My name is Sagar Shankar Shinde. I have transferred the amount of Rs. 67000/- from my HDFC bank's account Net Banking to my Bank of India's Loan Account on 21-02-2012. But till the amount is not credited to Bank of India's account and not came back to my HDFC account.

I am not getting satisfactory answers from both the banks

Below are details of transaction
Date of Transaction: 21-02-2012
Reference Number: 1445HF1205200020
from HDFC Bank Account Number:14451610005882
HDFC IFSC Code:HDFC0001445

Beneficiary Details:
Bank Name:Sagar Shankar Shinde
Bank Name:Bank of India Barshi, Dist Solapur
IFSC Code: BKID0000714
Account Number:071472200030415

I am taking feedback from both the banks. HDFC bank is telling that amount is debited from HDFC and bank of India is telling that amount is not credited till date.

I am not getting satisfactory answers. I get a lot of tension

Could you please guide me to whom shall I contact so that amount will get credit to Bank of India.

Thanks & Regards
Sagar Shinde