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Thread: Axis Bank Home loan customer care complaint

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    chauhankamlesh Guest

    Post Axis Bank Home loan customer care complaint

    Dear Sir,
    I ahve taken Housing loan from Axis Bank for INR 30 lacs with Tenure 21 Years, tow years back with a fixed term for two years ( Rate of Interest 8.25%) and then after floating. I am applicable for floating ROI as of now, Currently ROI is 11.5%. Bank has increased my tenure from 21 to 30 years as well as EMI from INR 25088 to 28335 without conuslting me, within the amou nt INR 28335 principal part is only Rs 1100. I approached to the Bank so many times however they are not supporting me anymore. Hope fully i may not able to pay EMI after my retirement from the service hence i offered so many opetions including prepayment and increased EMI etc and remain unattainded so far.

    Best Regards,
    Kamlesh Chauhan

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    May 2012


    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I have submitted the application to close my Axis bank account opened at Ashok Nagar Branch Chennai.
    I have made several request on thi but no one is updating me with the status, whenevrer I am visiting to the Bank they are asking me to pay some fine.
    Even after paying the fine they are not closing the account. I came to a conclusion that Axis is a cheater bank.Please help me on this.

    For further information please drop email to my id.

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    Default Reg. return of documents

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    it is submitted that i had applied for power home loan from axis bank and submitted my documents alongwith a check. But due to some technical reasons, loan could not be sanctioned to me. It is, therefore, requested that my all documents and check which i had submitted to Axis Bank for above load may kindly kindly be returned back to me on the address given below:-

    J.J. S. Anand,
    R/o H. No. G-2, Police Colony
    PS Lodhi Colony, New Delhi - 03


    with regards,
    Mob. No. 9810611099

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Worst Home Loan Service By Axis Bank

    Donít even Think or Dream for Axis Bank Home Loan Service..
    Dear all,
    I bought a flat in BHOPAL and applied for Home Loan through Axis Bank..I submitted all the documents what they asked for and even though I didn't get the loan from this bank. This bank took long time to verify & check all the documents and at last they said that your local address couldn't be verified. I am working as an Engineer in a Limited company & at present posted in Nimbahera, chittorgarh (Rajasthan). I am staying in the accommodation provided by the company and gave the same address as of my local address. They asked me for lot of documents which I provided and then ask me for a local guarantor also. I arranged for one local guarantor too. They enquired about everything in Bhopal, found it Ok and sent my file to BHILWARA (Rajasthan), their retail hub for my local address verification. After some days I got a call from Bhopal branch that your application has been rejected as your file from BHILWARA has been come back without enquiry. I asked why then they didn't say anything. I asked for BHILWARA Branch number and responsible person name so that I can call and ask what is the problem, they denied to give. Any how I took the number from Internet and called them. Then they said that the place where you are staying is 80 KM far from BHILWARA branch and as per our bank policy we don't enquire at that distance. I asked them that ok then tell me one thing that if anyone wants Home loan from axis bank and staying far from the Retail branch then how'll he/she get the loan. I told them that I am an old customer of this bank and even my salary gets credited in this bank account only as my company provides salary account through this bank only. Then they said sorry itís not our problem. Itís your problem. I got shocked that how these people are talking and giving such type of answer.
    If it is like this then why axis bank is promising their customers to get home loan in very short notice without any problem.
    At last, as I am concerned, I would suggest all the person that Its better to take Home from any other bank, no matter how much time it takes. But donít go to AXIS BANK. If you believe me then please donít ever think or dream to do any kind of business with AXIS BANK.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Axis bank home loan

    I would advice you not to take home loan from axis bank. They are crooks, they increase home loan ROI though govt is reducind repo rate. please keep yourself away from any services of axis bank.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Request to provide xerox copy of sale deed.

    I sold my property to Shri. Chandolu Gangadhar Rao, & Smt. C. Malathi Adilakshmi at AT Agraharam, GUNTUR. The Sale Deed was exectued in the month of September, 2011. As the Buyer obtained the Home Loan from the Axis Bank, the registered sale deed was collected by the representatives for the Bank and sent the same for custody to Mumbai. Since the buyer lost the xopy of the registered sale deed and on my (Seller) request Shri Gangadhar Rao paid some amount and applied for the copy of the Registered Sale Deed the said bank branch at Bunder Road, Benz Circle, Vijayawada in the last week of July, 2012. The bank has assured that it will take a fortnight to get the copy of the Sale Deed.

    It is very shame on the part of the Bank that so far it has not provided the same. Kindly look into the matter and provide the same at the earliest. I request the concerned persons please held minimum responsibility to respond to the customer request properly.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Urgent attention


    With due respect, I want to inform you that Rs 13,090 (Thirteen Thousand Ninty Only) dated 11/10/2012, has been debited wrongly from my SBI Account No. 30353761437 regarding the POWER HOME LOAN ACCOUNT NO.PHR036100321855 . So kindly credit my money back in my SBI Account as soon as possible.

    Thanks & Regards

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default regarding home loan

    The To senior Manager
    Axis Bank, Patna
    Sub Ė Payment of installment to J.P.Group of company after sanction of loan.
    With due respect we have to say that process of sanctioning housing loan is on from last 3 months and till date it has not reached stage of paying installment as all money receipt of our payment made to JAYPEE is not available to us.
    JAYPEE Group is sincere and prompt in charging interest for any delay in payment and least interested in sending relevant and necessary documents needed to us on time . We have been conveyed verbally that if update payment receipt is not available, then installment by you canít be made.
    So, can we request you to inform us in writing that whether are you in position to pay our next installment due on 26-11-2012 and later on also smoothly or not . If not, then please return our all documents undersigned by us , so that we could arrange the next due installment on time.
    With great pain, we have been compelled to write to you that first time we have experienced such a complex loan process after guaranteeing / assuring the customers for smooth deal.


    Dr. Sunil Kumar 09431012137
    Dr. Brish Bhan Gupta 09835094213
    Dr. Bulangi Sahu

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    Unregistered Guest

    Post cheating and froud done by axis bank people

    My name is Jitendra kumar thakur , holding loan ac no with PHR000800340219. I need all the details of my loan amount with i have taken and how much i hv paid till now , wt is the amount pending?Could u kindly let me know how to close it ASAP? Is there any charges for pre closer ,Let me tel u one thing ur bank services r worse in the world,I have been sever times visited to to local office of Hyderabad ranigunj , about all the information of my loan account but no result branch manager have given 1 contact no i called several times bt not respond, even i tried with customer care also people r not answered properly.Let me tel u , bank people have done fraud for my signature because i have applied for the loan only 14.50lac out of that after deduction i got only 14.35 lac and i applied for the term 16 years i do have that agreement copy also then how customer care people(Swathi,18002335577) saying my i hv applied the loan for 14.67lac and still 14.50lac is pending? Infect i got sms long back now reaming amount is 14.40lac Let u say one thing i keep on paying my loan amount for last 14 months around 13600 then wt is ur interest rate and wt is the term loan amount is not decreasing, U people r making full to customer because of this horrible reason only people r not ready to take a loan . I m a zonal head for Non Banking finance if u people r doing with me like this then wt about common man, easily u people can make them full.

    Request u to stop doing all nonsense activity with common man ..

    Request u to settle the issue on priority basis otherwise same mail i will forward to ur MD & CEO(Shikha Sharma) and for the mentally harassment i will put the legal case on the bank.

    " making good decisions is a crucial skill at every level "
    Jitendra Kumar Kumar
    Zonal Manager

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default change of address

    My Home Loan A/C. No. PHR 000500566885. I already shifted to my purchased flat which you financed. Please change my address in your record as: ASHIS MITRA, AGRATI APARTMENT, Flat # 5D, 5th Floor, Kaikhali Ghoshpara, P.O & P.S. : Kolkata Airport, Pin - 700 052. Please make all communications to the above address & send any documents to the above address. Please make it covenient and intimate me through mail or to my mobile # 9230512948. Thanks. - Ashis Mitra.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Retun of processing fees

    Dear Sir/ Madam,

    This is to bring in your knowledge that , i had applied for home loan in the year 2010 for Noida extn mahagun my wood home loan.

    since after saction of my loan ,i had never get disbursement from axis bank and due to urgent demand from builder , i have to switch over to other bank.

    since i had paid near 11k rupees for porcessing fees ,so i request you to return the same amount.

    i will be very thankful to you.


    Dheeraj Rawat
    file no-cad/noi/2314

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    Default Refund / return extra charged home loan processing fees charges of rs. 4454/-

    My self Rajendra Pawar sanctioning home loan from your bank of Rs. 1212953/- vide approval no. AXIS BANK/PH_LNPHG_FLOATING/693770/RAC-AURANGABAD RAC/11-12 dated 22nd December, 2011.

    I had submitted all loan sanctioning required documents to your Aurangabad Axis Home Loan branch & pay your loan processing fees Rs. 11030/- & sanctioned my home loan before ending financial year 2011-12 accordingly.

    I had submit my agreement to sale deed into financial year 2012-13 dated 18/06/2012 for disbursement of loan amount, also paid (12.36%) service tax differential amount of Rs. 206/- (Rs. Two hundred six only) as per advising your Axis bank home loan representative.

    But your representative told me your loan disbursement time had been closed. Then you apply re application for sanctioning said Home loan & deposit again processing fees of Rs. 11030/- (Rs. Eleven thousand thirty only) So I had unfortunately again pay re processing fees & obtaining second sanction letter vide sanction letter no.AXIS BANK/PH_LNPHG/894206/RAC-AURANGABAD RAC/12-13 dated 7th July, 2012.

    But mentioning into sanction letter processing fees charges amount of Rs. 6742/- (Rs. Six Thousand Seven hundred forty two only)

    I had show & request your Aurangabad Home loan branch for refund of extra charges of processing fees which was wrongly charge me & also email their representative accordingly. But till date I have not received the amount.

    Pl. refund me my balance amount cheque of Rs. [11236.00 - 6742.00] 4454/- (Rs. Four thousand four hundred fifty four only

    Kindly consider my request & refund the balance amount as early as possible.


    Rajendra Pawar

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Required home loan statment

    Dear Sir,

    I have not received yearly home loan account statment for yesr 2012-13. please send it to my mail mbkulye@gmail.com on priority basis.

    I have taken loan from Axis bank in year Dec 2009 from Thane branch. during this period EMI was @8% & then for rest of two years it was 9%. but inbetween Bank has increased EMI so many times.Now EMI is 13397 for loan of Rs.1340000/--. my Home loan account no. is PH 3270100199470. At present various banks are offerinf home loan transfer with ROI of 9.75% without procrsing fee. If u dont revise my ROI i will shift to another bank


    Mahendra Kulye


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    Mr. Jadhav S.D. Guest

    Default About home loan statement for the financial year up to march 2013

    Dear sir,

    Totaly worst policies are observed by this bank.

    I have taken home loan from Axis Bank after providing my necessary information they had given me Req.No. 855778
    and told me to contact to Blue Dirt Couriers. But I was asking for the same thing from last 10 to 12 days and till today
    noyhing is with me. Before two days back I had asked about higher authority, then person attending me told that authority will not directly discuss your problem right now within 48 hours he will call you. What is this? If authority is not available on the line for two to three days then whats a use of that authority?
    Another imp. thing is that I had given my another mail id and on Saturday I got a phone call from a bank as your new mail id is now regestered. So if mail id is with them then they can send on that mail id . But Unfortunately not.
    if today I am not getting a letter then the same letter I am sending to RBI.

    Mr. S.D. jadhav

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    Partha Pratim Banerjee Guest

    Default Complain regarding Bounce Cheque

    I have taken the Home loan from your bank and have been repaying that since then. The amount of Rs.12134 has been deducted from my salary account of SBI on 5th day of every month. I always have sufficient money in my SBI account. But recently I have received the loan statement stating the Bounce of Cheque on 01/10/2012. I just cant understand how that can be happened when I always have sufficient money in my account.
    I want you to take an immediate action regarding that and thus help me.


    Partha Pratim Banerjee

    Agreement No. PHR021300351326.

    Ph.no. 919434101210

    Email. roonypop@gmail.com

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