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Thread: ICICI card settled but still money deducted

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    Default ICICI card settled but still money deducted


    My wife has an ICICI Bank A/C (at Chennai Nungambakkam Branch) and she hold an ICICI Bank AMEX credit card as well.

    Due to pending payments and other onsite travel reasons we asked for a settlement towards the credit card for which the total amount due is Rs. 29000.

    We received a Settlement Letter from the credit card department with the below proposal.
    Letter Dated - 25-Nov-2011
    Settlement amount - Rs. 17210 (one time settlement)
    Validity of proposal - Till 30-Nov-2011
    Letter received on - 26-Nov-2011

    In agreement to this settlement letter we paid Rs.17210 in cash to the credit card department representative on 28-Nov-2011.
    We do have proofs of this letter and the payment slip.

    We thought this transaction was settled but on the same day we realised that Rs.29000 has been debited from my wife's ICICI bank account.

    We called the settlement manager regarding the same and got convincing reply that once they notify the bank about the settlement this amount (Rs.29000) will be reversed.

    Later as my wife traveled abroad we did not tracked the bank account believing that the amount will be reversed.

    Last month later we got a call from loan department confirming our credit card settlement. This is when we tend to check the account for reversal where we are shocked to learn that Rs.29000 is yet to be reversed.

    We made lots of attempt to settle this with the ICICI Bank customer care but everything ended in vain.

    Initially they started building up process like "The settlement is invalid and its ICICI bank decision to deduct the larger sum and in this case Rs.29000. And the reversal is possible only for the lesser amount which is Rs.17210"

    But after few more attempts showing the proof that we had and the settlement confirmation that we received from ICICI they started pointing to each other department within ICICI.

    When we call Banking A/C customer care they ask us to raise this with credit card department and when we contact the credit card department they are asking us to raise a service call with Banking A/C. We have spent more time on this issue and really clueless on how to proceed next.

    It would be helpful if i get appropriate advice on below points,
    1. Is it correct for me to expect the reversal of Rs.29000 which is deducted against the settlement amount of Rs.17210?
    2. Do my proofs (settlement letter + Payment slip) are enough to proceed with any legal claims if my above request is valid?
    3. Is there any other way to settle this through the bank without entering into any legal encounters?


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    Hi Dhivakar,

    We apologize for the inconvenience caused.Please email us your contact details at care@icicibank.com and we will get back to you . Please refer '2712159' in the subject line.

    ICICI Bank Customer Service Team

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