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Thread: Bajaj Finance_Open Fraud

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    Default Bajaj Finance_Open Fraud


    My Loan docs_4050CD00148061_01.zip

    I have a complaint on Bajaj finance company regarding EMI issue.

    I have taken loans from Bajaj finance organisation for Air condition & Washing machine.

    Loan 1: 4050CD00148061 (Duration of EMI : June 2011 to Jan 2012)
    Loan 2: 4050CD00206628 (Duration of EMI : Currently Running Yet to pay 5 EMI's)

    For each loan, I am paying EMI directly to the agency 'Reliable Enterprises' every month with permission of Bajaj vendor where I have taken Loan 1 (Croma, Palm beach) as there is a problem with the ECS payment from my bank.

    After payment of last EMI (Jan 2012) of Loan 1, they told me that I have not paid one EMI. For this they charged overdue Rs 350/- and further they blocked my EMI card (of Amount 75000) which is issued on my name for the payment 0f Rs199/- as a benefit.

    When I checked my bills that is given by an agency every month, I found that for the month of Nov 2011, the agent has entered wrong loan account number rather than mine and my amount was credited to some other person pocket.

    Immediately I had requested the customer through online complaints (Complaint numbers: 283932 logged on 6th Feb & 321454 through 'bajajfinservlending' with my login details) about the issue and asked them to resolve the issue and close the Loan 1, Withdraw the Overdue amount charged, Issue the blocked EMI card as this is the agency mistake, not the customer mistake.

    But still I have not received any resolution for my complaints. For the reason I restricted to pay the next EMI of another loan 'Loan 2' until the issue has not resolved.

    I am getting warning calls regularly from the collection agent ( Agent Mobile No: 9320364850) and using vulgar language about customer personality, character and said that he will come to my home, beat me and collect the amount. Now I clearly decided not to pay any amount until the issue was resolved.

    Rather than resolve the issue, they are doing misbehave with the customers.

    If this is my mistake I will definitely face the words that are given by an collection agent. But this is purely their mistake : wrong entry of loan account number.

    I told to that agent, I am going to complaint to the consumer court. But I dont know how to reach consumer court personally. That is the reason I am putting the request in this site.

    Hope you can understand the customer problems and give the right suggestion to face these kind of issues.

    Here by I am attaching the supporting documents to prove my payment details.

    Many Thanks

    Saleem Mohammed

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    Hi Bajaj Team,

    Is there any concern person from Bajaj finance team look at the issue mentioned above.
    Still my query has not resolved and facing so many harassment calls from different Collection agencies.
    One Person Mr Swapnil (022 - 61317824 / 9833183885) from Bajaj collection agency is trying to resolve my issue with my kind request from last one month. As his conversation he has forward my complaint to the higher authority for clearance approval. But he is not getting any response from the higher management approval for the last one month.Hope the higher management will act immediately, Closed my query and clear my name from CIBIL report.
    I have raised so many complaints to "wecare@bajajfinservlending.in" service with scanned copies.But i have not received response for my complaints.
    My name is going to be in CIBIL report because of Agency mistake.Please remove my name from CIBIL report once clear my complaint.
    I am waiting for the solution from concern higher authority member of Bajaj finance.
    Why the people from Bajaj team have not respond to the queries logged in Wecare service.


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    Michelle A Suresh Guest

    Exclamation Receiving calls and sms for outstanding of Rs.350/- for closed Loan through EMI on Consumer durable

    Dear Sir,

    This is to bring to your notice that I have received calls from collection agents for last 2 - 3 months regarding outstanding of Rs.350/- on loan no:5080 CD 000 43443.

    As per my knowledge - I do not understand how can there be an outstanding for Rs.350/- when my monthly EMIs were above Rs.1000 s. The fridge was bought more than 2 - 3 yrs ago and why the calls and follow up now?? Weird and absurd approach by your customer care.

    After I demanded an explanation on this outstanding & they could not give me a clear picture. Now they have started sending sms with the same message.

    I request you to kindly explain the reason for this outstanding.

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    Dear Ms Michelle,

    Thank you for sharing your Loan Account Number. We have already initiated the process of resolution of your query. You shall hear from us in the next 48 Working hours. During this time, should you wish to contact us, please write to us on wecare@bajajfinserv.in mentioning your Loan Account Number in the subject.

    With regards,

    Bajaj Finserv Lending

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    Dear Ms Michelle,

    With reference to our discussion, we wish to inform you that as a goodwill gesture we have waived off the amount and sent the no objection certificate to your registered email ID. In future we request you to write to us at wecare@bajajfinserv.in to assist you further.

    With regards,

    Bajaj Finserv Lending

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    sanjeet kumar Guest

    Default for emi card

    please arrange my emi card my ac-4L60cd00004517

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default getting harrashment from bajaj finance

    Dear sir
    i(anupama Vashishth) took personal loan and consumer durable from bajaj finance ....7 month back i lost my job and i also informed to their collection agent Mr Harjinder Singh...From this monday i got call from Mr Ashok ,due to busy i was not able to meet him ...but tuesday he came to my residence without,,, calling me i as in patiala ,,,they discuss all the things to our building manager....loan is my privacy even they discuss our neighbour also when i asked mr sarabjeet said we dont have your address no,,,even they are having my contect no,,and also they areconfirmed from harjinder and harjinder after confirming me gave the today morning meeting time instead all the things they disclose the things also said to me and them that they are having nonbalable warrent against me ,,,or i have to pay 20000/ today EOD....my financial position is critical i said befor 30april i will deposite 20000/ then they said police willcome and arrestme plz help me


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    Gaurav Mishra 9936601636 Guest

    Post provide my refund

    Dear sir

    I have full settled my personal loan amount before the due period. But the loan amount credit from my account last month . They not close my finance yet . I want my money(2256) back . If they not provide my refund i will file a case in consumer court surely. Loan details: 4570PL00024100 branch. Kanpur My email id:gauraviit87@gmail.com. i expect a positive decision from your side

    I have already write so many time wecare@bajajfinserv.in but still not i am not getting satisfied answer

    Gaurav Mishra
    IIT Kanpur 208016
    Mobile 9936601636

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