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Thread: skoda customer care complaint

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    Unregistered Guest

    Angry skoda customer care complaint

    Own a skoda laura. Had problems in the AIRCONDITIONER. Car is under 2 years warranty. Sent the car to SAGA AUTOMOTIVE WORKSHOP at JAIPUR on April 4, 2012. They checked and said some parts need to be changed which will take 10 days to come. The car is under warranty so parts will be free.

    Its been ONE MONTH and till today parts have not come. I call up saga automotive every second day, but all they respond that we will check and get back to you, but no one get backs ever.

    Even complained to Skoda India customer care, but all they did was to advise Saga to respond, to which obviously Saga automotive did nothing again.

    No idea what to do, cannot use my car in this heat without AC.

    Shivam Talwar

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    Myself dr jagdish sakhiya md dermatologist,user of Scoda superb is highly dissatisfied with Scoda service provider in Surat. Whenever we register our complain it takes more then 2 days to hear. When we send our car to this so called authorise dealer it takes other 2 days to launch our complain. Then take onother 2 days to inform us that spare parts are not available . When we give consent to buy this parts they take not less then seven days to make available parts from aurangabad. So even very small problem they retain our vehicle not less then 15 days. So what to do during this period? They have very inexperienced service person, very rude staff and very shocking customer care service. They never call us to update the status of our vehicle. By profession I m doctor, I have four clinic in surat and one clinic in Ahmedabad. I have to rush from one clinic to other clinic, so without vehicle you can understand our problem. And there is no sense to buy standby car for Scoda superb car. We are satisfied with interior , safety, and reputation of the car but we are highly dissatisfied with the service provider of Scoda car in Surat .

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    Mangal Ashok Chadchankar Guest

    Default car given for repairy not received

    We have given Scoda Fabia (MH13AZ 2790) for repairy at Pashan, Pune (Pashankar Auto) dt 23rd, June,2012. We did not get any reply from them and not received our car also, and they did not understand what is the fault in our car.

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    Rajesh Walia Guest

    Angry Complaint

    Dear Concern,

    This is to inform you about that I bought Skoda Rapid from "Sidak Automobile Karnal" on 19-March-2012. Though I took first free General check up from Krishana Automobile Chandigarh (Industrial Area). As I got transferred to chandigarh.
    I am very disappointed to tell you, after this check up my car is not working fine in terms of wheel alignment and balancing. I have visited 6-times at Krishana Automobile Chandigarh for the same issue every time they are giving me FTR (First Time Resolution) by saying that our Channai Team members will come and will check the problem. But no body has visited till date for the same problem. Now my car has started vanishing tyres. I took this car after paying my hard-earned money. But no body is entertaining my issue.
    I would request you kindly do the needful asap or else I have to take some legal action against this problem.

    Rajesh Walia

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    pratikshaprinter Guest

    Default service

    dear sir
    i have service to skoda fabia car no. is GJ-1 KN 2524
    but after 2 days there is no reply.
    how can i do

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    Ravindra Chavan Guest

    Default skoda fabia Car complain

    Dear Sir,
    My fabia car no. MH 12 GV 3961. From last six to Eight months i had complaining My Cars Rear door Rubber bedding replacement problem.In the month of may When I shown to M/s Asse Auto Pune for My rear door (RH) rbber bedding replacement. & Now last six month no. of visit to Asst Auto. & several complaints to Customer Care No. 18002094646. & Unfortunately I m yet not getting actions. frm .co..Before Diwali M/S Asset Auto promise me, to replacing the same ( Engineer Mr. Aditya ) But Its my bad luck, yet not respond from them. when I contact them ,They told There is a diwali vacation & Co. is closed for vacation & Ur art will be recd. after Diwali. But last six months no proper action was taken by Co.
    Plz. read todays Times of India Toyoto Co. Japan calling all vehicles in India for Two cars improper bed matting, I m not expecting in tht fashion,. but Last Six months I cant Use My A.C. & In rainy season my fmly. njoy rains in the car. Thanx for Skoda. Thanx for UR Service. & Thanx for My Luck.
    OK Sir, I know U will not respond me. bcoz I m Customer, who always prefer Skoda Due to his old realtion .
    Yours Faithfully,
    ( R.T. Chavan -- F/ o Prachiti R. Chavan -- Cell No.9423002870)

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Complaint against incomplete/improper service

    I am sorry to say that I purchased, Skoda Laura Car (Registration No.UP 32 CX 8000) on 22.10.2009 from your authorized dealer at Lucknow. At that point of time, service centre was available at Lucknow. As the service of the car became due in November 2012, I tried to contact service centre, then I came to know that dealership at Lucknow has been cancelled and service centre is closed.
    It is strange that no communication in this regard, was ever made to the car owner at Lucknow. Under compelling circumstances, I sent my car for service at Kanpur service centre on 19.11.2012. The service was carried out and I paid Rs.29,000/- as a servicing charges. The following deficiencies are still visible after service:-
    1. There is continuous display on board that service is still required.
    2. Clock fixed on the board is not showing proper time.
    3. Car was not properly washed.
    The tall promises made by your company at the time of delivery of the vehicle appear to be a farce. In this situation, I am contraint to say that if the things are not remedied quickly, I will proceed to legal action against you for the breech of promises and inefficient service provided at the service centre.

    (Chandra Bhushan Pandey)

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    U C Verma Guest

    Default Non refund of booking amount by your dealer M/S Shiel Ventures, Agra

    Dear Sir,
    I booked a Skoda Rapid Car with Shiel Ventures, Agra and given a cheque No.719831 dt. 25.7.2012 of Rs. 1,22,266/- payable at HDFC. This amount is withdrawal by your dealer next day. Later on I have requested your dealer to cancel my booking and refund my amount. Dealer told me that booking amount will be refunded by Company and it will take 1 or 2 months time. Now four months has over to booking date 25.7.2012, but your dealer is not returning my amount. I am continuously approaching to your dealer showroom but no way. At last, I have send a legal notice to your dealer on 22.11.2012 and give 15 days time to refund my deposit amount otherwise my advocate will file a suit against your dealer and this news will be flashed in local newspapers.
    You are requested to please ask your dealer to refund my amount with interest to avoid any litigation.
    Thanks & regards

    1/7 Nath Compex
    Dhakran Crossing
    AGRA-282010 (U.P.)
    Mob : 9259117617

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    A.K.Goyal Guest

    Default Non delivery keys

    I purchased skoda fabia from channel motors and unfortunately met an accident personnel, keys lost. I contacted channel motors on 10/11/2012 for two keys, dealer asked rupees 5200 and assured delivery before November 20. I paid cash and asked for receipt. Channel motors contacted several times but did not get any response. Owner was also contacted and I was informed PO placed to Skoda and will get delivery very soon. Again contacted and asked PO raised on Skoda and expected delivery. I received copy and surprised to see PO was raised for one piece @ Rs. 2700 and I was charged Rs. 5200. I do not know when and how much keys i will get. No body in channel motor pick up my mobile.

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    kathiresan arumugam Guest

    Default complaint against millenium motors (skoda) coimbatore

    on 30th dec when i was driving my car.there was sign showing low oil in my skoda yeti and within aminute my car engine stopped. i went and checked the engine there was hardly any oil in the engine. so i pushed the car with the help of my cousin to safe spot. i called skoda helpline and the number was not in use.i called my nearby dealer in coimbatore.there was no response since it was a sunday. next day i contacted them and with the recovery vehicle my car was taken to the garage(millenium motors) at coimbatore.next day they filled the engine with oil and said your vehicle is ready and the problem is a leakage in the intercooler hose and they have arrested it.i was not satisfied with their explanation.i questioned them how can you assure me that this engine will run fine again.please have the bearings and piston checked.they said ok and they removed the gearbox and the engine and said everything was fine.i paid the labour cost they charged me.but they were not able to fix the engine back in time and it took nearly more than aweek for them to assemble due to lack of skilled and professional person.i was really worried about the way these people handled my car and had to visit the garage nearly six times depite my work.they delivered the car on 20th jan stating everything was fine.but after my inspection i found a humming noise in the engine and a lag in pickup of the vehicle.i gave a non satisfactory letter to the people in millenium motors.they assured to drive the vehicle for 200km and see if the problem is solved.next day morning when i started the engine there was white smoke and after few minutes of ignition problem the vehicle started and i drove it for few minutes.there was a sign showing problem with the engine.i contacted the concerned person at the garage and he asked to sent the vehicle.after a full day checkup they finally deliverd the car in the evening.Next day when i started my car i faced similar problems with engine and the dealer has taken it back to garage and the problem has not been solved.my car has engine warranty for another four months.it has run 75,500 kms so far.i am really in bad state waiting for your help.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Angry skoda rapid having many problems


    I am having lot of problems in my skoda rapid first my car stopped working then my car started eating tyres and then my cars headlight broke automatically then now my power windows are not working and your dealer from jaipur and kota i.e SAGA motors is not giving any positive reply . I have purchased many cars but didn't get so many problems please if you can resolve my problem and take some action .


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    unregistered Guest

    Default kamlakar dwivedi

    Dear Sirs,

    My daughter Devna Dwivedi has bought a Skoda Rapid from Farenheight Motors,Okhla Ph.2 show room and we are facing acute after sales service problemsrelated to getting the registered number plate of the car.

    As advised by the dealer,we had proceeded to get the number plate from the authorized people,but inspite of repeated follow up we were not able to get the number plate.We thereafter informed the dealer to have the matter sorted out,but despite the delivery of the vehicle having been made in 1st week of Dec2012,we are yet to receive the number plate(which is a special security Number plate as per Delhi rules).....

    On telephoning the dealer's representative,we are not getting any definite response and we are still without the number plate and liable for challan by the traffic police anytime.

    Kindly look into the matter,because if this the state of affairs at the stage,we are afraid what will happen later.

    Kamlakar Dwivedi

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Skoda Superb Complaint

    I, kishorbhai kheni proud owner (I doubted now) of Skoda superb. I purchased this car from surat dealer. My car no is GJ-5 CP 2421. I want to share disastrous experience while driving Skoda superb on 14th April. I was going on highway at a speed of 100 kms. It was a pleasant sunny day which turned out to be a horrible day of my life. While overtaking at normal speed suddenly my car got free, engine didnít worked, my heartbeat turns high, totally blacken out in front of my eyes but it was godís grace that there is no car from opposite trackÖwhat happened if some vehicle coming from opposite side???????..........it was a nightmare of my life. Is this the type of safety you promise to your customer?
    Problem yet not stopped, I called customer care from towing my car, they gave me no of toying person, toying person told me that you donít have paid for road assistance, so we canít tow your vehicle you called customer care again. FYI I had paid for 4 year road assistance. Then I called customer care again they said it is not our look out you coordinate with towing person, as I was like ping pong ball for themÖÖthen I called the sales person Mr. Prashant, who helped me out from this messÖÖits really pathetic. Is this the type of service you promise to your customer?
    Dealer didnít contact me since Saturday. I donít have an idea when I will get back my car. They just told me that it happened due to gear box got free from engine, they didnít tell me that how it happened? I purchased this car in the year of 2011. Itís regularly maintained the also I got similar type of problem of gearbox vibration some time ago. Is this the weak manufacturing of Skoda?

    Yet again one morning when I entered into my car and found that audio system didnít worked.

    I called the dealer service department; they replied that it may be cause of problem in the fuse. Then I gave my car for the service, after few days when I went to receive back my car, they said your problem is not solved yet, we will solve it when you will give your car again for gear vibration problem.

    Yet another problem created Ė GEAR VIBRATION

    When I went to dealer for the solution, they told me about to change the multiclutch. I donít understand what quality product you delivered me, my car is running just 25000 kms and this many problem I had to face so do you give me defected car or what?

    Can you suggest me how can I bring my family with me on a tourÖÖwhatís your safety n security guarantee?

    I want to talk to some knowledgeable technical person from Skoda regarding this problem.

    Looking forward for your kind anticipation n prompt reply.

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    Ravi Hasija Guest

    Angry Major Issues post service_ Skoda Laura

    Dear Team

    I Ravi Hasija had got my Laura serviced (CH04-B 6677) in the month of Feb-13 wherein after services some problems arise when i drove my car to Delhi last month.

    Major problem i was facing (Sound from Engine which was not there at that time), but after been driven for 25 odd days there was some malfunction in engine as its vibrating a lot every time i start it.

    Further to this just to get it checked from Local Skoda dealer (Krishna Auto Limited, chandigarh) dated: 28-03-2013 they told me that there is some issue with engine because some nut bolt needs to be fixed up to which i reverted to get it done at your end and just hand over my car.

    As i handed over my car to them, i also told them that there is some issue with Car AC and power windows (front and Back) too.

    When I got the delivery of my car i found that my car is not picking up speed even after shifting to 5th gear. I took my car back to Skoda Auto chandigarh where they said that we clearly said that there is some problem with which we have tried to fix up (without my prior consent) to which they are not

    I have handed over my car back to them with fresh job card against submission, And just to add to this one of the guy at Krishna Auto misbehaved with me and my wife in return.

    Request you to kindly intervene in this matter as its a big concern for me right now.

    Awaiting your response...!!!!

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    ninadajarekar@gamil.com Guest

    Default Engine viberation


    I Nitin Prabhakar Ajarekar , Siolim Bardez Goa, Having a Skoda fabia From Priority Auto Limited, Panaji - Goa, and Just completed Two years warranty in March 2013. My total running of my car in this two year is only 11500kms. Last servicing was don in the month of March 2013. You are kindly requested to help to resolve my car problem as total running of my car Is approximate is arround 11500kms only. Also I had done my car servicing in regular intervals with priority Auto Panaji Only. My mobile No. is 9422442989.


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