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Thread: Fiat India Pvt. Ltd. L.B.S. Marg, Kurla, Mumbai-400070

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    Default Fiat India Pvt. Ltd. L.B.S. Marg, Kurla, Mumbai-400070


    Complaint No.720/3.12.2007

    Date of order: 6.3.2009.

    Ms. Suhag Rani Kapoor wife of late Sh. Ram Dass Kapoor, resident of 3149, Gurdev Nagar, P.O. Lane, Ludhiana.



    1/ Pal Peugeot Ltd. Kalyan Sill Road, Manpada, Dombivil, 421/204, Distt. Thana, Maharashtra, through its Mg. Director.

    2. Fiat India Pvt. Ltd. L.B.S. Marg, Kurla, Mumbai-400070 through its Managing Director.

    (Opposite Parties)

    Complaint under section 12 of the Consumer Protection Act, 1986.



    Sh. T.N. Vaidya, President.

    Sh. Rajesh Kumar, Member.


    Sh. J.M. Aggarwal Advocate for the complainant.

    Complaint against OPNo.1 dismissed.

    OP No.2 ex-parte.

    O R D E R


    1. Complainant on 24.10.1995 booked a car of opposite party no.1 by depositing Rs.25,000/- registration money vide receipt no. 74187. Thereafter, she approached opposite party no.1 many times to deliver the vehicle but they failed to do so. Subsequently, opposite party no.1 closed manufacturing of the car. It was also intimated by opposite party no.1 that they have changed their dealer from M/s Fair Autos Pvt. Ltd. to M/s Delhi Automobiles ltd. near B.S.F. Complex, G.T. Road, Jalandhar. Further intimated that change of dealer will not affect the release of car manufactured by opposite party. It is now alleged in this complaint under section 12 of the Consumer Protection Act, 1986 that opposite party failed to deliver the car or refund the deposited booking amount, which amounts to deficiency in service and she is entitled to refund along with interest, compensation of Rs.10,000/- and litigation costs of Rs.2500/-.

    2. Complaint against OP No.1 was dismissed vide order dated 10.12.2008 of this Fora for failure of the complainant to furnish the address. Opposite party no.2 did not contest the complaint and as such, it is being proceeded against ex-parte.

    3. In order to prove her version, complainant has tendered affidavit and documents in support of her claim.

    4. We have heard the arguments addressed by the ld. counsel for the complainant and have gone through the file and scanned the documents and other material on record.

    5. By way of ex-parte evidence, complainant tendered Ex.C.1 and C5 for paying Rs.25,000/- for booking of the car of opposite party no.1. Thereafter, under registered notice C3 which was received by opposite parties vide acknowledgement Ex.C.4 requested for refund of the amount but they failed to refund the same.

    6. Aforesaid unrebutted evidence suggest that the complainant had paid Rs.25,000/- for booking of the car to opposite party no.1 but they failed either to deliver the car or refund the booking amount despite repeated requests and notice of the complainant. This act on the part of opposite party amounts to deficiency in service. Hence, we allow this complaint and pass ex-parte order against opposite party no.2 directing them to refund an amount of Rs.25,000/- along with interest @9% per annum from the date of complaint till payment and also to pay compensation of Rs.5000/-(Rs. Five Thousands only) and litigation costs of Rs.2000/-(Rs. Two Thousands only). Order be complied within 45 days of the receipt of copy of the same, which be made available to the parties free of costs. File be completed and consigned to record.

    Announced T.N. Vaidya, President.

    Dated 6.3.2009

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    Default complain regarding fiat linea

    The GM

    Respected Sir,

    This is to inform you that my car Black FIAT LINEA no. UP 32 CS 3672 bought abought a year back has been showing the following problems
    (1) Its suspension is not working properly resulting in the wearing out of all 4 tyres

    (2)Its AC is very slow and does not cool the car even to a comfortable temprature

    (3)Its electronic milometer has stopped working after the car has travelled 26000 km,even though the distance travelled by it is above 45000
    (4) Its stereo is not working and after being given to GOLDRUSH LUCKNOW for repair ,the electronic meter has stopped working altogather.

    Kindly replace my Tyres,AC,Electronic meter and stereo.
    Also please reply why I should no file a case against your company at the consumer court.

    Thanking you

    Yours Sincerly


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    Angry poor quality of fiat punto

    Dear Sir,

    Ref: Fiat Punto Chasis no. MCA11835E07029446EMZ & Engine no. 0152463
    Subject: Quality problems in my Brand new Fiat Punto grande Diesel.

    This has reference to the Brand new FIAT PUNTO GRANDE DIESEL of the above mentioned details
    which I purchased from M/s. Hanuman Motors (Authorized Dealer for FIAT), Udupi, Karnataka
    (INDIA); I purchased this Car in the month of September 2011; when we took the delivery of the
    vehicle we observed several white spots similar to spots of white powder of the aluminum
    bleach of any coloured fabrics; we raised a query for the same with the sales engineer of M/s.
    hanuman Motors, Udupi (Authorized Dealer for FIAT); we were informed the reason for the spots
    was a new coating which was provided by FIAT International.

    Within 4 to 5 days of taking the delivery; we found several problems, in the left side
    Wheel, we took the car to M/s. hanuman Motors, Udupi (Authorized Dealer for FIAT); we raised
    the car on the ramp & observed the following.

    All metal parts, wheel drum, shafts, engine parts, etc were completely corroded.

    We informed this to the manoj (CEO/ Service head) at M/s. hanuman Motors, Udupi
    (Authorized Dealer for FIAT) and Mr. Anil (Sales Consultant); they told us all FIAT
    cars worldwide are corroded from the bottom; we were speechless, shocked &
    extremely surprised on learning this, the company that runs the Ferrari also sells
    such type of sub standard cars all over the world. This is a very pityable situation at
    FIAT International Italy; which is believed to be one of the leading manufacturers
    of the cars all over the world.

    My family & I regret our decision on trusting FIAT which we though is one of the
    most reputed brand in the world. I do not know how important this is to FIAT
    International Italy as it seems to be a small car among your large fleet.

    I hope you think it is a concern to me for which I have raised an alarm; I have lodged an
    official complaint with customer care in india & the complaint no. is 1-13908293364; but there
    has been no reply from M/s. FIAT India nor from M/s. hanuman Motors (Authorized dealer for

    I request you replace my car with a Brand new one having no corroded parts; and pay heed to my
    problems & find a amicable solution for the same.

    Yours faithfully


    M: +91 98865 33161

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