from your sales person. I called him on 9th june, Saturday evening to meet. After he arrived he went to my society terrace and told me that there is existing Tikona connection in my society so I will get full network over here. So I took the plan (Plan Number: ADCB799) and paid Rs 1500 which included installation charges. He told me that I will receive my user ID and password by Monday and the internet will be installed within 3 working days. 2. I didnít receive any username ID on Monday and Tuesday, so I called up Tikona customer care. They told me that our status is failed. I waited till Wednesday i.e till 13th june (3rd working day from the day I paid) but didnít get any ID or password. So I called up the sales guy and he gave me some other guys number. I tried calling that number but in vain. So I again called the sales guy, he told me to SMS that number. When I smsed, within 2 hours we received the ID and password. (Application Number: 50000018893322,User Id : 1106679271)
    3. Finally on Thursday (4th working day after payment) in the morning I got a call from your IT person to come for installation. I told him to come by evening. When he came and tried to install there was no network available. He asked me if any test was conducted before I paid, which was a surprise to me as there was no test conducted to check the network.
    4. He said that there is no network and Tikona broadband canít be installed.
    5. I waited for 4 days for installation, I only called up and smsed to get the ID and password ,and finally he told me that there is no network so Tikona connection is not possible.
    6. As the sales guy confidently told us you will get full network I called him up . So he argued with the IT guy that there is full network and we will come tomorrow and install it.
    7. Even after all this pathetic experience we still decided to wait for next day which would be the 5th working day since we paid.
    8. The sales guy along with 3 other guys and IT guy came to my house.
    9. They tried installing by doing many different things but all in vain as there was no network available.
    10. So already furious due to all the torture we demanded a refund.
    11. To this, the guy conveniently said that you will get after a month which is just ridiculous.
    12. Today again I got a call from another Tikona engineer asking for scheduling installation, I told him that situation and he said it will take 45 days!!!

    What kind of ridiculous and pathetic service is this. I demand a refund within a week or I have to deal this issue legally as I have been cheated. I havenít received any communication from your customer care about my refund even though I have told the sales guy about the refund on 14th June Itself.

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    kunalb423 Guest

    Default complaints against billing

    i was using tikona broadband and it has been disconnected from last 7months as i have shift my house and as there is no tikona service in that area thatís why i have not applied for another connection,now suddenly i am receiving call from delhi court that they have registered case against me as i didn;t paid the bill,but as per my record there is no outstanding amount,and i have returned the modem also,and they are telling me i have to go to delhi to fignt the case,if i want to settle then i have to pay the bill immediately through net banking and they have given me a user id which is not mine.and when i am asking for bill they are not giving,please tell what to do and i have to go to consumer court as they are continuously threatening me and without proper bill how i will know if there is any bill is pending and what is the amount,as per my record my user id is 1104573981 but the advocate is giving me my id is 115988442, and the bill amount is 4350/- please tell me how it is possible such a huge amount will be outstanding,
    please send me advice on my mail kuldeepbehera@gmail.com

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Tikona Disconnection - bill generated after disconnecting

    I have disconnected my tikona connection user id 1103936993 on 15-2-2012 and the nanostation was collected by tikona on 22-02-2012 and later in march tikona generated bill after disconnection and when i called tikona they said that i need not pay the bill but even now they have sent me the bill

    so I request everyone please do not take Tikona connection

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    sathishbalakrishnan Guest

    Angry worst connection

    This is sathish from coimbatore(Tamilnadu). I just got the tikona broadband connection before 6 months For our browsing centre. I faced many problems with ur connection and we lost many customers also. I have never seen this kind of worst service anywhere. I don know for what purpose you are running your business. YOU ARE ALL NOT FIT FOR RUNNING A BUSINESS. Better u quit ur business.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Worst service i have ever seen

    I got tikona broadband installed for 4mbps, the sales guy gave the assurance that i would get 4 mbps otherwise we would refund your money back. The engineer took 4 days to make it working but not 4 mbps, it was around 400 kbps. He told from next day it would be 4 mbps. But i never saw above 1mbps. I called the customer service and told about this. Asked them to cancel the service and refund my money. They took the complain and told me someone would contact you, but no one contacts back, have to try 3 - 4 times. Then finally i got a call that the service is cancelled and the respective department will call me for the refund amount, but no one calls. I am not using the service at all, the modem is hanging at my appartment. Now i got a bill saying your bill is due with so an so amount. What a joke is this? I don't understand why this guys even run the service. I am sure they are fooling the customers and making money without providing any service. Now the stuff is we have to spend time and money to make call to them and you don't get any proper response. I think there should be some authority where we can provide all the details and these company should be forced to shut down. It is not only the money part, but time and frustration these guys give us drives one mad..

    I would recommend not even trying this service, even they pay money to take the service..

    Pimple Saudagar

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    CUSTOMER ID NUMBER : 1103382075
    DATE : 16th JULY , 2012

    TO ,

    I, the undersigned wants to bring to your kind notice that through a friend I met Mr. Nilesh Singh (Tikona executive). He explained me about the various plans and I opted for unlimited plan of AUNLTD 6499. I have given a cheque of Rs.7168/- dated 12th March , 2011 which include full year’s subscription from 11th March 2011 to 10th February 2012 & installation charges +service tax. My internet account was activated on 11th March 2011 after a month I received a bill of March 2011 of five days from 9th March 2011 to 14th March 2011, of Rs.6697.05. When my activation was done on 11th March 2011 how can I use internet from 9th March 2011. How a bill of 6697.05 was created in 3 days of usage.
    I complained this to your customer care the executive replied that it was a mistake on our part and you will not receive any bill afterwards. I also inform to Mr. Nilesh Singh ( Tikona executive) about the bill,he said it is a mistake and he will correct it and no bill will be send to you as you have paid full years subscription and opted for unlimited plan. I received no bill after complaint.
    The service of Tikona was very poor and it upset me because whenever I needed internet it was not working. For my son’s HSC Result, CET Result, AIEEE Result all the time I have to go to cyber cafť for seeing the result. Again I have lodged several complains but the problem persist. My family was also fedup and I was very upset because I had paid full years subscription, if I had not paid full years amount I would have stopped the services, even after several complains the problem was not solved. I have recorded each and every conversation with your executive for evidence. Again in the month of February, 2012 Mr.Nilesh Singh contacted me for renewal, I refused for the renewal due to third class service of your company . He convinced me that the modem was defective, he showed me another plan and told me that he is disconnecting the old plan, he also removed the old modem. Then he filled new application form and told me to give Rs.3000 in cash. I refused but he convinced me that new service will be started tomorrow, but even after 10 days my new internet service was not started I phoned him several times but he and his partner Shailesh Singh both were giving me lame excuses. On 11th day I phoned him and threaten him that I will go to police because I have taken video recording of both . In the evening both came and installed new modem and recharged my account with cash coupon. My new account was started from 13/03/2012.In the month of Feb ,2012, March, 2012 I have received 26 calls from your company’s executives which I have recorded. I have also recorded the conversation which I have done with your executives. In which I have explained everything to them that Mr.Nilesh Singh is disconnected the old account and I have opted for new account, and my modem was also changed and old modem was taken away by Mr.Nillesh Singh and Shailesh Singh. I also told to discontinue the old services if it is not disconnected.
    I was mentally harrass by your company executive by calling me in the morning, in the afternoon, and sometimes in the evening. When I had paid the bill in advance then about which bill you are talking. Why during full year no bill was sent? Why during full year I was not given a single call if my bill was pending? Why your company wake up after one year ? If the matter was not solved within one week. I will lodge a polce complaint against your corrupt employees , In addition to this I will file a suit against your company for deceiving me and for mentally harassing me because I have the full record of each conversation with your executive which will be produced in the court as evidence.

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    B Gopal Guest

    Angry Tikona @@@@ers

    This a new kind of @@@@ers who wants to eat customers money by cheating. First they will fall on our foot & beg for broadband service, then they will ask 4000 Rs, & will send the techician @@@@er to the customer premises to keep the equipment. then they will tell that there no proximity for the connection since the tower is not to be seen & the signal is in his mummy's vagina or in his manager's mom's ass hole. now the real trick starts here. When we start sending mail for refund fist they will tell that they started processing the refund, then they will tell the cheque is in sales department, later they say that its send to your address... After a period of time if we are not recieving the cheque (Means the cheque they directly put in their all managers, senior managers & VPs moms, wifes, daughters ass hole & vagina... thats what i understood). If we cal them they will repeat the same above & talk some non related things.. At last they will tell that your house is shifted so the cheque is not delivered & it came back to our main office, if you wanted then can come to mumbay & @@@@ their all wifes, mom's & daughters ass hole, vagina & in mouth with full cum then you will get full cash refunded...

    This is happened to me really... instead of begging like this for 4000 rs, better go & @@@@ dogs ass....Here are few mother @@@@er from tikona customer care @@@@ing service & they all are mastered in their mom's ass hole @@@@ing....

    "" Amranjit, Sainath T. , Surendar L., Jaydeep J.,.....""

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default TIKONA service worst

    i have used tikona broad band for one month but due to their asshole signal .. i requested for disconnection...but i keep on sending bills.

    worst @@@@er begger on other...never never go for tikona whatever they promise.....they have worst customer care

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    1105715456 Guest

    Default sincerely disgusting services of tikona

    tikonA LOGIN IDS

    i have been to both banks Axis and Icici bank both of them have rejected to accept cheques for your company saying they don't have account with them..

    tikona digital networks pvt ltd
    117191885 bill account nos axis or icicbank
    this were the banks details provided by your call center executive to send some one to come and pick up cash for the bill for July is shame full that your call centers executives..

    its been more then 10 days i have requested on call center to send some one to collect cash

    is sincerely shames full experience with your organisation behavior..
    hope my problem is resolved immediately within 12 hours

    Nilesh Shah

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    1105425939 Guest

    Thumbs down worst broad band service in term of customer service

    worst customer service,its executives.

    Please do not refer to use this service

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