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Thread: IRCTC online booking is a BIG problem

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    Default IRCTC online booking is a BIG problem

    For the last 6 months , I have booked tickets from IRCTC by Tatkal and seemed no problem.

    But now , the website has been too much slower. I am not able to book the tickets. Also, The tickets which are available, I try to book them by the time payment page comes the tickets are not available and the seats are in waiting lists.

    Specially for Mumbai rajdhani. If agents book all the tickets there is not point for a common man like me to have an account and book the tickets from here..

    Also , everytime the tickets are in waiting.

    I feel India railways are so good and provide pretty good services as per differents class , but the booking thing should be simplified.



    Mayur Sant

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    jayclan Guest

    Default ticket booking

    irctc online booking is very very worst site. i'm very upset sir. pl improve. otervs it is vst.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Booking in IRCTC_biggest challenge

    Making a regular / Tatkal booking in IRCTC is the most difficult thing that a common man would ever pass in any online transaction known to mankind!

    Previously it was working properly and now it seldom opens up.. it seems to be miracle if we get through..

    One of the worlds largest railway network needs some serious home work to be done... sorry but i need to say this.!

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    niteen Guest

    Default irctc website...

    Worst ever...govt. website, made it as pure business,

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Irctc online booking is so bad

    It is shame on indian railway i lost around 600 rupees i try to call customer care number but it cant reach and i send them a email but no replay

    they do accurate cash taking but ticket giving is half to half luck

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Worlds world wose site ever

    Whenever I have tried to booking any Tatkal tickets through IRCTC, I have always failed because of their bad service.

    I really feel pity, irrated and frustrated on myself as to why I have use the service of IRCTC but unfortunately I do not have any other option.

    I make Tatkal booking in emergencies and ultimately I end up standing in the general reservation for my entire journey from Pune to Ahmedabad which take around 12 hours.

    Either they should improve their technology or this website needs to be stopped immediately because it wastes peoples outcome without giving any outcome. If you're lucky then you will get the confirmed ticket otherwise just sit back and get more frustrated.

    If a common man has to suffer like this for a ticket then there is nothing more worse then this.

    Please request you either ask IRCTC to either stop issuing tatkal or improve their system.

    Romil Shah

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    brijk0103 Guest

    Default Irctc website not open 19-1-2012 holl day

    Today i need a cancel a online ticket but irctc website no open.today a last day my journey date is 20-10-2012.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default irctc site should be shut down

    These guys have money ,but not upgrading to bigger server ...they are mocking the public..why dont they shut the website down

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default IRCTC site should be removed

    Its the worst site i have ever seen till date. ..Site should get improved or just removed it. I'm trying to book a tatkal ticket from last 4 days ,it reaches till transaction and then error 200 occurs ..and a half an hour effort goes into vain...

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    Unregistered Guest


    this IRCTC IS MOST HOPELESS WEBSITE........................................... .......................................REALLY ITS HOPELESS

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Very worst web site.

    I am trying to book ticket in tatkal for last 1 week.But always showing service unavaibale

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default the worst ever online experience - IRCTC website should be closed down until proved to be efficient

    I have been trying to book a ticket on IRCTC for past 12 hrs. And luckily enough, I came across this thread on consumer court.

    Thanks for everyone for sharing your experience. I will not break my head anymore at IRCTC website.

    A nation that provides software solutions to the globe across, has this issue...

    Proud to be an Indian :-((

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    Unregistered Guest

    Angry Worst website is irctc during tatkal booking

    Don't know what happened to irctc during last few months... given the number of scams in this country... not sure if someone needs to investigate irctc for tatkal bookings... there is certainly something fishy... it shows availability of lots of seats and then takes money and then never returns with a booked web page... whoever is responsible for this needs to be fired from their job...

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    Metal1 Guest

    Angry Inside job

    Could be booking clerks at Rly. stations do not open the booking window at the stations for first few minutes in the morning during which time they book tickets for their "customers" for a commission ? The booking slip and money is paid the previous day to them. Thats how the tatkal anmd regular tickets vanish very fast, especially during the rush season. Truth would come out if public protests and an investigation is made honestly.

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    Rajesh Singhal Guest

    Default Tatkal Ticket Booking is a Big problem

    Still IRCTC site has not been improved. Now the timeings for tatkal booking is 10 AM and ID proff must requries to book ticket. But despite of all measures like ID Proff, limitation of booking through any one ID there is no improvement in booking process. I have tried to book the tickets several times in these days but didn't get sucess. The site only opens when all tickets goes out. I really feel pity, irrated and frustrated on myself as to why I have use the service of IRCTC but unfortunately I do not have any other option. So railway should take effective measures to improve the booking process so a common man can get the ticket.

    Rajesh Singhal

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