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Thread: mobile billing problem

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    Default mobile billing problem

    Dear sir,
    i am facing problem regarding my bill,which included the charges of rs 350 regarding std scheme and rs 99 regarding voicemail service. The following services i havnt activated nor i am using it..bt still its charged in my bill which i am nt liable to pay.kindly deduct the following charges from my bill in order to clear my bill...


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    Dear Sir,

    This is to bring to your kind notice that i am your customer of reliance cdma postpaid mobile [COLOR=#000099 !important]phone number[/COLOR] 9319698266 from many years paying all the bills on time. I am using the 440 plan in which your [COLOR=#000099 !important]customer care[/COLOR][COLOR=#000099 !important]executive[/COLOR] provided me the information of all over india reliance to reliance mobiles [COLOR=#000099 !important]calling free[/COLOR]. Therefore i used it for calling reliance to reliance and was shocked on seeing the unbilled message of Rs.1963 in january after which i called customer careexecutive again who told me that your reliance to reliance mobile is definitely free to all over india and this amount will be deducted at the time of billing and that i should pay a sum of Rs. 500 [COLOR=#000099 !important]at that time[/COLOR], so i immediately made an [COLOR=#000099 !important]online payment[/COLOR]of Rs. 500 but to add to my hard surprise the bill of Rs. 2905.36 arrived to me. I lodged a [COLOR=#000099 !important]complaint[/COLOR] no. 172964511 in your customer care with no result yet. Then i spoke in your appellate authority to Mr. Ganesh Chaudhory who after 30 minutes of conversation declined for waiver. Therefore i am forced to terminate this number now due to the misguidance and lack of information of your customer care executives. As far as my bill is concerned i had paid Rs. 500 in advance and not left with any legal due to your company.
    Therefore i request you to please look seriously to my complaint ( you can hear to the [COLOR=#000099 !important]audio clips[/COLOR] of the calls made by me to your customer carein january 2012 to authenticate and verify my complaint) and provide a waiver for the same by today itself and compliance of the mental harassment caused by reliance to me or else reliance itself would be responsible for termination.
    Furrukh Ateeq
    Relaince [COLOR=#000099 !important]Mobile No[/COLOR].: +919319698266

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    Dear Customer,

    We have noted your complaint. The matter has been escalated to our customer service team who will get in touch with you directly to resolve your concerns.



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