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Thread: Complaint against staff and branch for misbehave

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    Default Complaint against staff and branch for misbehave


    1. Name of Complainant : Tarun Arora (Chartered Accountant)
    2. Address : H. No. 71, Old Anarkali, Near Jagatpuri, Delhi-51
    3. Phone : 9873252425, 9250980555
    4. Email: : info@catarunarora.com, catarunarora@gmail.com
    5. Complaint Against : (a) Punjab National Bank, Krishna Nagar Branch, Delhi-51
    (b) Mr. A.K. Jain, Mr. J. D. Sarkar
    1. Particulars of Bank Account : Saving Account Number - 0646000100401118
    2. Description of Complaint :

    First of all my complaint is against your reception department.I made three calls to your reception department on 21st February 2012, the person who picked my phone disconnect my phone all the three times intentionally. On the fourth time, Mr. A . K. Jain (the name was told by Mr. J. D. Sarkar who misbehaved me on my next call) picked my phone, I explained to him my primary complaint against your bank but he talked to me in very rude manner and misbehaved with me and disconnected my phone deliberately. After that I again made a call, then Mr. J. D. Sarkar again misbehaved with me and disconnected the phone.
    I want to know that is this the manner your staff behaved with your bank customers? The objective of all banks is to serve your customers. Your Bank’s punchline is “the name you can BANK upon” is totally opposite the services given by your branch.
    I want immediately action against the above persons and the reception department and in writing reply to me that what action been taken by you .

    My Second and main complaint is that I deposited one cheque in your branch No. 886776 of IndusInd Bank, Transaction date is 30/12/2011 for Rs. 4,250. The details of the transaction is attached with this complaint. I checked in my online statement that the cheque was returned, but your department never contacted me and not send the cheque to my address. This is not correct as per Banking services. I want the copy of the that and the reason in writing why it has not been done yet.

    (CA. Tarun Arora)
    Saving Account No. 0646000100401118
    Phone: 9873252425, 9250980555
    Office: 011 45542425
    Email: catarunarora@gmail.com

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    mahi sharma Guest

    Default Misbehave my mother

    Good afternoon sir,

    My name is Mahi sharma, actually mammy state bank of India ( Laxmi nagar ) me paise nikalne gayi thi lekin kuch mahine pehle apke staff se hi mammy ki photo misprint ho gayi, usme mammy thump use karti thi . jab apke branch ne kaha ki new form fill karna hoga to hamne bhi thump ki jagah sign karwa diya, Lekin ab pboblem yah hai ki mammy paise nikalane gayi to apko staff ne kaha sign karo unhone sign kiya aur apka staff ye kehta hai ki "kaha kaha se aa jate hai anpad log" is line ka kya matlab hai, mujhe apke staff k khilaf action chihiye,

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    Default Icici bank employee is harassing on phone despite i not being the concerned customer

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I have recently come to Mumbai for work just 4 months back, there is a big issue which started after I have taken a new landline connection. ICICI bank employee is repeatedly calling and harassing us on our land line phone number 022-23012499 and is enquiring about somebody whom we dont even know. Despite telling her many times that I am not the concerned person or related to him in anyways to whom she is looking for, she is harassing us stating that the person she is looking for has shared my number and therefore she will keep disturbing us by our phone calls. She is not even listening to my reasons that I am new to Bombay and have no associations with the person she is talking about. I humbly request you to look into this matter as we have a small son who has just got operated and this lady is continuously calling on our phone and harassing, it is creating lot of unnecessary trouble and my family is getting very disturbed with this behaviour of the bank staff. I have already written to ICICI customer service desk and to their nodal officer but there is no response from their end as yet.

    Looking forward to your help. Many thanks.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Post Misbehave

    Dear sir,

    I am Nikhil Pramod Talathi having saving Account in SBI (Khed branch, dist-Ratnagiri,Maharashtra). I had applied for HOME LOAN to buy the property at khed. Although my application for home loan is sanctioned and i got the money too. But the manager who is looking after the home loan was not behaving properly. He did not give proper & complete information regarding home loan. Every day he was asking for new document. So it took almost 3 months to complete the process.
    My question is if I have submitted all the original document for mortgage of the property against which i have taken home loan, then why the manager of the branch need photo copy of the same. As i submitted the original copy, at least i need photo copy to kept at my end.
    Still now the manager did not give any receipt or any document. Every time the manager talks rudely when i as for the photo copy of the original doument of the property.

    Nikhil Talathi

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default misbehaving

    dear sir ur staff members behaves so rudely wid d people dey show too much lazyness while working...

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    yoginath s patil Guest

    Default dear sir

    iam the new accounter your bank my complait is my passbook still not coming by careless of bank manager and misbehave with me and people please show any act for my request branch:gobbur gulbarga

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default misbehave with me by the branch manager of mugma bank of india

    There was a demand draft which you had promised of giving every semester as per your issue of education lian to me.when at the beginning of this sem my father adked you to make the same you made him run to the branch continuously for three days and yet the d.d was not ready.after that when my father got pissed after regular harash ment you together with your assistant branch managet sanjeev talked to him in a rubbish manner.and when my father told you that you had made him tun for three days even after having all the details present in the file of my loan sanctioned. You said that you will make him run for more ten days.
    I want an explanation from your side at the earliest that how dare you talk to a senior person like this.you are there for customer satisfaction not for customer harrasement.please give an explanation at the earlust or else i will be compelled to take this matter to ombudus.
    Shreyas pandey
    Mugma branch
    Bank of india
    Phone no. 9668069438

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default wrong information given by ICICI bank staff during investment and return.

    Dear Concern,
    We have got wrong information and wrong return/loss of return of money from your ex-staff who has resigned from company and cheated the customer as well as company.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Miss behave


    with due respect i want to inform u that i Suman Ahmed from tripura suffered lots of problem while getting an account on your bank,ur staff Mr Hussain Ahmed,and Mr sadrul Islam Choudhury behaved very very badly with me,,,sir I belongs to Kailashahar Unakoti Tripura.

    It is my earnest appeal to the authority to take serious action against them.It is your symphetic Consideration only.
    sir i can neither speak english well nor understand;;dut i tried my level best to make u understand.Thank u

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Complain against bank stuff mr. Alok, bank of india (tobin road brunch)

    Dear sir,
    i am a customer of bank of india (tobin road brunch).my a/c no. Is 404210100016147.
    I have a ecs transaction to lic. But now i am uncomfortable to pay the primium through ecs from this a/c.
    Lic co. Told me to stop this ecs from bank, but one of your employee named mr. Alok (bank of india, tobin road brunch) do not receive my ecs cancellation letter day by day.
    Please do the needful and receive my ecs cancellation letter.
    Thanking you,

    yours faithfully
    avijit dey.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default complaint against syndicate bank

    I want to complaint against employee of syndicate bank who misbehave with me and also use abusing language
    So I request you to please take some kind of action
    Thank you

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    SHRIANSH Guest

    Default Not at all priority for customer satisfaction

    This is the complain against bank of india, datia branch i went there to open my account this ws my fourth time but they keep on saying that right now we can not open, one clerical cadre employ in bank of india datia branch miss sneha behaved in a very rude manner. I dont find any customer satisfaction priority in her behaviour.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Thumbs down Indian Bank misbehaviour

    Indian Bank, branch of Dharavi are useless in their work.

    They not even improper in their work but also they have u unethical staff who don't know how to behave with the customer.

    For our daily transaction we need do update our Pass book but for that also we need to struggle alot, normally they also have problem with printer and against of that we question them they give very bad behaviour and we back answer.

    Horrible experience with this bank from 4years.

    Pathetic staff and pathetic facility.


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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Misbehavior of Chief Manager of Indian Overseas Bank


    My complaint is pertaining to misbehaved and unethical attitude of Chief Manager appointed in India Overseas Bank, Rohini Sec-8 Branch, Delhi-85.

    I have my a/c in Indian Overseas bank, Janakpuri branch which was opened many years back. Because of urgency I had to withdraw some cash from my a/c from Rohini branch which is near to my house now. While withdrawing cash in Rohini branch there was a mismatch in my signature(may be slight difference) because of which my cheque was returned and asked to speak to Chief Manager of branch for the same. When I went to the CM, he simply refused to take my sign again on the cheque, and started calling me Thief, Fraud, Idiot like words in front of whole staff and customers. Withouth even verifying any other details or asking me for any identification document I was refused to withdraw my money. I kept telling him this is my money lying in bank which I need is for urgent reasons, he kept using unethical language and told me to go to Janakpuri branch (which is almost 15 km away and closure time of bank).

    I request any authorized regulatory to take necessary action against such personnel who need to learn respecting their customer. I need apology from the Manager for not allowing me to withdraw my money and using unrespectful/unetchical language, else I will have to seek other options to raise by concern to right forum.


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    mohammed saad Guest

    Default complaint against sbi bank staff of dharavi branch

    They dont have manners how to talk with costemer how to behave with costemer infact all the staff and as well as security also dont respect costomers .speaking like jahil and all.

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