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Thread: Samsung Customer Care Complaint

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    maganagarwal Guest

    Default Samsung Customer Care Complaint

    I have purchased a Samsung LED 32” (UA 32C 4000, Sr. No. 18153ZNZ600122Y) on 7th July 2010, after few months light vertical lines started appearing , then in May 2011 the whole picture quality got disturbed and vertical lines became thick..We approached Samsung Service Centre and Lodged a complaint (No. 842373345)
    One Engineer visited our house and saw the problem, talked to his Boss and changed the screen after few hours...then again the same problem started after few months and in March 2011 the problem got severe and the whole colour got distorted.
    We again approached the Service Centre and lodged the complaint on 6th Marc h 2012; one Engineer visited our house on 10th March 2012, he saw the problem than talked to his Boss and then said that this again require the screen to be changed but this time you have to pay for this and the charges would be approx Rs. 24000/-.
    We then approached the Local Service Centre and met Mr. Ravi Shastri (Jaipur In charge)...He asked us to write an application and shall recommend for free replacement of the screen, then we wrote an application with a request to replace the LED itself with the new one as the set itself is having some inherent problem...we asked them that what’s the assurance that after replacing this screen the same problem will not occur because this time also the same colour problem aroused after changing the screen .
    But unfortunately instead of positive action..we got a letter on 12.04.2012 from Mr. Himanshu Jashola (Branch Service Manager) stating that we shall change the screen but at 50% cost i.e Rs. 12176/-.
    My request to him was pl. get my LED set changed as this set is having some inherent problem, but here they are suggesting to get the screen again changed i.e also at 50% cost of Rs. 24352/- i.e Rs. 12176/-

    Pl. help

    Regards/Magan Agarwal

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    T.Gnanasekar Guest

    Default To complain about irresponsibility

    Dear Sir,
    I have purchased an oven on the 18.4.2012(Wednesday).I was informed that a person would come for demostration in two days.No one appeared.So I called back to enquire about the demostration.He replied saying that he will send someone in two days.No one came.Then I called back he said that someone would come today(23.4.2012 Monday)Still no one turns up.Its going to be nearly a week and I am not able to use the oven.I had purchased the oven from VASANTH AND CO ,the Erode branch.Do take some action as soon as possible.Do send us help as soon as possible.

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    Default Samsung service not providing proper service

    I bought a 42" samsung plasma tv on 03 Sep 2010. My panel broke nearly two months back. I placed an order for replacing it with a new one. The samsung service engineer's from Goa service brought a new panel and fixed it. But it was found to be defective also. So they took the new panel which they had brought, back saying they would get another new one and fix it. But it's nearly two months and my tv is not fixed. Every time I give a call there is a reply saying the service engineer's will visit your place tomorrow. But till today my tv is not fixed. They even made me wait for them saying, they are coming, on the way. But still no one turned up.

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    subbuanywhere Guest

    Default i cannot connect internet

    i buy a samsung laptop and samsung galaxy mobile. but i cannot connect internet through mobile my mobile number 9866424810
    plz rectify and give a reply to my number

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    Oct 2011


    Dear Customer,

    Greetings of the day !

    Thank you for becoming a patron of Samsung product.

    We sincerely regret the inconvenience caused to you. Please share your contact details and complaint no. (if any). Our service specialist would get in touch with you shortly.

    Thanking and assuring you for best services always.

    Samsung Team

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    deji_niyi@yahoo.com Guest

    Angry Complaint Against your Company

    My name is Daini Ayodeji, one of your numerous costumers, I so much love your products that make all my electronics to be samsung and all other

    electrical appliances. it is unfortunate that my home theater, that i bought three years ago at one of your outlet at Ademola Adetokunbo, before Bannex
    plaza, developed a mechanical fault and i took it to them for repair, but i was directed to go to their costumer care center at Npape junction Maitama
    Abuja. the home theater had been with them since December last year which they are unable to repair, i was once told that the parts they needed have not come from South Africa and later informed that they cannot get the parts. I am highly disappointed in this company which i believe is a good company and that you have a name to protect, unfortunate, the name of your company had been dragged in mud.
    Daini Ayodeji

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    Unregistered Guest

    Angry Samsung after sales support is the worst

    Dear all
    I had purchased a split ac 1.5 ton (AS18 series) about 1 and a half years ago. within a week of installation the compressor malfunctioned. It took more than 20 days of regular calling to and all for the engineer to show up.
    Now again there is the same compressor problem for the last 10 days for which I had registered a complaint on 19th of this month (complaint no. 8489124345) but no one even called let alone visit. each time u call their customer care the reply is " we are sending your complaint on priority basis" . The number provided for the local agency carrying out repair was dead.

    I have sweared never to buy a samsung product again.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Samsung Service Centre at @@@@hidham is the worst

    I own a Samsung make window AC of model AWT18X which I had purchased from Chennai in 2006 when I was posted there. I got transferred to @@@@hidham, district Kutch,Gujarat-India. The AC was not used for about a year in @@@@hidham. When I shifted to a new house, I wanted to get it wet serviced before putting it in operation. I lodged a service request no.8433733241 dated 13th May 2012. This request also included replacement of the remote.
    The events are as follows:
    1. The service persons come on 14th May. He noted down the model of the remote and goes back promising to come next day for servicing.
    2. From 14th till 22nd May there was no response from the local service centre. Almost on daily basis I had to make call to the customer support and I was assured that they are taking up the matter.
    3. On 22nd May, I contact the local service center (02836-225969) and talked to Mr.Rakesh. I requested him to carry out the servicing and replace my remote.
    4. On 23rd May, a service person Mr.Kishan(09727153602) comes to my residence and handed over the remote which was of a different model. He charged Rs. 550/= but did not give any bill. When I requested him to carry out the servicing, he refused to do so. He said that the owner of the service centre has asked him not to do wet servicing.
    5. On 24th May, I again called up the Samsung customer care and talked to a senior executive named Mr.Abhishek. He arranged a telephonic-conferencing with the service center owner, Mr.Bharat (02836-225969; mobile:09825992626).
    6. First of all Mr.Bharat refused to carry out wet servicing. Then he asked me to deliver the AC to his service center for wet servicing, that was very strange. After lot of persuasion he agreed to send the person on 24th May @1900 hrs. But I regret to say that he again failed to send the service engineer as agreed and committed by him.
    7. Please note that the above complaint is lying with your service centre for the last 15 days and nothing has happened. Above all the behavior of the service centre owner was very rude.
    You will agree that in today’s world, timely support to the customer is the need of the hour. It has become really difficult to retain the customers. There is lot of complaints against this service centre, but there are few people who really take up the matter to a higher level. Why can’t you a feed back system about the performance of your service centers. With a service center like that, I am afraid that Samsung will only lose the customers.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Angry Samsung, cebu city, sm, northwing

    We went to SAMSUNG CUSTOMER SERVICE, SM Cebu City, Northwing and we have observed that they have EXTREMELY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. We went there to claim the phone that we thought they already fixed, but when we checked it, there was still a problem about the phone, so we came back the next day. STILL, The phone was not fixed yet, and told to us to claim it again after two hours. When we went there again, one of the employees gave us a priority number and told us to wait, so we waited again. As we were observing the place, it was very inappropriate. One of the employees was wearing slippers, employees were chitchatting something not related to their work, they are not approachable at all, the entertainment shown in TV (which was inside inside this Samsung shop) was "JACKASS" I mean, that show shows violence, and a lot of stupidity which is VERY INAPPROPRIATE to show to customers who we're sitting, watching, while waiting for their turn, not considering the fact that kids go to this kind of customer service, watching those inappropriate show they played on the tv. This shows how stupid and inappropriate this customer service is. THEY'RE CUSTOMER SERVICE SUCKS, and I HOPE THIS COMPLAINT GETS NOTICED. Sincerely, students who we're degraded, and who are concerned about proper CUSTOMER SERVICE. GOD BLESS.

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    wilfred.tvpm@gmail.com Guest

    Default Not providing proper service

    I have Samsung LCD TV.It got complaint before 2 and half months, and i registered complaint at Samsung service center trivandrum, they said within 2 days technician wil be coming.After that i cal the service center continuously for more than a week and finally they send one technician.Technician check the TV,picture was not showing when cable is connected but don't have any problem when dvd player is connected and he said cable connector is loose and have to change that part fully and it will cost around 3000rs without tax for that part.He said within 1 week your TV will be repaired so i gave 500rs advance also but till now my TV have not been repaired.Its over than 2 months after registering the complaint and company like samsung cant provide the proper service means u don't have any responsibilities to the customers.Plz kindly do the needful.
    Service center: Trivandrum

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    Dr. Pawan Kumar Guest

    Default Defalt in Air Conditioner

    I, have purchased to air conditioners of samsung with numbers A316PZLS403097 June 2009, and second in June 2008 but now compressors in both the air conditioners are not working from last 15 days a complained was lodged with refrence no. 8428181508 dated 20/06/2012 but no action istaken till 24/6 2012. Kindly provide me necessory service and oblidge.
    Thanking you
    Dr. Pawan Kumar , Mobile No. (9416339650)
    Narnaul (123001) District Mahender garh, Haryana

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    k.mallikarjuna rao Guest

    Default Refrigerator

    I have purchased a 310 litre Refrigerator, model;R131SVSS1/XTL, and serial no.03074ZAP600550T, in August 2007. It is working well. I have noticed that on the panel between freezer compartment and general cooling compartment the Paint is peeling off.The metal is exposed and rusting may eat away the panel.This is happening within 5 years of its life of a product of a very reliable and reputed manufacturer.
    I request you to kindly help.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Thumbs down persons who work in care centre

    change the manager of samsung care centre in patiala plzzzzzzzzzzzz other wise kill him because he"s not honest he"s cheap person

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    priya gupta Guest

    Default complaint about mobile phone

    I booked a samsung mobile WAVE 525 S5253 on 24th October 2012 from flipkart.com and i got my delivery on 4th November 2012. And now my mobile phone is not at all working and it is totally failed. And its in warranty period. But i don't know what to do now because all your customer care centre nos. are also not connecting. Its my humble and firm but strict request to take the action as early as possible. My mobile no. is 09579627024. Contact me till tomorrow otherwise I will take strict action against samsung. My invoice date from flipkart is 25th October 2011(18:27). My order no. is OD11024140159.
    Please contact me on the above mentioned mob. no. as early as possible otherwise I will take strict action.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Searching for display

    Dear Sir / Madam

    I have basic model of Samsung SGH-C210 with me.. Its display has gone.. I am searching out for new display for the same.. But not getting it anywhere... I have searched it in North Karnataka, Pune, maharashtra.. But did not got the display.... can you please help me to get the same??? Please reply me to my email :



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