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Thread: TIKONA Broadband complaint_ No reply from _customercare@tikona.in

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    Default TIKONA Broadband complaint_ No reply from _customercare@tikona.in

    Dear Sir/Madam,This is in reference to a request for broadband given on 28/4/12 one of your executives Nipendra Singh ( M-9211095909@ Delhi) & ( Rajbinder M- 8459820700 had visitedmy residence & ask to pay online of INR 1516 ,then i ahve paid as per there confirmation of Tikona new connection .

    they both are assured that broadband will be installed at my residence within 2-3 days.Aftter regularly following up with & your customer care of may to install the connections at my residence ,but unfortunatly tikona services was not visible at my area and the instaltion team has confirmed that services will be not installed and Tikona pre installation customercare team will refund the money with in 15th Days.

    after somany follow up with customer care team with mail comiunication, still the refeund process not started even after so many .

    .I am sorry to say your company is not a customer oriented organisation after same i was so irritated that i called your customer care for a disconnection & refund of money but my customer harassment was here also after 5 call (All earlier 4 calls were forwarded to a disconnected number) i was given a no 1-2128996785 & assured a call will be given to me for disconnection request i am still to receive the same.Since i have got no reply from your end i hope i will get some reply fro, your end.


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    Hello Sir

    We thank you for your mail.

    We have saved your details in our database, and forwarded them along with your grievance to the concerned Department. At Tikona Services, we try our utmost to keep you? our customers? satisfied. After all you are the reason and the very purpose of our existence. However, we realize that it is not possible for a brand to stay true to every customer’s expectations. But as we said, we will do our utmost.

    Please be patient and help us serve you better.

    Thank You,
    Tikona Services

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    "Hello Sir

    We are grateful that your service request was brought to our attention and we appreciate your perseverance in settling this matter. Our team has gone through the details, and as per their update, Refund of Rs. 1516 is applicable to your account which will be couriered at your address within 30 working days.

    User Id:-
    1106331276 and Name:- DEBASISH BISWAL

    Please feel free to contact us on 1-800 209 4276 to provide us any feedback regarding our service our Customer Care associate will be glad to assist you

    Thank You
    Tikona Services"

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    Default No response from your end

    dear sir,

    I used the network from nearly last one year and I was very impressed with the speed and connectivity of your network resultantly I had recommended to lot others many of whom turned up in registration.

    The problem started when I made the payment of may-12 (the due date is 02/06/12) on dt 27/05/2012 via chq no.200918 of Allahabad Bank Kidwai Nagar Branch Kidwai Nagar Branch but the credit for the same is not given to me and when I inquired for the same I didn't got any satisfactory answer from any authourity in kanpur branch.

    I gave them photo copy of the pass book of allahabad bank showing cleared cheque in the name of your co. and also provided them scan copy of the same.

    I still not got the credit for the same. After the incidense I stopped the next month payment and told them to disconnect my connection but I was told that unless and untill you clear your dues you can not disconnect.

    my connection was stopped from your end from then i.e 01/07/2012.
    now my bill shown by your goodself is 2000/- which is not done.

    I insist on the details of my bill and credit of my cheque metioned above but no response is provided from your end every time I ask for it I am diverted to another authourity therefore, I humbly request for help.

    thanking you
    jitendra kumar jain
    128/185 E block kidwai nagar kanpur-208011

    ID: 1103515029

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    Default Truly unprofessional attitude 1106887175 - 2952585


    I am writing you to just highlight the unprofessional attitude that your Engineer Vishwambar sorap has shown while handling my complaint.

    On 7th I called your customer care and asked to disconnect my connection as I was continually experiencing connectivity issues from couple of months and had no patient to deal with your pathetic approach towards customer complaints, most of the time tickets gets closed without any resolution. However today it was height of unprofessional-ism.

    Today afternoon I received call from one of your representative at 14:54 from the number 022-42062200, the lady over phone inquired about the reason of disconnection and I informed her about the connectivity issue and the problem with your engineers, she assured me that engineer will visit and to my surprise within 15 mins I received SMS with engineers contact details, and after a while received call also from the engineer; I asked him to come at 5:30 to check issue, he asked me to call him once I am available and I said okay. I called engineer at 5:30 as agreed, he told me that he is currently at a call and will come in 30 mins, however he showed up only at 7 after repeated calls.

    Once he was at my place he asked me to switch on the system and he tested connectivity which was not stable, I told him that this is the reason I have opted to disconnect my service, after checking few more things he told that he will check the receiver on the terrace and that's it, he never came back nor he answered my calls. I was waiting for him for 30 mins but there was no sign of him so ultimately I gave up and at 20:53 I received a SMS from your end saying that my complaint has been resolved and I should send SMS confirming it.

    I have already cleared my dues, called your call center and not using your services from last billing date as advised by your payment collecting agent. Now I really dont want to engage in any type of relation with you so please do not call me as I dont expect anything good from your end anymore.

    Hasmukh Parmar

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    We have made a note of your concern. We shall look into it and revert in maximum 48 hours.

    Email Us:-- TDNservices@tikona.in

    Tikona Services

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    Dear Mr. Paramar,
    Thank you for writing to us.
    Our team has gone through the details, and as per their update;
    We hereby confirm that services for your Account No. (118405306) having Service ID (1106887175) has been terminated, and the full and final settlement has been concluded against your account.
    Mentioned below are the account details:
    Amount Payable: Rs. 0/-.
    Usage period: 26-Nov-2012 to 25-Dec-2012
    MB’s used: 0 MB
    Refund for Non-Usage Period: Rs. 0/-.
    CPE Charges: Rs. 0/- (Devices Returned).
    Tikona as a company is constantly looking at developing new products and improving processes to meet the market needs which are customer centric. We hope you would give us an opportunity to serve you again in future.
    We appreciate your patience and kind support.
    Tikona Service.

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    A.prasad Guest

    Default complaint on collection department manager mandaveli

    sir i am A.prasad my user id is 1105704533 i am using my broadband for past two years.
    i am paying my bill regularly through Mr.karthik who is now collection department manager mylapore land mark near yellow pages for last 3 months he collecting money from me and not paying to the office properly
    so my fine amount is getting increased with the bill amount if i ask he is not answering properly if i go and ask in office they also not replying me properly
    so i need solution for this problem by necessary action and favoring the fine amount for me.
    If not i may quit your plan

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    Default complaint

    as per discus with customer care I had submit my divice to tikona. so please send my balance.

    Thanking you

    Reg.Id - 20107A620D51
    Surinder Kumar
    phone- 9971905455

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