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Thread: bajaj electricals service centre

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default bajaj electricals service centre

    Last year I had purchased a Bajaj cooler coolest DC2012 till now in warranty period.
    Water motor is not working for last 15 days. I made a complaint to customer care 06746533505 KHURDA in ORISSA on 26th April 2012 after that I call there approx 5to 6 times. But till now nobody has came to rectify the problem. When I call to customer care One lady who told me that technician will visit you today. But that today never came.
    I want your suggestion that what should I do wait for bajaj technician or go for local technician
    My complain no :- 2596
    Qtr. No. 603A
    Retang colony, Jatni
    Dist. KHURDA , ORISSA- 752050
    Phone :-09861385404 & 08895298798
    Email :- sharma2602@yahoo.com

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Gems Bajaj Service Centre-Hadapase -Frustrating Service

    I have given my bike on 20th Apr for servicing, the technician asked me to change BCU though things are fine, I trusted him & also changed some other accessories which cost me 3000/- Rs.

    After two weeks the bike button start stopped working, I went to him & he asked me to change some cylinder which will cost 1500/- Rs, I got shocked & lost the trust on them I told service guy this is too much you are lying. Ill let you know the reason with the concern from other garage.

    When I went to other garage he said the battery was under volt & needs to replace, when I connected charged battery suddenly lights & horn stopped working.

    I took bike to service center & told him the reason. Then he said we will analyze & let you know, there is no grantee on electrical part etc.

    After analysis he suggested that meter is duplicated & not working, BCU burnt, batter needs to change, some L/R switches needs to change & it will cost you more 5500/- Rs.

    I tried to contact all the peoples whose numbers were mentioned in customer complaint but no one has given satisfactory answer rather they cut my calls or scolded there serviceman how come customer is talking directly to me.

    Worst thing was after analysis when I went to take my bike, they changed my seat cover & they did not find at their place.

    I dont know whom to complaint now.

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    madhvesh singh Guest

    Default room heater RX10

    the above item was received on 24.12.2012 in defective condition complaint no of which is 2149067. The complaint has not yet been attended.

    Madhvesh Singh
    S.O.H. 174,
    Sector 1
    Doorbhash Nagar,
    Rae Bareli. 229010

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    Dear Madhvesh,

    Thank you for sharing your complaint number. Kindly also provide us your contact number so that we can get in touch with you and resolve your issue at the earliest…

    Team Bajaj Electricals

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Complaint reg oil filled radiator PX 156 RH11, wrt complant nos. 2120992 and 2068210


    I had bought a brand new bajaj platini oil filled radiator (Model no PX 156 RH1) from an outlet in yusuf sarai, south Delhi in the first week of December 2012.

    It had stopped working and when i placed a complaint (No. 2068210) on 7th Jan 2013, it was repaired within 3 working days by your service engineer.

    However it has developed the same problem again on 18th Jan 2013, for which i had placed a complained on 19th (No. 2120992), and your service engineer came after 3 days inspected it and gone back saying that some part needs to be replaced and has never turned back. During this time, I have received no information of any sort from any of your representatives. When I called up your toll free number on 25th Jan, they insisted that I place a fresh complaint, when i refused, they provided me the service outlet of Noida, where i currently reside.

    When i called them, they told me that they are waiting for a spare part and will be replaced within 2 working days. But no one has turned up till date.

    Its been 12 days since i placed the complaint and I am aghast looking at such lousy service. Good part of this chilly nights were spent by us shivering in spite of buying a product from a reputed company like yours. I am fed up talking to your representatives and hence sending this mail, hoping for a positive response.

    I request you to kindly look into this matter, repair or replace the defective piece as early as possible, (now that it ha become a formality for us since the winters have reduced in severity) or else i may i have to consider other options.

    Dr Venu Madhav
    Senior Resident,
    Dr Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital,
    New Delhi.
    Ph: 9868551352.

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    Dear Venu,

    We have received your complaint and we will ensure it is resolved soon.

    Team Bajaj Electricals

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    Dear Venu,

    Trust your query has been resolved. In case of further queries, please feel free to write to us on social@bajajelectricals.com

    Team Bajaj Electricals

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    Amaranath V Guest

    Default Room Cooler PC2000 DLX is not working

    Hi Support,

    I am having 'Room Cooler PC2000 DLX'. I need to know any one from your company will give me service as water motor is not working, currently I am located in Bangalore

    Thanks in Advance

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    Dear Amaranath,

    Please provide us your contact number and your invoice number so that we can get in touch with you…

    Team Bajaj Electricals

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default complaint regarding poor response and service

    Dear Sir
    I, Mrs.Sujata Kundu bought a Majesty 25GPU storage water heater on 10.11.2012 from Abhinandan,Goushala Road,Jugsalai,Jamshedpur. In the month of April(last week),suddenly it fell down. It was the almighty's blessing that the live was saved. The toilet flash,the comot broke and I got these things changed. Two weeks back I complaint the same to ABHINANDAN. Sent a person from Bajaj. According to his observation, The heater was not fitted properly by the sales man.He also added that a plumber was needed to put it properly and thus went way without any solution.In between we chased the shopkeeper for two to three times. But till date no response.

    Sir, may I know where we are wrong?Or we should leave hope.The details are as follows:Bought by R.S.Kundu
    Bill no. 0579
    Sr.No. G155 WH25 071201091
    Waiting for your positive response.

    Thanking you
    Yours sincerely
    Sujata Kundu

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    Dear Sujata,

    Please provide us your contact number and your [COLOR=#009900 !important]invoice number[/COLOR] so that we can get in touch with you…

    Team Bajaj Electricals

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default No Service for Bajaj Electicals

    This I am writing with the worst experience I had with Bajaj Electical Service.
    I have some appliances of Bajaj. The steam iron box is having some problems and required service.I reached out to thier Service helpline numbers and recieved a complaint number and promise that service person with visit within 2 days and I will be receiving a call before that.
    I am unable to find any one even after several days, tried to reach them again through helpline number ,since was unable to reach sent email to the addresses available at the website.Very sad to mention that nobody even bothered to send a reply for that.

    I Would recommend people buying Bajaj Home appliances to keep in mind that they may not get proper service.
    The same customer service is giving support to Murphy Richards also.So the same is valid for those products also (the quality of Murphy is much better than

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    Dear Amaranath, (No Service for Bajaj Electicals)

    Please provide us your contact number and your [COLOR=#009900 !important]invoice[/COLOR] number so that we can get in touch with you…

    Team Bajaj Electricals

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default manufacture defect

    on may 12 2013, i bought bajaj cooler model no NEW DC 2004. after i got home at the first time i used it started producing a very irritating noise. the thing is fan inside is so close to the swing blades that they rub
    against each other producing noise.i am alarmed and immediately i switched off. i called customer care in guntur AP. they say they will send the mechanic. now i dont understand because i didnot even start using it and already its a mess and i think i have every right to get replacement. my complaint no is10196. please help me no wants to buy tampered appliance. i hope you understand so please help.

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    Dear Customer, (manufacture defect)

    Please provide us your contact number and your invoice number so that we can get in touch with you.

    Team Bajaj Electricals

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