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Thread: Harassment by Eureka Forbes

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Harassment by Eureka Forbes

    I would like to bring under your notice about my experience with Eureka Forbes where I am feeling like cheated. Kindly advice me after going through this mail.
    The day before yesterday i.e., 4th June 2005, I bought a water purification system from Eureka Forbes. The model is Reviva with a price tag of Rs. 12,500/-. The same was installed in the evening by their trained technician. It was later on to my knowledge that one filter which is installed outside the system was installed incorrectly by the person. This I intimated to the Sales person who had visited my house for demo and sold the item to me.
    The very next morning, the system stopped working (which means it did not even complete 24 hours) resulting to no drinking water at our house. I called up the Sales person again and told him about the same. He visited my house and also found the system not working properly. This was yesterday i.e., 5th June 2008. He told me that he would definitely send a technician to rectify the problem. The technician came and coincidently the system started working when he adopted some hit and trial method. He told me there was a water supply problem from our tank which was a surprise for me because we have been living in the house for the last 11 years. He added that we have to face such problems off and on and have to live with the same. Then he left. After sometime the same problem started with system and
    there was no water to drink. I again called the sales guy and told him the entire story. He told me to bare till today morning and some good technician will visit my house and if the system is found faulty, the same will be replaced by a new system. The technician today came at 1:30 p.m. after my reminder calls to the sales person. He told my family that there was a problem with a part of the system and the part will be replaced. My wife told him that it was not even 24 hours that itstopped working and as
    we were told the entire system will be changed then why to replace only a part of it. He said no. My wife then spoke to the sales person who also said sorry cann't help, then to his manager who in turn accused his technician for not finding the correct problem, and lastly to the branch manager of that division who said he would send a better technician for investigation and the part will be replaced if found faulty.
    Sir, my question is, how can I be very sure of that system for not being problematic in coming time. I have invested Rs.12500/- with no worth. Am I wrong asking them to replace the system which was even earlier promised by the sales person and now being refused. My wife has got a straight forward
    answer, we give warranty and not guarantee. And "Would you have asked for the replacement even after a month of owing the system."
    please reply and help.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Eureka Forbes customer care

    Thanks for your reply. I have got the warranty card filled by them and had also sent the feedback to Eureka Forbes on 6th June through their site but till now have not got any reply or phone call from them. Yesterday, I received a call from their helpdesk asking me if I have purchased any of their product. I told the guy about my story and after listening to the same he logged my problem and gave me a problem reference number and even promised me that if required they will change the entire system. I have got the call recorded on my mobile. He also told me that by the evening someone would visit my house and will sort out the problem. Then I was advised to speak to a service department person. I called up this lady named Ms. Bhavna, who then put me to her senior technician. I again had to repeat my entire story to him. After which he promised me to visit my house and look into the problem. But when I went home, I came to know that some assistant had visited my house and was totally confused and searching out for where the problem was in the system. I am very surprised upon how Eureka Forbes train its technicians who do not even know the whereabouts of the systems.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Eureka Forbes complaint

    Experience with Eureka Forbes can be quite pathetic. I have purchased few things from them, such as Water purifier , Vaccum cleaner and a security alarm. Out of which Water Purifier and Vaccum cleaner turned out to be ok. In case of Vaccum cleaner I remember they did not give me all the accesories intially, I had blasted the sales guy and complained to their Bombay Head office, in email , it helped , they gave me the needed accessories the next day. However with Security alarm the story was different , thats when I understood that they have pool of stupid technicians who do not even know whats is written in a manual. This security systems they import from Canada, I doubt they even train their people
    properly, so God-forbid if something goes wrong , these guys are totally confused they will give you all kinds of funny answers. In your case send a written complaint to their head office by email or Fax.
    Catch hold of the sales guy and blast him properly.
    However I expect since the water purifier is around for many years now, most of their technicians do a OK Job, fortunately I never had any problem with water purifier. But here in bangalore at least their technicians come if I call them. Same is not true with SEcurity alarm system.
    In India , buying hi-tech items is kind risky becuase post-sales service is usually very poor. Take an item which is imported or not fully manufactured here, or is new in market its quite a risky thing to buy going by my experience.
    Does anyone in this forum have ever gone to consumer court , can he/she share the experience and whether its a feasible option. ??

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    Ashwin Kumar Singh Guest

    Default Eureka Forbes Mr. Naresh Bhati

    My father has purchased a water purifier named "Reviva" from salesman Mr.Naresh of Eureka Forbes company on 17th-March-2005.The first machine installed by them was faulty and stopped working within hours.They installed the second machine which started leak, The consequences are that the quality of water produced by the machine is highly inferior and seems to be containing some chemical which could be contagious.Also the leak leads to wastage of high amount of water.My father who is also a retired old person.

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    Pramod Pipal Guest

    Default Complain for eureka forbes

    Hello. I purchased the CC model of Eureka Forbes on 4th April 09 and the sales person, mr. M.P. Yadav told me that you will get the cover free with this purchase. At the time of installation he told me that he will give me the cover in 1 week. After that i called him many times but he didn't come to my house. I filled a complain about this in the customer care many times, but no response. I also called to the Andheri office may times and everytime they told me that they will give it today, but today never come. Now after 4 months also, i didn't got any response from they. I am fed up and yesterday i again called the customer care and the senior executive mr. gurpreet, told me that by today (17-Aug-09), they will definetly do something, but nothing happens. I am reaaly fed up with eureka forbes and want to fill a complain in consumer court. Please let me know what is the procedure. For the cover of cost 200, i spend 400 ruppes call.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Thumbs down eureka forbes Water purifier and Vacuum cleaner

    I have purchased the water purifier AQUAFLO where dust particles are still found in the filtered water. When I complained the issue with the call centre in pune, they said that an executive will visit my house in next 2 working days. Even after 5 days no one bothered to check, when I contacted the call centre repeatedly, they sent a person who look like a junior technician before looking into the problem he started asking for money.

    HORRIBLE service staff... when i agreed, he did something and collected his money and vanished... Again the problem cropped in after 2 months, where the same above story happened. after repeated reminders, they send another person who says that he is not aware of the earlier service and insisted for commitment on money before looking into the problem....

    It seems Eureka forbes doesnt have a service division of its own and for the complaints they pick up some guy from the outside repairing shops and send hence whoever comes in he says that he is not aware of the earlier service and demands for fresh money for every visit by not bothered to look into what had happened earlier !!!!!!

    Now I am really fed up of Eureka Forbes and request people NOT TO GO FOR EUREKA FORBES..This kind of social ban only will work......

    2. I again purchased Vaccum cleaner on insistence from my friend. After buying the sales person was so eager to close the deal that until I purchased, he bothered me like anything to buy the product.. Once after the product is delivered, he is no where. When I contacted the branch office in Hyderabad, they as usual, say that WE WILL LOOK INTO THE PROBLEM AND REVERT. WHICH WILL NEVER HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Unregistered Guest

    Thumbs down Worst after-sales service by Eureka forbes

    Bearing the tag as a reputed product the Eureka Forbes Found its way in as my house-hold article. i bought the Eureka forbes Total Reviva RO water purifier less than a year ago. It has stopped functioning for the past 1 month and my repeated call to the customer service seem to have fell into deaf ears. Having spent rs10,000 on this product, i feel duped. i will take up the issue with the consumer court and make them pay a price for their useless service.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Eureka Forbes worst services

    I have paid for three years annual maintenance from 31.05.2008 to 30.05.2011. When i took this warranty they replaced the candles. Later on only after I called them after an year and half that they came for replacement, which they are supposed to do half yearly. Now that the aquaguard is not working i have called up five times and there is no replay. We are purchasing water from outside due to there poor service. I suggest that never go for eureka forbes products.

    Deepak Daga

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    Angry eureka forbes complaint about service

    I have a aqua guard inova model which is presently under AMC. First complain was registered on 09/02/2010. After giving repeated reminders nobody has attainded the request.Is this the service you provide. My Req No is 0057065690 and cust No is 1003609701

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    Unregistered Guest

    Thumbs down eureka forbes Trendy Steel Vacuum Cleaner

    I bought a vacuum cleaner almost one month back & i was told by the dealer (Reliance Digial, near ECIL, Hyderabad) that someone from Eureka Forbes will visit me within 48 hrs to give a demo. Next day someone who identified himself to be calling from Eureka Forbes called me & informed the time to coming which i accepted. No one came for almost three weeks & no one bothered to inform me. I lodged a complaint at Eureka Forbes website on 4th March. On 5th March a lady called me in response to the complaint & assured me an engineer would visit me within 48 hrs.

    More than 120 hrs have gone again & still no one has visited or even bothered to call.

    This is the worst one could expect from a reputed company like this.

    rajesh mahajan
    # 9963944459

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    ravi882 Guest

    Post eureka forbes extra money for products

    Requested Sir,
    I am Dharmendra kumar, I have purchased two AG TOTAL RO of Rs. 29000 on the month of June 2009 by your salesman named Ajit kumar CSS code 9003649 and his mobile no is 9971414347 from branch Karol Bagh Delhi or Sant Nagar burari delhi can be one from both branches. Today I find that which machines I have purchased from Mr. AJIT KUMAR is not AG TOTAL RO but it is AG TOTAL REVIVA which cost is RS.9,900 for a single machine. I gave him Rs.29000 for two machines which machines cost is RS. 19980. He has taken Rs.9020 eaxtra money from me. Now I want your help to take an action against your salesman. I think this types of incidents is not good for a repotated and multinational companies. Thanks

    Dharmendra Kumar
    Mobile no.- 9911267878

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    deepika das Guest

    Default Harassment by Eureka Forbes

    Deepika Das purchased NF model on Oct 2010. I lodged the complain on Sunday 11/04/2010 that the acq is not funtioning. After the services person attended the machine was ok only for syunaday. Monday again the same proble raised and complain was lodged in ht helpline. Since 12/4/10 i am purchasing mineral water and total four service person attendended and on 15/04/10 saying your membrane is chocked and that is why the water is not coming out and for membrane i have to pay Rs 2345. It is disgusting after four days they have done research on my machine and asking to pay for it in the warranty period.

    This is the worst one could expect from a reputed company Eureka Forbes. How can we trust for long relationship.

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    sudhinder rao Guest

    Cool eureka forbes collection of servicecharges by m/s vamsee technologies kurnool.AP

    sir, I M.D.SUDHINDER RAO ENGINEER H.NO.45-24K-47-1,V.R. COLONY .KURNOOL-518003 WANTS TO bring the following.i have purchased the water purifier aqua guard classic model about 5 years back.the unit is working and was for sometime underthe service contract.but for the past i year it was not under the contract.But i want to have contract for one year.Today ie on 19-4 2010 i have entered in to contract.as on today the unit is working.when asked the service contractor told that the contract is for one year nd the amount is rs 950/ .so i have agreed and the mechanic changed the cloth filter and carbon block.but while billing demanded Rs 245 charges, which i feel violates the contract.when protested the mchanic rang up andconfirmed that i haveto pay Rs 245 extra.i have shown the contact and said i am on contract today and service charges should not be collected.ultimate i told that it is against the essence of contract. any way i havedemaded the bill for service charges and paid it with warning that i will report the matter to M/s eureka forbes .i feel i have entered the contract to day and the unit is in working condition , and collection of Rs 245 additionally is against essence of the contract.so pl see that the service charges collected additinally along with Rs 950 towards annual contract is returned to me immdiately =sudhider Rao

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default eureka forbes Customer Complaint

    Myself Kishore A. Hinduja, I have booked Aquaguard Water Purifier (Infinity Model) & have given cheque for the same on 16th April 2010 & was promised that it shall be delivered on 17th April evening & installed by 18th April, Morning. However I got a call by Eureka Representative Mr. Rasesh Gaikwad (Mob No 9011802809) regarding the delivery of water purifier on 16th April, but I informed him that it was not yet delivered to which he replied that he shall check & revert back, but he did not call back. On 18th April morning I tried to call him, but he was out of reach & so I called up on landline line mentioned on the bill. A lady picked up the phone & replied that Water purifier shall only be delivered on 19th April Monday morning, to which I made her clear that before giving cheque I have got confirmation from Mr. Rasesh Gaikwad that purifier shall be delivered on 17th & installed on 18th April morning & then only I made the payment.

    Subsequently I again tried to contact Mr. Rasesh to which he replied that purifier has been sent by courier, but he is not able to locate it & that he is going to check it, but assured that by 18th April evening it shall be delivered & installed.

    But it was not delivered on 18th April as well. On 19th April 10 morning I again called Mr. Rasesh to which he picked the phone & gave to his senior Mr. Kishor Gaikwad, who assured that it shall be delivered by 7 PM on 19th April 2010, but it was not delivered. I called up four times, Mr. Rasesh to enquire about the same but he did not receive my calls. I ultimately put a SMS to him asking him to call back urgently, to which he replied by SMS to call Mr. Kishor Gaikwad on 9890121343. I tried that no. but it was also not reachable. I again put a SMS to Mr. Rasesh that I am totally frustrated with the wrong commitments & worst service I have received & hence want to cancel my order. Again I put a SMS to return back my cheque else I shall complain in Consumer Court. Then I called up Mr. Rasesh to which he picked up & asked him to return my cheque to which he told that he shall do it same day, but he did not turn up. I am totally frustrated with the kind of service I have got from Eureka Forbes Pune team.

    Please look in to the matter urgently & return back my cheque.

    Regards, Kishore A. Hinduja (Mob: 97300 14758)

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    RAVI882 Guest

    Thumbs down eureka salesmen are very clever

    Requested Sir,
    I am Dharmendra kumar, I have purchased two AG TOTAL RO of Rs. 29000 on the month of June 2009 by your salesman named Ajit kumar CSS code 9003649 and his mobile no is 9971414347 from branch Karol Bagh Delhi or Sant Nagar burari delhi can be one from both branches. Today I find that which machines I have purchased from Mr. AJIT KUMAR is not AG TOTAL RO but it is AG TOTAL REVIVA which cost is RS.9,900 for a single machine. I gave him Rs.29000 for two machines which machines cost is RS. 19980. He has taken Rs.9020 eaxtra money from me. Now I want your help to take an action against your salesman. I think this types of incidents is not good for a repotated and multinational companies. Thanks

    Dharmendra Kumar
    H.NO 48 gali no 02 kar kar dooma
    Delhi -110092
    Mobile no.- 9911267878

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