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Thread: E-techies - Big time liers, cheaters and frauds.

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    Angry E-techies - Big time liers, cheaters and frauds.

    On the 8th of march 2012, my sony vaio laptop stopped working all of a sudden. I left it on and when i returned my laptop wont switch on. Even on pressing the power button the notification lights will power on for a few secs but the system did not start. On the next day, 09 march 2012 i showed it to the my regular computer repair person and he suggested that the battery was completely drained and needed to be replaced. A acquaintances then recommended to take the services of a company called "E-techies". I took their word and gave them a call and asked them to visit my place to check my laptop. Right then, that very moment i did the biggest b@@@@er of my life - my decision to give my laptop to etechies.in.​ The company charges one time repair fee of Rs.1050 and promises to return the laptop in 5-7 business days, which they will never do. Once you give them your laptop, you actually bid goodbye to it as you will never hear from them ever again...

    When I called them up they were very sweet and supportive, which was all a big lie to rob me of my money. The so called technical support executive was admanant that I take an annual maintanince plan with them, but i was hesitant as i was trying them for the very first time and did not want to risk money on them without being sure of their work first. Thank god for that, i was able to save my Rs.2000 but i was too late in saving my Rs.1050 and my laptop. Once i gave in the laptop to them on 9th march 2012, i did not hear from them ever again. I was promised a feedback call on monday, 12th march 2012 but i never received any call. Instead, i had to call them repeatedly to get an update. Then on 16th march again, still no update on the site or via call/e-mail. I again had to call them to inquire about the status of my laptop as the time promised to me was going to be over soon and the website was showing repair status as "to be allocated".

    I kept waiting for them for an input, finally i sent a compaint mail to them on 19th march 2012, which thesepeople never even bothered to reply to. The extracts of the same are given below:

    "This is in reference to repair job no. 17808. I gave this laptop for repair on 09.03.2012. Today 19.03.2012 is over and there is no update on the status of my laptop. I was told i would have the repaired laptop within 5-7 days and its been more than 10 days that you have not repaired and returned my laptop. Forget about repairs i have even been updated of the status of my laptop. I was promised an update on monday, 12.03.2012 and even for that i have to call you people up thrice and still no update. This is not service but harassment; if I have to run after you guys even to get updates. In addition, the delay is causing me great discomfort and costing me my business.

    Your company was suggested to me by an acquaintance as being very good and professional, but iam highly disappointed by your attitude, poor service and lack of professionalism. If your company continues with such ways Iam sure not to use or recommed your services again. "

    After which I didnot hear from them till the 27th of march 2012 at around 7:30 pm and that too after a stinker mail was sent. I immediately started getting multiple calls first from the repair staff when i refused to tal to them i started getting calls from some Mr.Puran Singh, Mobile No.9711711178 saying sorry, apologizing for their unprofessional attitude and lack of service and stating that the elay was due to non availability of parts. Someone please ask them who approved the replacement of the aprts??? No one did, because i never got a feedback from them. He told me we tried calling you on your mobile to update you about the status but it was not reachable. I asked them then they could have e-mailed me or call on my land line, both of which they had in their records. To which he did not have an answer to and tried lieing to me and told me i should check my email and spam. This i willing did and was doing it regularly on a daily that y basis but there was no email from this company whatsoever. Some Mr. Fahman told me that the motherboard, LCD screen and hard drive all need to be replaced. On talking to him i got to know they did nothing to my laptop never even bothered to check the parts and are telling me that the delay is due to the non availability of the parts. Finally, i asked them to return my laptop which they said they will do before end of day today and its 10 pm and no sign of my laptop whatsoever.

    In a nutshell, using the services of E-techies was a big disaster for me. Take my advice its better to throw your computers & laptops in water, or set them on fire but never ever give them to these guys... I would have been better off taking them to uneducated computer mechanics in nehru place or for that matter to an electrian than these cheats. Becareful and Beware of e-techiies.

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    Default e-techies is a fraud organisation

    they have grossly lied and cheated me, with laptop with them for more than 10 days and no sign of returning.

    Finally i am forced to register fir agaist them


    jitesh gupta
    id 23799 dated 16-05-2012

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    Unregistered Guest

    Thumbs down eTechis scam

    etechies is a scam company.
    they are scammer.i gave my laptop dell they didn't fixed and they chenged my ram nd dvd drive.
    they deleted my personnel data.Please guys don'tr go for it.
    It's a big scamms.it's a big fraud.
    Puran is a team leader he was saying that we will refund your money.but they didn't.
    Kutta saala puran.Kutte ki maut marega.
    @@@@iya saal.

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    Rajvinder Guest

    Default Etechies are Frauds

    I also found etechies are actually fraud. There was problem in the display of my dell studio 1558. Earlier they said it is because of hardisk not functioning so they charged me 5600/- .After few days i faced the same problem, then they said it is because of chipset got burn so they asked me Rs 4500/- .But after few days they said that chipset replacement will not work , they need to replace the motherboard itself.so i need to pay Rs 9000/-. I have simply asked them to return my laptop without repair.They just know to collect amount and replace the parts. They know nothing about repair.Anyone who is reading this, please don't believe in Etechies or you will definitely pay the price.I advice you to renew warranty with the laptop manufacturer rather than with these third party frauds.

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    I had a problem with my acer laptop display. On December 10, 2012, through just dial I got a call from etechies (he informed his name is Nitin) and they informed that it is only a moisture problem on my laptop and will be repaired in a couple of days. They also promised me that there wont be any more charges to it. They sent their executive within an hour, collected the laptop alongwith a service fee of Rs.1,650/- in advance. After 8 days when I called them to enquire about my laptop, they said there was no problem with my display and it is the processor which is faulty and I'll have to pay Rs.5000/- to replace the processor. When I asked them that if they can guarantee me about the functioning of the laptop after replacing the processor, they said they cannot guarantee the same. When I wanted them to return the laptop, they told me that it will take a week to return the laptop. It was my biggest mistake to trust them and hand over my laptop. Now I am not sure about the parts of my laptop. Their representatives language is very sweet before you hand over your laptop. But once they collect the money and your laptop, they speak very rudely and unprofessionally. Only a Gunda can run such a fraud company. I request everyone who is thinking of availing their services, not to do so. It is a pure trap. They do not know anything. They exist just to cheat us.

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    Angry Cheater Etechies

    I made mistake of giving my laptop before reading review on net ... They don't know anything about repair, One solution for every problem and that is
    "Sir, Please replace the mother board , We will charge 9-10 Thousand INR" . Now i regret not reading the reviews on web .

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    Unregistered Guest

    Thumbs down Indeed the biggest Cheat ever...

    I regret not reading these reviews before. Same story, got a call through Just Dial. The guy named Nitin called and i fell in their trap and paid 1000. After 1 week, they called and said that Mother Board needs to be replaced. and it will cost 8500!!! Its a Netbook and it definately didnt have issues with MoBo, it was a no display issue. These B****rds are criminals. Please spread the word folks, lets ensure no one else fall in this trap. Can I go to consumer court against them?

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Same problem paid 9000 the problem is as it is

    How should we take them to the court?

    Old story, my display wasnt working so after keeping my laptop for a month they tell me that they need to change the motherboard/... which they did and then with in a few weeks the exact same problem was back right on...

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    UArvind454 Guest

    Angry www.Etechies.in

    Etechies are fraud company they stole my original laptop ram . and did not return my money as they committed to return . At the delivery time delivery man was returning a broken laptop when i refuse to take it in such poor condition, he left it on the road side of the house like a post card . they told me you computer need to replace some internal pert which will cost 12000 rupees when i showed to orignal service center they told there is no problem in you hardare.
    Etechies tried to make me fool when they were not successful they stole my hardware pare and refund money. Guys never give you laptop to them they are
    cheap road side vendors.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Customer charged with 100% more than the acutal cost.

    Regarding Ticket : 76703,

    Concern : For a desktop motherboard which is a core2duo, I was charged around 6000/- which is 100% more than the actual cost.

    Issue : There was a problem with mother board and replacement was done since this was not in a position to fix.

    Initially I was chared with an 1 time fee of 1200, later the took the mother board and told that they will try to fix. But that was not possible and mother board had to be replaced.

    When I enquired outside, I was told that the mother board would cost any where between 2500 - 3000, but I was charged around 6000/-.

    Finally when I recieved, it was an Gigabyte and not the original Intel mother board and I was not told about this.

    I feel that the customer was cheated / overcharged (100% more than the market rate).

    If would have spent another 6000/-, then I would have got an assembled CPU with i5 processor.

    Its a hard earned money for every individual and the company like etechies need to understand this.


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    Unregistered Guest

    Default e-techies = time waste + money waste + laptop waste + mental peace gone

    Yes this is what e-techies is about. Sadly I learnt this in a hard way. Infact they should change their name to e-takies.

    I would not go vai the sequence of events because it is a 6 month long story. Yes you read it right. I got my laptop back after 6 months. I would just touch upon some crucial points

    1. I received my laptop after 6 months.
    2. My laptop which was in usable condition when I gave to them is not lying as scrap. Screen that was working when moving back and forth is completely white now. Also motherboard seems to be having some problem as per them which was not the case when their technician took it.
    3. Had to by a new laptop and an external hard disk casing to use my hard disk.
    4. Screen panel brezel that was damaged by them, which was later fixed after breaking my head with them over a month. Please note that I was even asked for proof that the screen panel brezel was not broken when I gave it to them.

    I anybody needs more details please contact me at agarwal.umesh@gmail.com

    Even if you guys are not convinced with me and somehow etechies personnel is able to convince you, please take care of below stuff

    1. Take pictures of your laptop with the technician. This will serve as proof in case the laptop condition is not same when they are returning.
    2. Never give them the hard disk if it contains important data.
    3. Take in written the exact condition of laptop when giving it to their technician.
    4. Try to have all the communication via email instead of phone.
    5. My experience with Mr Saujanya Parashar and Mr Nagaraju was not good.
    6. Read the entire terms and conditions of e-techies. They have a condition which says that a part which is partially working my stop working completely during diagnosis, and etechies will not be responsible for it. This is a very risky statement for the customers, specially those who have very little technical knowledge.

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    Default fraud company and manerless people in the company and company is such a b@@@@er that i have ever met

    worst company ihave ever seen... this is the bad company that involves fake people in the company and company's protocol is worthless and worst company that involves advance payment before the equipment get repaired .. this is the worst company .. and people talking to the customers are unproffesional ... theydo not how to speak to customers

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    Default Never ever for god's sake !!


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    DavidPPaul Guest

    Default Etechies bangalore ....Frauds and cheaters

    This is to inform u that I had posted a complaint
    for my Laptop Service and the next minute I got a call from
    Mr. Deepak
    from E-techies.in had called me for solving the issue.
    He convinced me for an half an hour of conversation saying
    its the best company Which i can rely on for laptop services.
    For annual Maintenance of my laptop it will cost me around
    2500/- . But for one time service costed me around 1000/-rs.
    To mention he had said that if the service is not good enough
    the amount will be refunded.
    I replied Mr. Deepak saying that give me a day's time.
    and Let him know should He proceed or not. Next day
    Mr Deepak eagerly called me and asked am i interested or not.
    In this conversation He had said me not to worry.
    coz he will send the technician to repair
    sending home and collect my laptop for service.
    Still in the edge, I was not convinced abt the idea
    he taking my laptop to his company for service.
    Coz the issue with the laptop was small.
    And getting convienced. I said let the technican come home and
    check the issue. I couldnt give my laptop coz i had busy schedule
    finishing my projects.
    I requested Mr Deepak that i would give my laptop for
    service later next week. The techie came home and tried to
    resolve the problem. Couldnt fix it cause it was a technical
    issue. I gave rupees 1000 at the time of the techies visit. Becoz Mr.
    Deepak had told me to pay the techie only rupees 1000 and nowhere he nor the techie mentioned about
    the 7 days of expiry.
    mean time I recieved calls from Mr Deepak twice in the same week
    but again i was not informed the expiry date.
    But I had requested Mr. Deepak that i wont be able to give the laptop

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Etechies Fraud in Bangalore

    Hi All,

    I am taking these people to the Law of this country. Today i am filing an FIR against Etechies in one of the police stations in bangalore.
    I gave my laptop for some of the keys not working. So far 17 days have gone past. They havent repaired it and now they are saying it cannot be repaired.
    It's a dell inspiron 1440. When i call them they are saying that we are processing your refund.
    I lost my patience. Moreover in their website they have shown it is repaired whereas they havent repaired it. Complete fraud. My ticket id with etechies is 92624.
    anybody can check this in their website etechies.in.

    If anyone wants more feedback on etechies you can reach me at 8123361259. My name is Rajeesh. or mail me at rajeeshdivakaran@yahoo.co.in

    Will keep you guys posted on the progress of my fight against Etechies fraud business.

    Never ever give your laptop to etechies for any service. They will impress you with their words before collecting the laptop and money. After that you have to run behind them and they wont even speak to you properly.


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