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Thread: corruption - care@irctc.co.in,etickets@irctc.co.in

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default corruption - care@irctc.co.in,etickets@irctc.co.in

    But this rule is giving advantage to railway staff i.e the ticket collectors because

    the passengers who cancelled their journey are least bothered to cancel their tatkal ticket

    as there is no refund of any amount. Therefore the berths that are left vacant due to

    cancellation of journey are not known officially to the authorities and thereby the ticket collectors are making good money by selling those vacant berths to the best bribe giver.

    Because of this the persons who are in waiting list are not getting a chance for confirmation as there is no replacement of the cancelled journey tickets.

    So we suggest that some refund should be given to the tatkal cancelled tickets so that people will show interest to cancel their tickets if they are cancelling their journey or
    else the ticket collectors will increase the corruption.

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    Pushparaaj Guest

    Angry About Login

    I have registered a account , but i couldn't open my account at irctc.. I have wrongly entered my password and got another password and changed that password with a new... But i can't open my account yet..... I dont know whats the problem is??????????

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    vgjayagopu Guest

    Default etickets allowed 10 other than cancelled etickets

    etickets allowed to the customer maximum 10 only. But it is included cancelled tickets also. The IRCTC should consider for 10 tickets actually utilised. It is not to consider the cancelled tickets. The customer to go to the railway station to buy an other ticket or to approach the neighbours or others. Request is that the Cancelled tickets should not be considered as PURCHASED.

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    SUB: Manipulation of reservation for RAC seats, Lack of services, and Lack of Security Prevention Acts in railway.

    On 28.04.2012, I had booked my ticket for travel from NDLS to ALD, by Prayag raj express (12418), through irctc vide PNR No 2663014706. I had noticed the following defects in services offered by indian railways.
    1) I was offered half seat under RAC 72, whereas the higher RAC No. were offered confirmed seats.
    2) The toilets uncleaned and stinking at NDLS, at the beginning of journey itself.
    3) Most of the shops including food plaza were serving premium priced items, totally disregarding the reasonably priced simillar goods.
    I was alloted RAC seat in S-6 Coach, and was surpriced to see that a group of few people were carrying more than 100 new luggage bags by illegally placing about 5 bags under the seats of each compartment (8 Berth section). I had complaint to the Security in-charge of the train as well as TTE. But both had told that it was their regular affair. And they are doing it in collusion with the luggage booking clerk, who permit them to carry such large consignment without booking in luggage van. But my apprehension was that,
    " If tommorrow a terrorist places an additional bag of same colour, putting the passanger's life on risk. Then who will be responsible for such acts." And neither your security in-charge, nor TTE had any answer.

    So it is my request to railway authorities are;
    -- Punish the booking clerk and ensure booking of such consignment in luggage van only;
    -- Ask the security in-charge to permit only luggage of authorised passangers only.
    (Please do not wait for incidents to happen as yours families are using railway more often than mine. And i am requesting for preventive measures for both of us)
    -- Proper cleaning of toilets at least in the beginning of short distance trains. And in the morning and evening of long distance trains.

    -- If the Reservation is totally computerized, why the RAC with higher number were allotted confirmed seat by passing lower number.

    Waiting for your reply. Thanks.

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    kaladil Guest


    i'm having account with user name dilipkala but i can not book the ticket with that id since it is susspended kindly activate my id with the name of dilipkala

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    Unregistered Guest


    i registered my irctc account but forget my password yet please send me my id & password on my email id my email is gmittal60@gmail.com

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    alkapuri18 Guest

    Default Not able to log in..

    Dear sir,
    I have face a problem during log in my IRCTC site. and i forget my log in password also. so please help me to resolve this problem.

    My user ID -alkapuri18

    Kindly activate my ID ASAP

    Thank you
    Dheeraj Sharma

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    SDZAINUL Guest


    Sir aaj maine tikat nikala tha to hdfc bank se paisa bhi cut gaya aur tikat bhi nahin aaya

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    arunesh rai Guest

    Default complaint

    I HAVE BOOKED MY TRAIN TICKET FROM IRCTC AGENT on 22/01/2013. BUT usne mujhse misbehave kiya and rs.150 extra charge kiya jo ki galat tha aur na hi koi reciept diya. My PNR NO.2143252539. TRANSACTION ID.0628417505.TRAIN NO.15007. GORAKHPUR - LUCKNOW, NAME : A K RAI, MO. 9473569315,.,

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    agasibagil Guest

    Default Re sanding the password


    i registered my irctc account but forget my password yet please send me my id & password on my email id my email isRIYAZAHAMAD.S@GMAIL.COM

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default I want ticket refund

    Dear Sir

    My waiting list ticket is Canceld But Not Refunt My Cash, My Pnr Number is 4351269975 Please Quickly Refunt it the Cash.

    Thankyou Sir

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    gh15152123 Guest

    Default e ticket

    Please send
    you my ticket on mail.

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