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Thread: Complaint against IFB washing machine

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    Default Complaint against IFB washing machine

    Dear Consumer Court,

    I am very disappointed to purchase IFB Digital 7Kg Direct Drive machine. Mr. Mohan (9717089362) came for demo and installation. Rather than installing he sell other IFB products and he told us that he never install IFB Digital 7Kg Direct Drive. We purchased wrong IFB stand & cover from him. IFB Stand rotates while machine is on and because of this many problem arises. Now within a month period its water pipe giving problems and customer care is asking for money to change. Because of your wrong IFB stand why should I pay for Pipe? Please look into this matter and change the wrong IFB stand & cover on urgent basis or return our money back.

    Rajeev Awasthi

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    RMKAPOOR Guest

    Default Complaint against ifb microwave convection

    I bought ifb microwave convection in june 2010. Microwave stopped in . I lodged complaintwith ifb. The mechanic sent by them charged more than rs.3000 for replacing 2 parts and service charge. The mchanic tried to take old part replaced by him. I refused to give him the old part. Imaine in less than 2 years i had to pay more than rs.3000, whereas u can buy a microwave for around rs.4000.
    Now compare with the microwave of 'kenstar' i had purchasd in 1996 which is still working without expenses. I had spent only rs.250 during last 15years.

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    Deepak Agarwa Guest

    Default ifb washing machine elite sx

    I would like to inform you that I have purchased IFB Washing Machine Elite SX via invoice number C-10647/10-11 dated 29.03.2011 from dealer M/s KBM Electronics ,Laxmi Nagar,Delhi-110092. Here I also like to highlight that this was a decision I took after doing much research on the best available automatic washing machines in the Market and sentiment attach to it was this that this was an anniversary gift to my wife.
    All efforts and happiness goes in vain as in next few months after purchase and we started realising that it was not a right decision to go for an IFB WM as the washing machines started giving troubles on continuous intervals and now it has become a nuisance value to our life.
    Following are the details of the complaints and problems we have faced and are facing till date.
    1. Complaint Number:7385436 (August,2011 –September,2011)
    Complaint Code:
    Remarks: The machine was getting stopped from time to time. No cycle was complete out of given options.
    Action taken by the company: The digital plate was faulty and has been replaced and the executive who visited us had claimed Rs.276 as service charges from us and give us invoice number 15048 ( M/s Magic Service and Marketing D1/15,Chatterpur Hills, New delhi-110074)).
    2. Complaint Number:7028959 (December,2011-January,2011)
    Complaint Code: 2769859
    Remarks: The machines have started making huge noise while spinning as if some air plane is landing and all of our neighbours have started complaining for disturbance caused.
    Action taken by the company: The stone plates around drums were found detached and new drums were replaced.
    3. Complaint Number:8455985,8473745 (March,2012)
    Complaint Code: 2769859
    Remarks: The machine was again making some strange noises.
    Action taken by the company: We have been suggested by the company that service which is due will solve the problem if any and executive came and do normal service said that everything is perfect.
    4. Complaint Number:8778343 (May,2012)
    Complaint Code: 2769859
    Remarks: The strange noise was heard from lower part of the washing machine again and finally it stopped working.
    Action taken by the company: The executive visited on 04.05.2012 and said that motor now has to be replaced which still is pending and my machine is lying in the corner waiting for the action.
    If anyone go through the details can easily make out the mental agony, frustration and disappointment from last 14 months after taking wrong decision in buying your comp any product. Almost every part have been replaced still there is no guarantee that it will work properly after words also. My wife and I are deeply hurt and are disturbed by the problems this machine is giving now and then.

    Warm Regards,

    Deepak Agarwal

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    KHALID.M.A Guest

    Angry Bad attn against new ifb washing machine damage

    I am m.a.khalid purchased ifb automatic washing machine but it was not working hence i complaint the custmercare and also the dealer but the response was not good till the last twentythree days.please consider this and repair our machine as early as possible.purchase date august 2011.

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    Default Ifb washing machine

    Washing machine purches date 30\4\2012 demodate 2\5\2012 demo is not santosh (satispayer) 3\5\2012 macinekal poblem to door lok bakeej (havi wabesan0) same date local campilen not replay campin agg.

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    A K Goswami Guest

    Default Non working of new washing machine

    Dear Sir,
    I bought a new washing machine 8062 on 27th Marchy 2012, from M/s Koshla Electronics, Garia. Since installation it was making huge noise.
    On my complain your service technician attended but could not repair. As defective machine was supplied I demanded it is to be replaced by a new machine.
    I contacted your Ms Uma Gupta several times but no action was taken till date. I highly regret your services. The machine is lying idle in my house
    for about one and half month and no action is taken by you in spite reminding you again and again. Now I request you to replace the machine immediately
    or refund me the money with full interest and compensation as other wise I will be compelled lodge complain to consumers' court.
    Looking forward to your reply,
    Yours truly,
    A K Goswami
    Mobile - 9831768915. Email Id. akgoswami@ hotmail.com / metpower_kolkata@yahoo.com

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Beware of IFB Washing Machines - Worst Service Support

    Beware of IFB Washing Machines - Worst Service Support
    My IFB Digital 6 KG front loading washing machine stopped working since 11-04-2012 with error code 2.
    I logged a call with IFB customer care on 11-04-2012. My complaint number is 8630862.
    Few days later the service person (from kolathur service franchise) came and told that he replaced some part and empty run was fine.
    While we tried to operate the machine very next day with clothes it’s not working and the same error repeated again (inlet water is not stopping and over flow causes the error)
    I’ve contacted IFB customer care again on 22-04-2012 and they gave me a new complaint no: 8701750
    Service person came and told the part (which was claimed to be changed earlier week) is the problem and needs to be changed.
    No one called back after that. I’ve started chasing customer care.
    The IFB customer care gave me contact numbers of kolathur service centre people and asked me talk to them directly.
    I’ve spoke to them numerous time every day but all in vain.
    26500002 – Kolathur franchise
    25516200 – Kolathur franchise escalation (Gowsiya)
    9941015200 – Kolathur franchise proprietor???(Gurumoorthy)
    9344011775 – Kolathur area IFB manager (Moses Vinod)
    (Ganesh from franchise called me as per instruction from Vinod)
    The service centre people are well trained in giving various reasons every day.
    “There is no stock of that part”
    “Part is ordered it will come by next Friday and will fix it by coming Monday” (every week I’m hearing the same)
    "All parts are changed don't know why its not working"
    I approached call centre again on 21st May 2012 for further escalation. I was given below number and no one is picking the call.
    Its 40 days now and my washing machine stands like a monument in my house.
    Again service person came on 21st May and my machine is dismantled completely. I've no hope that it will be working after getting reassembled.
    Service people are getting trained to the core exploiting our situation.
    By luck i was able to catch the lady in 30288511(IFB area office number) She started giving commitment like "it will be completed today"

    She put a conference with Vetri(7299017031) who is the service manager for Kolathur franchise, again same story...senior person will visit...issue will be resolved today.......holy cow...getting tired of these...

    Moral of this...
    Don't go for IFB it's not suitable for India.
    Even if you bought it ...Pray god it should run without any issues. (Best way is don’t use it)
    Dare enough to use it...one fine day it will not work ...please don’t call the customer care for service. (You will regret it for remaining life)
    Still you want your machine to be serviced – You’ve to be iron hearted,
    1. Your machine will be the learning ground for IFB service personnel (Is it a hidden agenda in IFB’s ethics?)
    2. Be ready for false promises
    3. Enjoy getting cheated in front of your own eyes
    4. Get ready to post your experience like this one
    N.B: During warranty period people will keep on calling you for free service appointment and no one will turn back. Don’t know how they manage to give statistics.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Very bad attitude of IFB customer service

    My AMC just expired on 16.05.2012. No service was given in AMC period. I called them, within AMC period at least 2-3 times to change / replace Shokers. Informedon phone to me that someone is coming. No one came. The service representative only on 25.05.2012, after expiry of AMC period and asked charges for replacement as the AMC expired. I felt extremely cheated and shall never recommend to buy IFB product. Our organisation is a strong community of about 40,000 officers and we purchase the material & services on feedback system.

    Cheats are sitting whose aim is to get AMC from Royal customer and get away. They will respond badly once AMC expired and defects not ratified, even after complaining in AMC period, moreover when they responed telephonically to inform visit of their representative .

    I am using IFB product from last twenty year but this experience have tought me to stop using the product whose committments have no value. I will inform internally in my organisation ONGC about this bad attitude of IFB and warned them.

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    Default Ifb washing machine complaint on customer care at trivandrum....

    Dear Sir,
    I have been using IFB washing machine Executive Model for the past 12 years.
    In between the bearings have been changed by your concerned service personnel for a couple os occasions. In Nov 2010, the machine was running with noise; subsequently, I contacted the service parsonnel.
    As suggested by service personnel, I had taken AMC in the month of DEC.2010. The bearings were changed. Even after changing the bearings, the noise did not stop.
    Again a complaint was registered by me, for which the response from the service personnel was very disappointing.
    Finally, last dec. 2012 they came and attended the problem; changed the bearings again. Even then the noise did not stop while running. Due to the poor response from the service personnel at trivandrum, I further did not register any complaint.

    Now, the drum is not rotating and hence I registered a complaint through call center. My complaint number is 8902015; customer ID:3411901. My present address: T.C.04/1593, Roopa bhavan, Monvila, Trivandrum-695 583. Contact mobile nos. 09447583605; 09446176830.

    In this context, I wish to bring to your kind notice the fact that the drum might have gone last year itself when the machine was under AMC. That is why, the noise did not stop even after changing the bearings last dec.2011. Hence, I honestly feel that the service was not properly done and it is a proof that by changing the bearings twice within a year (in 2011) the noise did not stop.

    Hence I request you to look into this matter and arrange for changing the drum treating the machine under AMC; since the machine was under AMC till Dec.2011. during the period the problem was not attended correctly.

    I also wish to bring to your kind notice that we have bought one IFB make dish washer two years back. pleas understand the belief in IFB products we have and we hope positive response from you with regard to our washing machine.

    Thank you,

    Murugesan R
    T.C.04/1593, Roopa Bhavan,

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    Sudha dube Guest

    Thumbs down delay in intallation of spare part-pipe

    Dear IFB TEAM
    Its very bad experience for having an top loading washing machine from your esteemed company.Its highly saddened, that , I had raised the request on 23 april 2012, req id-222305, which is still pending as if now, for installation pipe, despite of fact, that the concerned executive engineer had himself came to install the control assembly/pannel of machine earlier after continous calling, and had rectified the problem for installation of pipe, but even then also, the pipe not being installed, and the machine is still in idle non working mode. which is almost the 1.5 months now.

    I am an senoir citizen, is being completely harrased by your lack of cordination between customer care and service centre.When called,the service centre , they deny of having such request.Its almost one month down the line, company is not able to fix new pipe in the machine.

    I am very old customer, having another front loading washing machine, which is running good, but I only pray, its shouldnt be stop.

    Requesting you to kindly do the needful, act fastly.


    Sudha Dube

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    saraths Guest

    Default IFB Washing Machine Senorita VX - Worst machine and customer support

    A new Senorita VX model washing machine has been installed in my home on last Saturday. In the very first washing on Sunday, the machine got hanged while washing when time left was 38 min (Cotton+45).

    Please note that I am so disappointed because :
    1) the service attendant is not keen to give the demonstration from day one. In turn he wants us to buy the machine stand costing Rs.1300/-, stabilizer cost Rs. 950/- and other powders like Protecta from him.

    2) i hear only threatening orders from him that - if i am not buying these things, there is no guarantee for the machine. If i am not using the stand, machine will be damaged after 3-4 years.

    3) Now, when the machine is damaged in the first run itself, the same service attendant founded that the issue is "Coil of Pump" is damaged because of no AIR CIRCULATION and this happened because i haven't used "STAND" and "STABILIZER".

    Please note that in the guarantee booklet provided along with the machine, it is clearly mentioned that "A concrete floor is best and no need of any wooden board or something" and also "in-built micro-controller is present and no need of external stabilizer".

    Even after fixing the issue first time, again the machine has been damaged second time.

    The worst machine that i have ever seen and the service person is so arrogant as if he is the CEO of IFB company.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Still not get the order

    I am Vishal Dhimmar have given one order on 8 May 2o12 but still i am not get the same.
    Order detail
    ORDER NUMBER: 267320
    Digital 8KG Direct Drive
    SKU: Digital 8KG Direct Drive-25029-330515485-1
    Vishal Dhimmar
    34-Avdhutnagar, Behind JPnagar Shastri Road, Dist. Surat
    Bardoli Gujarat
    India 394601
    IFB Shipping
    Product Subtotal
    Discount Adjustment
    Surcharge Adjustment
    Original Shipping
    Shipping Adjustment
    Shipping Tax Rs. 39,500.00
    Rs. 6,000.00
    Rs. 0.00
    Rs. 0.00
    Rs. 0.00
    Rs. 0.00
    Rs. 0.00
    Rs. 0.00
    ORDER TOTAL Rs. 33,500.00

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    Raju D.S.N. Guest

    Default A.M.C. Paid and no service.

    Model : Senator 6 Kgs

    Front door innerside rubber sleeve damaged. Further, the auto sequence is stopping abruptly after reaching Final Rinse step. Complaint already lodged thro' tollfree no.(Complaint No: 8707880 in last week of April.) Even after this many days and even after several reminders, nobody attended. Hence I was forced to make one more complaint on 03.06.2012 (Compl. No: 10013088) Even after this, I made several calls as nobody turned up. Whenever I make a call I am being falsely assured that the service people will come in the next day but even after 8 weeks, I haven't seen any of the service personnel yet.
    Please note that I have paid for the AMC in March '12 and now I realize that it was my greatest mistake. It appears that the service people are interested only in the money and never care for customer service. I am tired of the inaction of IFB and am seriously considering the toher available options. Please help.

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    acharyagls Guest

    Post Replacement of highly defective Washing Machine Model Diva (Customer ID 3222271)


    I purchased IFB washing machine Model Diva on 14th January 2012 after strong recommendations from my friends and relatives. Presently, I am highly aggrieved with the quality and reliability of the washing machine as mentioned above.

    The said washing machine is not giving me any service and utility of any standard. The clothes remain dirty even after washing them twice and thrice. It gives blasting sound many a times during the washing operation. It also vibrates too much while in operation and goes away from its starting position. In many cases, it went away by about 5-6 feet from its starting position. In spite of the visit of your service engineers visiting my place on my complaints dated 10-05-2012 (Complaint No. 8822148) and 26-05-2012 (Complaint No. 8916204), the machine continued to give some or the other functional problem and one could not rely on its functional efficacy/consistency.

    To my disgust, your service engineer who visited last time informed me that the machine has got deep scratches inside the body of the machine. He also informed me that there appeared to be some problem with the wash tub. You would kindly appreciate the amount of confidence I can now have on the washing machine.

    Now for the last about one month I have been in regular touch with the service centre but of no avail. My complaint No. 8934683 dated 29th May 2012 has not even been attended till date and surprisingly, your service centre also does not even inform me whether they would be able to correct

    the machine to function trouble free. This kind of a service from IFB, at least I cannot believe.

    In this background I am left as a highly dissatisfied customer and have lost total confidence to rely on this piece of machine. I, therefore, request you to kindly provide me a replacement of the machine: if possible top load machine. Should you feel for me to make a payment of difference in price, if any, I shall do the needful on hearing from you.

    I believe you would not shake my confidence any further of my reliance on your big name in the washing machine industry and as marketing ethics should dictate, provide me a replacement of the washing machine most expeditiously. Hoping for a positive and a prompt response.

    Thanking you,


    Gayatri Devi
    Ph. 9350167090

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    Unregistered Guest

    Angry complaint against IFB machine

    i purchased your machine a moth back and after regular reminders nobody from the company has turned up for the demonstration on the usage of washing machine..on purchase false promises were given and none has answered to my problems even,, kndly look after my problem please. thank you

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