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Thread: SBI Home Loan

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    Default SBI Home Loan

    Dear Sir,

    I am having an home loan with SBI bank from past 1 year & 3 months. Since being a problem in my family i could not paid few instalments of the loan to the bank & in this regards i apologized with the bank and a written letter was produced to the bank Najafgarh road branch on April 2012 stating that i will repay the outstanding amount of Rs. 120,000 Approx. in 5-6 months, which is Aug-Sep 2012, thereafter, i did not broke any of the instalment. I am the only earner in my family and unable to arrange lack of rupees immediately. To pay the balance amount i seek assistance from the bank's side, where they approved my request and informed me to pay before the said limit of time which i agreed. Now, in May 2012 the bank has issued an advertisement in News paper to accupy my house in seven days and in this regards a notice is also issued to me to vace the house in 7 days. I made my property on my own i dont wanna loose it and abide to pay instalments of my bank loan but this is a threat to me by the bank, where as i have the full intention to pay the dues. Please advise me please please.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Angry SBI staff gives bad treatment to customers

    I am existing SBI customer with great repay history. I have applied for the top up home loan. File is with SBI for 2 months now after doing regular followups and online complain the staff is asking for one document at time. Just delaying the process.

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    capushkaraj Guest

    Default Complaint against SBI RACPC at Swargate Pune

    I had applied for Home loan 1.5 months back and have been following up for knowing the status.
    Lateron I was finally told that loan has been approved but for disbursement they need to fix an appointment.
    Have been getting the same response since a week. God knows what appointment they are talking about and how many days they will take to disburse the loan.
    They even do not attend the calls made at RACPC. Even If you manage to get their mobile nos. (official and not personal) they simply attend, say 'hello' and cut the call.
    Seems they treat loan seekers as beggars!
    They should understand that merely reducing base rates, halving processing fees and posting big ads in newspapers and on hoardings
    does not mean that they will get the business. Would advise others to opt for other banks/ NBFCs (like LIC) if you don't want to get humiliated.
    SBI's service is hopeless and equivalent to that of any Govt office.

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    Unregistered Guest


    SBI has got same problem with everyone..It delays delays delays..I had same problem with Bangalore RACPC, where they treat like unhuman..one file per day they will ask..

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    K. Venkatramana Reddy Guest

    Default Clariification about crtical illness policy

    Dear Sir,

    I have home loan at SBI, Nellore (0887) Branch with A/c 31488399093. At the time of loan allotment i have insurence coverage about 13 critical illness. Plz. let me konw the illness that i am going to cover with abvoe illness policy.

    U may plz. send u'r response to svc_nlr@rediffmail.com


    kvr reddy,

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    nileshbhutada Guest

    Post Complaint against sbi racpc - pune

    Sub : Home Loan Issue Regarding Interest Rate Charged By Bank.

    Dear All,
    I am nilesh bhutada Home Loan : 31658425120 and files no : 13606
    My Agreement for Home Loan done with SBI on dated - 08 / 02 / 2011 and after 1 month ( 07/03/2011 )
    done my 1st disbursement from the bank.till date we taken actual loan amount Rs.7,90,000
    ( 6,900,000 + 1,00,000 ) only instead of Rs.13,00,000 which is sanctioned by Bank.

    from the date of 1st disbursement bank is charging wrongly interest which is not as per our
    Arrangement Letter - Home Loan . Till we are not received any intimation from the bank for the same.
    When I checked my account details then I am shocked my Interest rate is going 11.20 % which is
    8% actually for 1st year and 9% for next 2 years as per Arrangement Letter . For all these issues I given
    lot of Reminders to bank till date also I am following to Mr, Talegaonkar ( His sign on my agreement ) & Mr,Lokur for the same but both behaved like Irresponsible and using bad language with my parents.. actually this 2 person are Responsible for all issues. Both are not appropriate in there work.

    Bea cause of this 2 persons only My EMI & INTEREST is calculating wrongly.


    Nilesh Bhutada.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Exclamation Complaint against SBI RACPC at Swargate Pune

    Dear Team,

    I have aailed Homr Loan from SBI in May-2012, during Documenation they did not take single PDC for Interest Return and told it will be done as an ECS from your account and since then they did not capture a single rupee from that period, they have made all the required susbsequent demand payments and did not raise concern.

    My Full EMI is about to start from Nov-13 and I did not get any intimation on that and did nottrack back to me.
    Last week (28-Dec-2013) I have visted the office and bring them these details and doubts in to the required manager in Notice, They are asking and pushing us to Pay the Additional Interst (Since from the date I availed Interest they did not capture and now Penalising me to Paid additional amount).

    Kindly Please provide me suggestion how can I take this matter further, Appreciate if you can help me in this matter.


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