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Thread: HDFC credit card Customer Care Complaint

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    herioc.99 Guest

    Default HDFC credit card Customer Care Complaint

    Hi ,

    My name is manoj and I had settled my credit card last month . my credit card number is 5289451000487849 . i am in possesion of the settlement letter and the receipt for the settlement amount i paid at the HDFC bank mahadevapura . I am still getting calls from some female who gives false names . Her number is +919953797006 she is very rude and threatening . i am going to file a case against HDFC bank with the bank ombudsman as well as the police for mental harrasment and trauma if this does not stop and the records rectified

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default HDFC Visa Platinum Chip Cards

    HDFC Visa Platinum Chip Cards
    he Branch Manager, 30-08-2011
    HDFC Bank Cards Division,
    P.O. Box No. 8654,
    CHENNAI – 600 041.

    Subject: Credit Card Account No. 4617 8620 0123 2172 Visa Platinum Chip
    - R. Shivraman

    Respected Sir\Madam,

    This has reference to your Credit Card Statement dated 19/08/2011 addressed to
    R. Shivraman.

    In this regard, I invite your kind attention to my letter dated 10/08/2011 intimating you the sad demise of my above named younger son in a road accident near Yevla Taluka Police Station, Manmad, Maharashtra, on 19th July 2011. This letter was sent to your office on 10/08/2011 through Blaze Flash Courier AWB No. 214115502 and received at your end on 11/08/2011 as per acknowledgement.

    A copy of the aforesaid letter dated 10/08/2011 is again enclosed for your ready reference and I would once again request that the above-mentioned credit card be discontinued and outstanding balances, if any, be waived off. It is also requested that the Accidental Insurance Claim formalities may please be initiated for receiving timely financial/monetary help to the nominee/family members in grief.

    Thanking you in the meanwhile,

    Yours faithfully,

    Recovery agents harassing me verbally on phone in their debt collection efforts, anonymous calls
    from phone 9555256898 ,8287839958,8459144779 ,91-8010926417
    i am a retaired person with no other income source. Kindly let me have appropriate suggestion

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    shraddha sharma Guest

    Post My credit card have been blocked.

    My credit card for online docomo recharge have blocked.. Can u help me

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    dayananda Guest

    Default Credit card bill not received for last 3 months No

    Attn: Mr. Deepak Parekh,
    Attn: Mr. Parag Rao

    Please note that i am not getting the hard copy of the bill which i had communitated ti your employees for last three months. Till to date I have not received the hard copy of the bill and soft copy too. I prefer hard copy to pay it before the due date.
    Please do not think that I am writing this compalin to delay the payment Pl check my payment records no ware I have delayed in the payment.

    Please see that your staff work positively to resolve this issue.

    My complain # logged in your call centre ref to complain # 12114329442, 12114328786, 12113186742, 12118785192, 12082916979, on daily basis I am complaining but it has fallen on the deaf ears and letharginess of your staff.

    Try look at my angle of facing a problem and NON CO Operation of your staff.

    IF YOU DONT LIKE To Co Operate Please do cancell my card.


    Dayananda I Mendon

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    Oct 2010


    Quote Originally Posted by shraddha sharma View Post
    My credit card for online docomo recharge have blocked.. Can u help me

    Dear Customer,

    We will assist you with your concerns. Please write to talktous@hdfcbank.com with your card and contact details, transaction details and the reference number TTU000436302052012. We will be able to assist you better with these details.

    Thank you, Regards, Customer Assistance HDFC

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Mental Torture by HDFC bank

    My account has been put on hold without my information because my HDFC credit card billis were pending. I have been paying it continuously except last two month as i was travelling. Due to thios blocked one of my cheque has bounced. I have trying to call there collection department since Saturday but no one is bothered to recive the call. It is being told that you require to send call back request and they will call you in 48 hours. It is almost 48 getting close to 48 hours but i have not recived called. Can Bank block without information

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    suguna_kamaraj@yahoo.com Guest

    Angry credit card compliant

    I am suguna kamaraj receiding in mugallivakkan,,,,my credit card 4346 7811 0109 6444,,,,,settlement amount 56,700,,,,,
    payment date...3.2.09,,,,4000,,,,cash,,,,,,,,10.3.09,,,,,1 7,600by cheque,,,,307738,,,,,,,,,,,10.4.09,,,,,,,17,500,,, ,,,by cheque,,,,307739,,,,,,,,,,,paid
    and the last payment on 10.5.09,,,,,17,550,,,,cq ,no 307740,,,,,this last was returned due to non payment,,,,,,that time we clossed our shop due to loss,,,,
    so we unable to pay the last payment,,,,,,,,,,in the perticular period ,,,,,,,than an hdfc manager and his asst came to my house ,,for the payment,,,,,,,i showed the
    settlement paper ,,,,they said to pay the balance amout 17,550,,,, N. sathiyanathan who was the one collected the balance amout,,,,,,6,000 in one payment
    and 3000 inin three payments,,,, they said my card is closed as in settlement letter,,,,,,even the hdfc manager promised ,,,no problem will arise in future.....so i paid the balance amount 17,550,,,,,,,...now after two years now iam getting a phone call from hdfc bank ,,,,,saying that your card was not settled,,,,,,how is possible ,,,,
    for more than five times i have answered them about the settlement and also they came to my house and collected the .settlement copy more than five times,,,,
    but even though again and again ,,,,they are calling me through phone and saying my card was not settled.......and also they had filled a case in court,,,,,is this the way
    the bank cheat an ordinary person,,,,,really a forgery,,,,,,then why the managers said to pay the balance amout,,,,,before two years,,,,,and they also promised
    ny card is closed..........

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    Mahesh Gandhi Guest

    Default Credit Card Complaint

    I am having credit card no.5560 4220 0024 8226 and received a call from no. 011-43145300 from Mr. Gaurav Kapoor regarding our due payment. I told we have deposited a cheque of rs. app. 36,000/- that was due on 28.4.2012 but depd. in drop box on 11.5.2012
    Mr. Kapoor was talking like D,company employee and was not convinced about a depd of cheque in drop box then i said ok you cancell my credit card.
    His next statement was be ready with a cheque of rs. app.56,000/- he will be reaching within 30mnts at my residence.
    For your reference cheque is ready for a full amount please collect & cancel my card.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Thumbs down New Credit Card

    My name is ishan i applied for credit card on feband given my documents photocopy to HDFC bank agent twice but till now i've recieved my credit card . I complaint about this before but no action has been taken .

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    May 2012

    Default Recovery agents harassing unknown people - deformation to be claimed if no action taken


    This is to bring it to your notice that, HDFC bank has sent a complimentary Credit Card under my Name, Miss M. Pon Mercy to Sridevi Nilayam, Indiranagar, 100 feet road, Bangalore in 2004.

    Card # - 4346772000394873

    First of all I never recieved any card like that. I didnt have a clue of these transactions as it was a complimentary card. After several years they tracked me and I had paid a few dues as I couldnt bear the suffocation of VERBAL HARASSMENT. Post that, after 6 years they have started calling me again and started harassing my relatives and friends. To be precise, they have called my colleagues, cousing and other relatives, defaming my name and harassing old people and sexually harsassing spinsters and newly married women in the family.

    This is totally illegal of your recovery department to call unknown people and harass them. They all have agreed to file a complaint due to multiple calls been made unecessarily. People whom they are calling are well educated and they will not bear any such nuisance. Since, I'm involved they have held back thier horses for now.

    I have sent a legal notification last month saying the same, yet they are still calling. As per my lawyers suggestion and the card anyway being on my name I agreed to pay 10000 whiich is the maximum I can afford. Your recovery is challenging me that if I dont pay 15000 they will harass my relatives. Now that they have already harassed and spoilt my name I have consulted the Women's Rights commission already, who have asked me to file for deformation for spoiling a young lady's reputation and for sexually harassing the other ladies namely, Akhila Nivarthi & Sunitha Sadananthan and mentally harrased a diabetics and a heart patient, Mr. Jayabalan. I can also share the recordings and proofs for your ref.

    Now please tell me what to be done. If you do not involve in this issue, I shall go legally.

    Awaiting your response. Thank you in adavance for your understanding.


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    jaipal.bb@gmail.com Guest

    Default clear my policy charches

    Sir I have a credit card no 4346779000267413 of HDFC BANK . My name is JAIPAL SINGH SHEKHAWAT. Four month ago I got a call on my new mob no 9950271075 from your bank that they have issue two policy on my credit card a/c on the contact basis of mob no 9823834572 . I want to tell you that I have changed this no. and old address from last three years .But mob co. reissue this to some one . I requested for cancel this policy and it had cancelled on 20/6/2011 .but bank is still sending notice for it and also threating for court case .This is bank’s default that not verified the accout information address etc.etc.before issuing that policies on my account . So please check all things and clear my account . My new no is 9950271075

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    Unregistered Guest

    Thumbs down after settlement they are generate the amount continuously

    I settled my amount with HDFC Bank last Month but they are doing wrong commitment and increase more amount. It's wrong..... I WILL NEVER PAY ANY AMOUNT FOR THIS NONSENSE FRAUD. MY CARD NO. - 4346781005577747, IF CONSUMER COURT TAKE ANY ACTION PLEASE TAKE & REMOVE THE HDFC BANK FROM INDIA.

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    Santhosh.P.Bhosle Guest

    Cool Faulty Non receipt of payment by HDFC Insurance from My credit Card

    Dear sir,
    With reference to my HDFC credit Card No.5176521007926720 for the Last Four Years for Rs.833 + service tax i.e. Up to Rs.1040/P.M. Because I supposed to pay Rs.10000/Year I have to pay. But They received only Two installment i.e. 20,000/Only. Actually I have paid morethan Rs.48,000/ to the above said account no. Now they insisting to pay Rs.30000/- immediately broker demand that amount and bank also regret to give me a statement for the amount paid to tha said credit card no.
    Due to that Last two month I stopped the payment due to non receipt of receipt from HDFC Bank as well thqat insurance scheme.

    Please issue the acknowledgement of payment receipt by you and confirm via my E.mail : elangomudaliar17@rediffmail.com or Mobile no.9594067906 immediately.


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    amit kakkar Guest

    Default credit card no. 5242160000242445

    sir, i have paid my due bill of Rs 683 by cheque last week but till date i.e 21/05/2012 i have not received any message regarding receipt of the same . kindly confirm the same for my satisfaction as no contradiction or confusion regading payment could take place. thanks and regards.

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    unregistered Guest

    Default matter relating settellment of My Credit Card No 4346771007585475

    Respected sir/madam
    This mail is in context of my credit card settlement which was done on 26/8/11 with reference letter no S 0997332 in delhi. on amount of 38700 in eight installment
    Sir with due regards to Hdfc Credit card division that they have understand my problem and allowed me settelment in eight installment but at time of taking letter i have informed the concerned person that it will be difficult for me to clear the amount in eight installment .
    I was assured by executives at Rajori Delhi branch (Ms Priya) that if my intention will be right then two month extension will be given to me to clear the balance amount.
    This was again reinforced by Mr Nitin Kapoor moblie no 09873199416 who call himself as the manager at Hdfc credit card and was in constant touch with me for collection of payment and he has collected from me rs 4400 after march saying that it is going in your settlement 3500 in april and 1100 in may stating that i can pay rest amount by 26th of this month.
    On 21st i got a letter that my settelment is null and void and when i contacted Mr Nitin he assured that he will not let it happen and told me pay rest amount by 26th forwhich i agreed .
    Sir problem arises three days back as when i tried to contact Mr Nitin Kapoor for final payment so that i can clear my account with Bank he has not picked up my phone and since than he is untraceable from my side.
    Sir Today i went to your Rajori branch and got the shock that there is no person name Nitin kapoor there and also Ms Priya is on long leave and can not be contacted as told by staff there.
    Sir iam a veryt simple person who wants to clear his dues towards the bank as per the committment made by people on HDFC behalf .
    Sir i request you please allow me to clear my rest amount with the bank as per settlement because i have already made payment of more than 25000 rs and since I am a middle class person it will be really difficult for me to restart the complete process again .
    I am ready to payback what so ever amount left in settlement at one go to clear my account .
    Sir i hereby request you to please look into the matter and help me as my intentions are very clear to pay back the amount to bank which is left in settlement
    Thanking you

    With Regards
    Akhil Kapoor
    New Delhi
    E Mail- akhilkapoor2000@yahoo.comMatter relating setteelm

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