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Thread: SBI ATM customer care complaint

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    Default SBI ATM customer care complaint

    I had withdrawn Rs. 500/- from my account on 14.04.2012 from SBI ATM, Mandir More Deoghar Branch, but my account has been debited with Rs. 5,000/-.
    Thus there is a shortfall of Rs. 4,500/- in my account.

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    Narendra kushwah Guest

    Angry sbi customer care number never received

    dear sir
    I'm trying to sbi toll free no. 18004253800 and 1800112211 since 1 month but the number are never received by bsnl mobile or other serves operators so plz sir take the legal action against sbi customer care

    Narendra Singh Kushwah
    mp gwalior

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    Parvez Akhtar Guest

    Default Non-compli​ance of ATM-Compla​in regarding

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I have a Savings Account No. 20045075102 with Rajbanshi Nagar Branch (Branch Code : 3115), Patna-800023, Bihar State.

    I used Baily Road (Vishweshraiah Bhavan), Patna, SBI ATM with ATM-Card No. 6220180311500083903 on 27th August, 2011 for withdrawing amount of Rs.10000/- and Rs. 5000/- respectively. But I did not get any amount with both transactions (Txn. 8981 & 8982, dated 27.08.2012 ). Surprisingly Rs. 10000/- & Rs. 5000- had been debited from my Savings Account. I made call to ATM Customer Care on 28th August, 2011 and I was advised to wait for 48 hours. The complain nos. were AT31152228301 and AT31152228303.

    Rs. 5000/- were credited to my account on the very next day, i.e. 29th August, 2011 vide ATMID S10A00637. But I did not get another Rs. 10000/- as yet. The matter is still pending, though I had already made written complaint on 6th September, 2011 to the Officer-on-Duty (ATM) of SBI, Rajbanshi Nagar Branch (Branch Code : 3115), Patna.

    May I request you to kindly comply the matter as soon as possible.
    Thanking you,

    Yous sincerely,

    Parvez Akhtar,
    C-1, Officers Flat,
    New Punaichak, Patna- 800 023.
    Savings Account No. 20045075102.

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    saravananjali@yahoo.com Guest

    Default SBI ATM complaint regarding

    Dear sir/madam,
    I am proud to say that i am maintaining a savings bank account at your bank A/C no 31086918588.On 17th April while i was withdrawing Rs.12000/- from my savings account at SBI ATM Bijwasan branch the amount is not disbursed from the ATM. surprisingly the same amount was debited from my account.I made a complaint on 23/04/2012 through SBI customer care by complaint no AT59414626723 and i was assured that the amount will be credited to my savings account within a week.Till now the amount was not credited. May i kindly request to comply the matter as soon as possible.
    thanking you,

    yours sincerely,

    Alice Lalmuongpui,
    CISF camp,
    Bijwasan village,
    New Delhi-110061
    A/c No :31086918588

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Atm amount sms

    Dear sir,
    as i am lakhara sachin kumar from cuddapah.recently i had opened account in cuddapah bazar branch.
    My a/c no is 32281309236 and atm card no is 4591500034992475.as per my request is when i had cash deposit
    or cash withdrawn i am not receiveng sms on my phone.plz accept my request and confirm to my mobile no 8008707781

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default intercity /interbranch transfer charges

    I undersigned working as a Central Government employee. Doordarshan Centre Surat is our controlling office.My salary deposited from Surat office to SBI Surat every month & SBI Surat transferring payment in my A/C 30013303702 at SBI Malad branch. But from few months SBI Malad charged interbranch transfer which is against norms. This is unnecessary financial burden in every month on me. As per information from SBI Surat, they asked to submit application to concerned SBI branch.
    So I would like to request you to do needful to stop deduction of interbranch transfer fee or credit that amount in my account.

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    karthik_kale Guest

    Default regarding compaint for not receiving cash

    dear sir,

    this is k.v ramanaiah A/C no 30369827245 having account in commercial branch ongole..
    Actually i am residing at chennai on march 5th 2012 i tried to with draw my cash but couldnt get my amount of rs.3300/- at tht time my balance was rs (-)195/- then i made a compaint to commercial branch thy said that me to recover tht -195 rs then i deposited 200 rs to my account then my balance was +4 rs in my account many times i asked the manager ramarao commercial branch manager but nt cleared my problem soo far now he is saying tht the bank has deposited access amount in my acount how can it will be possible

    plz verify my prob as soon as possible

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    Nain Singh Goenka Guest

    Default Regarding new atm card.


    Dear sir,
    My name is Nain Singh Goenka (Desi-Chemist-II in DVB) Saving Account no is 100 216 98 289 SBI Home Branch Rajghat Pawer House. My ATM Card not working properly. I submit an application at my home branch. but because of 'Address Pin Code Mismatch' this is pending.

    I submit my application on 02/05/2012 for new ATM CARD. Second Application was submitted at my home branch on 14/05/2012. But not any reply i found till now. But In my Home Branch no one want to hear my problem.

    Please advice me to resolve this issue my New ATM Card. Weather My New ATM Card can be issued or not.

    Nain Singh GoenkaE
    S.A/c # 10021698289
    New ATM # 20 120 50 212 619 695

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    pansheria M N Guest

    Default money did not withdraw from atm

    i did nt get money from atm and amount has been cut from my account on dated 3 june 2012 TXN No is 443

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    Janardan Bind Guest

    Default Atm problem

    mere ATM card se withdrawer hota tha jab se maine ise liya tha par na jane kyu 5/6 days se transaction hi nahi ho raha hai kisi bhi ATM se.......plz help me.....

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    Join Date
    Jun 2012

    Default Deduction of Money from the Account while taking out from the ATM but didn't receive it physically.

    On 26th March I went to take out money from the SBI ATM No. S10A000602008 located at Kargil Shahid Petrol Pump, Agra (U.P). at 1412 Hrs.
    First I took out Rs. 5000 but the machine didn't take out money instead the money was deducted from my account Transaction ID 345.
    Then thinking that there is a glitch with the machine I processed my card again as I hadn't received the money to take out Rs. 5000 again but the same thing happened i.e I didn't receive any money instead the money was deducted from account Transaction ID 357.
    In all this process I didn't receive any money. So I made a written complaint at my home branch State Bank of India Transport Nagar, Agra Branch Code 5556.
    I also contacted the customer care of the bank they gave a complaint number AT55564286484 & AT42924286619 for both transactions respectively.
    On 30th March, 2012 Rs. 5000 were credited to my account for Transaction No. 357. But still the issue remained for the other
    Transaction No. 345 for which I again made a complaint on customer care for which they a another complaint no. AT55564356974
    then again I contacted the branch manager of Transport Nagar Branch SBI gave him a written complaint again.
    On 26th april, 2012 Rs. 2000 were credited back to my account.
    My attachments are more than the permitted size so if the complaint is taken into context i shall send if needed but I am really 'disappointed'
    in the way the complaint is being handled it seems nobody has even bothered to look at it and dismissed it outright.

    But still Rs. 3000 remain to be credited back to my account after more than two months of the incidence.

    With Regards
    Dr. R. S. Sharma
    Account No. 10142041860
    ATM Card No. 6220180555600056280

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    bapi1959 Guest

    Default Wrong debiting of Rs. 5000/- in my SBI account no 32242305975


    Please note that I had asked for withdrawl of Rs. 5000.00 from ATM counter at Barasat SBI. However, the transaction did not materialise due to link failure.
    However, I am surprised to find that the said amount has been debited in my account though I did not receive the said cash. This request for the amount took place on 11.06.12 at the ATM counter.

    My account no- 32242305975.



    You are requested to kindly look into the matter and rectify the error at the earliest.

    Thanking you

    Subhashish Basu

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    Rekha sharma Guest

    Default lost ATM card

    Dear Sir

    I have lost my ATM card.Kindly deactivate my ATM card and issue the new card

    Kindly do the needful

    Name.....Rekha Sharma

    Account number........20040062630

    Branch Name.............Khanna,District Ludhiana Punjab


    Rekha Sharma

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    francishfh Guest

    Question Request to send one time security to the new mobile no (recently changed)

    Account No. 00000020009598182
    Customer Name : MR. FRANCIS PAUL DURAI RAJ J

    There is problem in getting one time receiving security code no to my mobile. So far I have not received such a code no to my mobile. In the entry form of the interner banking the mobile no. has been enter wrongly. Recently I could able to find our the fault and rectified through the branch. There the BM infored that I would recive the one time security code no in the new mobile no. which i have changed recently. So, far I have not received the no. I contacted helpline. But she did not get my point. She suggested that I must have an option of all india transaction. Even I was not able to pay for the TNPSC examination registration fee over the internet, because of unavailability of one time security code number. Hence, I request you to help in this regard.

    Thanking you,


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    Unregistered Guest

    Default ATM withwral problem

    Rs. 5000.00 wrongly debited in SB Pension A/C No.: 10288113932 and transaction No. 9880 dated 01/05/2012

    Respected Sir,
    I want to inform you that Rs. 5000.00(Rupees Five thousand only) wrongly debited in my above mentioned A/C which was informed to your Vivekananda Road Branch Ref. No. AT/16514810246 dated 10/05/2012. But unfortunately I have not received any positive action from your end.

    Again, as this is only source of my income I am suffering very much to incur my expenditure since last two months.

    So, please to avoid this situation take the necessary action as soon as possible to get my legitimate demand.

    Best Regards,

    (Gobordhan Roy)

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