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Thread: Tata sky customer care complaint

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    nishith.shah Guest

    Default Tata sky customer care complaint


    I would like to bring unprofessional practice which Tata Sky DTH is following.

    I am using Tata Sky since almost 1 year.

    20th Nov-2011, due to some technical problem i was not able to recharge online for Tata sky and then i called customer care to help me out. After brief history, customer care executive was able to help to get my account recharge with 500 Rs.

    When i was about to cut the call, the

    executive told me "Sir there is 30 days freen Active Fun Learning Package is availale, would you like to go for it"
    I : "Denied, no one will be using the same"
    Executive " sir, if you have kids it will be good and morever it is 30 days free then it will discontinue automatically"
    I : "Boss, i know such kind of thing, once you start it will continue even after free period and i will have to pay it"
    Executive " No sir, it is 30 days free and will definately get discontinue after 30 days and if you want to continue, you need to call back for continuation"
    I : "Ok but make sure it will discontinue after 30 days since i am sure no one will be using it"
    Executive " Ok sir. It will automatically discontinue post free trial expiry"

    Then i went to out of india for 2-3 times and i did not get a chance to check my monthly statement.

    I did recharge with again 500 Rs on 19th March and today exactly after 45 days i received reminder for another recharge.

    I got shocked that normally with my kind of package 500 Rs should work for at list 55 days but it is not the case.

    I have checked my monthly statement and i am surprised that everymonth they are deducting 40 Rs as active fun learning pack which suppose to discontinue after 20th Dec-2011.

    I have immediately called customer care and logged a complaint about the same.

    Surprise to me their escaltion team is saying that we have checked audio recording and as per executive, i need to call back for discontinuation otherwise it will continue. I got frustated and then i started asking them to please pass on the same audio recording as i would like to listen the same.

    She said sending the clip is not possible but what max i can do is about redemption of last 2 months cost of Fun learning package.

    I said either you prove me wrong by providing audio clip or else get me full redemption since 19th Dec-2011 as it was clearly told by executive that it will automatically discontinue.

    They are neither providing audio clip nor giving assurance about redemption.

    The concern here is not about the money but about the trust and customer transparency.

    I would like to raise a strong complaint on unethical practice is followed by Tata Sky and against humiliation.

    Particulars for Packages are as below

    Supreme Sports Kids Monthly Pack - Approx. 250/- Monthly
    Rev English Movies Monthly Pay Pack - Approx. 61/- Monthly

    Wrongly getting deducted since 19th Dec-2011 - Approx. 175/- (20th Dec-30th Apr-12)
    Fun Learning New - Approx. 40/- Monthly

    Please be aware of Tata as well - who known for their transparency and customer satisfaction index.

    Thanks & Regards
    Nishith Shah
    +91 7709012264

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default No Signal


    I would like to bring unprofessional practice which Tata Sky DTH is following.

    I am using Tata Sky since almost 1 year.

    25th April-2012, due to some technical problem i was not able to watch the channels. So I go to tope nagar tata sky dealer, as the center madam got married one assistant has given the service center cell no. after calling they ask to contact with call center.
    for call center @ 6 times 10 digit subscription no.(1046740294) given but till date no. response from center.

    So Pl. attend the problem as early as possible.

    Thanks & Regards
    Mangesh Gosavi

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    Avijitdas Guest

    Lightbulb Reinstalation of tata sky disc.

    I am Avijit Das (ID No. 1047465040) from I.I.T.Kharagpur.Westbengal.I send a complain(NO.IS:1-14194539199.F dated 4/5/12 & IS:1-14232446157.F dated 7/5/12) regarding reinstalation,but today till no one contrect me.

    Please help me.

    Avijit Das
    Mobile no. 9143192264

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    You can address your complaint to tata sky’s official handle @tatasky. I once faced an issue where I paid for the package amount but my account was de-activated. I tweeted regarding this complaint and tata sky immediately responded to my tweet. All I had to do is submit my subscriber ID. The customer service team instantly gave a callback and my account was activated. I suggest you too should provide your subscriber ID either here or tweet regarding your issue with this complaint link. I am sure they will look into your matters and get your queries and grievance resolved.

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    Join Date
    May 2012

    Angry Tata sky bad service


    I was using airtel DTH. My experience was very good. But then I shifted to my new house, where builder has given Tata sky in the society.
    I am facing problem from the day one. First to install the set top box. I have to call repeatedly for 3-4 days. Every time they will tell that the person will visit within 24 hours.
    After 1 week of installation, there is signal problem from last 2 days. Again I am calling them for last 2 days. Same story, technical person will visit within 24 hours.
    This is 2nd instance within 1 month. In last 15 days, I could not avail the DTH service for 6 days.They should compensate the same.

    Sakti Prasad Dash

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    Unregistered Guest

    Angry No Signal


    I would like to bring unprofessional practice which Tata Sky DTH is following.

    I am using Tata Sky since almost 8 months.

    28th April-2012, due to some technical problem i was not able to watch the channels. So I go to tata sky dealer, one assistant has given the service center cell no. after calling they ask to contact with call center.
    for call center @ 10 times 10 digit subscription no.(1069835658) given but till date no. response from center.

    So Pl. attend the problem as early as possible.

    Thanks & Regards
    Mohan Diwan

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    Unregistered Guest

    Unhappy No Signal

    15th May-2012, due to some technical problem i was not able to watch the channels. I call to call centre they sey to me provide the service, but till now no body come to my home. Today I call again to call centre @ 6 times 10 digit subscription no.(1036005492) given but till date no. response from center. So I think your sevice is very poor than Air Tel. Your adv. in TV is cheating with subcribers.

    Subscription no. 1036005492

    So Pl. attend the problem as early as possible.

    Thanks & Regards
    Harmeet Singh

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Set top box is not functioning properly

    I am using tata sky connection for more than one year. One month before it switch off automatically after every five minutes. On complaint to dealer they sent a attendant who just replaced the box with another one and charged rupees 350.00 without giving any receipt. This box is inferior in quality as it reinitialises itself within 30 minutes and slow in getting list of programme. I don't know, whether, how the company like tata is cheating its customer by charging an unjustified amount and providing service like that. At last rs 450 is deducted from my account with the warning of deactivation.
    Should the company take care of the matter or should i go to the customer care
    my registered mobile no. Is 09407627131 and tata sky pin is 1062895949

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    Anjeet Kumar Guest

    Exclamation Pethetic Service and Not having expert technition

    Dear Friends,

    Just wanted to inform you all reagrding an incident which have been facing as of today (dated : Jun-04-2012). I have been using Tata Sky for more than 2 years. I have moved to new place and request to relocate the dish. Customer service has asked me to first raise request to de-install/disconnect followed by re-installation. I did de-install request and the Tata sky came and remove the dish alog with other devices. Some how , I could not able to raise request for re-installtion next 20 days. When I saw the account , they have been diducting the money from my account every day. I spoken to customer care and they have given stupid reason why the charges been debiting from account. They were saying that you should called us and ask for suspend the connection till re-installation. According to me, it should have other way, when any one has requesting for de-installation, connection should automatic de-activated till next request of installation.

    Finally, they came and re-install the connection to my new place. After a week of re-installtion, I have requested to have additional TV connection. They did the wiring and activated the connection. BUT, not a single channel were coming after activation of addtional TV though the main TV is fine. I started following on the same. Every day I have been spending an 15-30 min. with Tata Sky customer care. Now it is more than a week tha issue is still there.
    Today I was shoked, when one of the reprentative was saying that you have been charging for addtinal TV set connection as it is active. I said that , even thought it is active in your system but I am not able to see anything because of your technical issue, why I am suppose to get charged. Then she said, you will be charged as it is active in our system and more over if signal is not coming/wire issue etc is not our issue .. and that's why you will be charged.
    It is pethatic service provider I have ever seen. Any way I'll not leave them eaisly, will see how things will move. If needed, I'll complain to consumer court.

    Thanks & Regards

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    swarup1507 Guest

    Post Relocation


    My Tatasky Id No. 1034955771. I have shifted my present address, in this regards I also requested on 2nd June 2012 for relocation my Tatasky dish. On that day they told next 24 hours someone will call and come to your home but still neither called me nor came anyone from Tatasky. Today also I am trying to reach your customer executive and called more thatn 10 times but coudln't reach.

    In line with the same my earlier owner has charged 4 dyas rent due to your dish is there. Being I am Tatasky subscriber I am being harased by your customer executive which was unexpected.

    You are further requested to send immediate someone for relocation.

    Thanks and reagrds

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    balus1948@gmail.com Guest

    Default pin no balance amout available

    sir,infom pin no and balance state available amount

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    shyish mapari Guest

    Default tata sky cheating customers.

    I am using tata sky for long time with two set box, recently i was not receiving signal from the secondary set box. i called out the helpline and after a week the technician
    comes with a other set box which doesn't work so comes next day with a digicomp installs and next time i switch the digicomp it doesn't work so called up the helpline and other technicians comes and replaces the faulty adapter.now the the tatasky has deducted visit fee ie. 125/- and adapter charge 125/- whish a suppose to be free when asked the technician and no receipt or job card signed. i would ask the tatasky is this service we expect? this really bad.my id no is 1030846057 and i would request the tatasky to follow up on this matter.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Thumbs down Late response

    I have been using tata sky for almost 4 years.So many times I complained about frozen picture.They tell me that our local repair boy will come.But he didinot come for a long time.So I am fed up with this attitude of them.Customer service of tata sky is too bad

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    Unregistered Guest

    Post Set top box is not functioning


    My tata sky Id no. is :1034803658. Our set top has got some spark in it & is not functioning from last 2 days.
    Kindly register my complaint & provide with solution.


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    Unregistered Guest

    Default delay in new connection installation

    dear sir,

    this is a infortunate that i paid 2599/-rupees for tata sky hd new connection from reliance digital vashi on friday 15/06/2012

    reference number is 1-14864427138 still i'm not getting connection.from call center fake assurance are given we people belive on only on tata brand but today we are facing such type of prblem so where we belive in brand.

    one side you people are telling that The TATA Group is one of India’s largest and most respected business conglomerates. It comprises diversified businesses in sectors such as materials, engineering, services, energy, information systems & communications, consumer products and chemicals.

    The Group and its enterprises have been steadfast and distinctive in their adherence to business ethics and their commitment to corporate social responsibility.

    This is a legacy that has earned the Group the trust of many millions of stakeholders in measure few business houses anywhere in the world can match.

    hope you will look into the matter.

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