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Thread: Peter england vip shoes.

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    Default Peter england vip shoes.

    Yesterday is purchased a sandal from Kottakkal, malappuram, Kerala. the footwear shows that it is a PETER ENGLAND VIP SHOES. but the website of PETER ENGLAND didn't
    shows such product. so i contacted with the retailer and he contacted with the supplier who settled their office in Kochin named EVER GREEN ASSOCIATES, and the
    supplier replied that this is the original product of PETER ENGLAND and we are selling this over past 17 years. and he also said that the company PETER ENGLAND is
    under the corporate birla group and birla group gives their right to some teams to make shirts and suites and they provide the right to a perticular company to make
    valets. like that RS SALES CORPORATION, AGRA making footwear in PETER ENGLAND brand. but there is no website to ensure this. so let me know the reality of this.
    please help me as soon as possible.

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    Default Peter England ladies sandal

    I have purchased a ladies sandal today. It says it is Peter England product. The owner had a certificate stating that he owns a franchise of the same. But we still are doubtful and would like to know if footwear under this brand exist...

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    Default peter England vip shoes

    I'm see like this shoe, sales at a shop of Edappal . in the name of brand

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