My Complaint is against Vodafone Mobile Service Provider.

It has been 2-3 times when the above mentioned service provider has barred my Outgoing call without any prior notice by means of SMS/Call from the their customer care.

First was the case when I started hearing some sort of 2 min Pre-call announcement asking for submitting my documents before making each call, one can imagine the inconvenience caused to the user because of this when making an urgent or important call. This became all the more frustrating when I found myself getting no help and clarification whatsoever from Vodafone executives wherein they kept me waiting for 24/48/72 hrs for quiet a no. of times.
I submitted my documents at Vodafone Punjabi Bagh Store on 30th Jan2012. Received a service registration no. as 2228886054 & was told that the announcement will be deactivated in within 48 hrs. Still no conclusion & which made me write to their nodal office & still same replies of waiting for 24/48/72 hours for getting this deactivated. Finally within 6 days of irritating experience this got deactivated.

Second was the case after one month of this when my Outgoing calls were barred without any prior notice from Vodafone stating that your documents are not submitted. Again the same process of calling n no. of times at Vodafone Customer Care & again waiting for 24/48 hrs this my calls got debarred within 3 days of inconvenience.

& now again they has barred my incoming as well as outgoing calls for the reason that you have not submitted any documents.

Actually I do not understand when as per them I didn't submitted any documents then in the above two cases why were my call debarred & even any of the customer care executives have the record that the documents have been submitted.

Please take necessary actions against them as this can happen to anybody during emergency conditions too.