Res Sir,

I am posting this complaint after taking up the matter upto Vice President of SBI Credit Card for last 3 months who was not able to resolve the matter and give a satisfactory solution.
This complaint is with reference to SBI Credit Card No 4377486994629176 issued in the name of undersigned.

I have applied for SBI card in the month of Dec'11 with the clear instructions and i dont want auto debit facility activated to my savings bank account.But when i review the transactions of my savings bank account, i found that bank has auto debited my savings bank account by the amount of my credit card bill.

For this i have written to customer grievences cell of SBI credit cards step by step upto vice president level. Step by Step queries and their replies are summarised below;

Customer Query-"As i have not opted for auto debit facility how can it be activated."
Ist Level Reply- "We would like to inform you that the auto debit option is mandatory on your card account."
Customer Query- "SBI cards cannot unilaterally without any intimation start such auto debit facility."
2nd Level Reply-"Our investigation has revealed that on the basis your confirmation at the time of application the auto debit was activated on your card account."
Customer Query-"I request you to mail/produce/show the documents for the confirmation immediately"
3rd Level Reply-"We regret to inform you that we are unable to share the copy of application."

It is clearly evident from their different replies at different level (which have been underlined above) that they dont have any confirmation/documents for activation of auto debit facility to my credit card account and clearly showing that they have unilateraly activated the services and now denying for deactivaton of services.

I request for resolution of complaint by deactivation of auto debit services and the cost which i have incurred due to auto debit of amount from my account along with interest.

Saurabh Agarwal