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Thread: Dell Customer Care Complaint

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    Angry Dell Customer Care Complaint

    Dear sir/Madam

    i have purchase one dell steak cell phone from one line shopping web site and that was Lets buy.com. i purchased my cell phone one month back only on 12/3/12 but i started found that my cell was hanged up and its touch screen was not working properly. for fixing these problem i took my cell phone to authorized service station of dell on 12/4/12 but they are also not replying me properly if these is the after sales service of dell then i am highly dis satisfied. I have small request that either they provide me brand new dell steak phone or they solve my problem with in short period of time

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    amit mehta Guest

    Default Complaint

    Bought a laptop INSP 15 5050 vide invoice no. SR12-13/0161 dt.22.04.12 from Advance info distributors,rajinder nagar,new delhi,the bag given along with the laptop is not in a good condition.this kind of a lax attitude towards customer satisfaction is not expected from a reputed company like yours.AMIT MEHTA 9810394670

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    Default complaint against my computer problems

    Dear sir..,
    I brought a new lap top 2 month back after two weeks in the display have got problem then i repaired with dell authorized agency now again i got problem in hard disk..,
    let me know why we getting this much of problems in new laptop..
    let me know if we can replace this pc because am so fed up in this issues

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    Rajaprabhu Guest


    I have bought dell venue thunder last year two month back my bluetooth was not working I went dell service center they install the software, then problem started after for anything it restarts or hangs

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    Default Dell Streak Causing Issues

    Hi, I am Siddharth from Kolkata, India. I have been using my Dell Streak from April 2011 onwards. Recently. the charger port of the phone has got damaged and I want to get this phone repalced. This is a great phone and don't want to part with this. Though it is easy to get it replaced in India by paying a small sum of money, my case is a little different. My friend bought it in US and shipped it to me. Can Dell customer care please help me in getting this unit replaced in India. Please, its a honest and sincere request.

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    prince gujral Guest

    Question dell aero problem

    i have dell aero set and automatically deduct rs 5 in interval of 15 minutes pls ..... solve my problem

    my personal no. is 9034335233 .... call

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    Case # : 872715119
    My system service tag is HN3K8R1 (invoice no. 8040460391). It is a XPS 17 laptop. I have purchased this laptop ON 14 MARCH 2012. ON 27 feb 2013 my laptop damaged accidentally ( in my house, my feet was slipped by stairs, I had laptop in my hands then I fall down and my laptop fall down from 1st floor to ground floor. In my house maintaining work (White wash, pop etc)is going to b done so when my laptop fall down the water spilled on my laptop.) (WHICH IS COVERED IN COMPLETE COVER Warranty {which cost 10,000 per year}) you can check their CompleteCover Service Description to that my laptop should be replace or repair.
    I call Technical support team on 27 March, 2013 and after that many time, then i had words with a senior guy he said the XPS model i out of order now. So, the case is now handled by the escalation team and they can't do anything. But they told me that they have sent reminders to the escalation team and I will get a call before end of the day since they are still working on the issue.
    then I got call from escalation team the guy said me that my laptop will be fully replace by dell but first i have to provide DAMAGED LAPTOP, he said he is sending me an email i have to give my address on email so that they can pick my DAMaged laptop.
    I wait for email for 5 days then i call to customer care number i.e 18004252066 then they said "sorry for delay mam,they have sent reminders to the escalation team and I will get a call with in 24hr.
    But again i didn't get any call then on 22 march 2013 i again call to customer care number i.e 18004252066 and then they said " your case is rejected i dont know who promised you for replacement" then on 25 march 2013 Mr. Vivek call me and he said that the laptop is not damaged accidentally, I broke my laptop myself intentionally, so that’s why they reject my case.
    I m really shocked with these lines first they promises me for replacement then after 10 day they Reject their wordings and said I broke it intentionally.
    They could'nt able to repair thats why they you guys decared it intentional damage...the wording on one of the call from DELL from one of the telecaller that "if we replace it by inspiron is it be ok with you". I refuse this particular deal becoz my laptop cost Rs.110000 then why should i go for inspiron model? On our refusal for this particular deal Dell declared it intentionally damage.

    I post same complain on DELL FACEBOOK PAGE and they not even reply in proper way..

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    Unregistered Guest

    Thumbs down Poor Response and Lathargic Attitude


    I have bought a Dell Latitude laptop for Rs.42,200 on 10/06/13. At the time of taking the order they told that ti will take 10 days for the consignment to reach Jammu. I haven't received the consignment yet (04/07/13). It is almost been a month that the package has not reached us. Even after several follow up with the Dell executive I was told i has been despatched. Later i went to Blue dart and checked for the details, and i was told that the package has not been shipped and it is still there in there Bangalore warehouse where it has been booked.They said they are waiting for the road permit to be issued from Dell. I dont understand, whose ever fault it be how can they be so lathargic in giving us a feedback. Finally i got an email from their manager that he will personally look into this case. But i think their Manager doesnt know what personally means. The package is still in Warehouse.

    I will never refer DELL to anyone hereafter as they proved them as a online dealers and not have any corporate values.


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