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Thread: Bajaj Finance not providing NOC

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    Default Bajaj Finance not providing NOC

    Baja Finance not providing NOC even after paying my loan against AC.
    Please help me...

    Bangaru Naidu

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    Default Not providing NOC & RC

    Shri Ram City Union Finance Ltd is not providing NOC & RC even after paying all my EMI and not behaving properly at their Vadapalani Branch Office. Please help me.


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    i had purchased a hcl desktop in year 2008 on emi through bajaj finance.i had provided them with some cheaques to pay as emi but during the repayment period 2 of my cheaques had bounced and the imformed me that i can take the bounced cheaques from them and pay the emi amount directly in cash to them and i did the same as quickly possible.then when i paid all my emis and cleared my loan, i asked for noc but they said they will send through post which they didnot.after some days i also forgot about the noc as i had went to dehli for studies. but now after 4 years the are again calling on my mobile and threatening that since 2-3 of my cheaques had bounced at that time they have imposed penalty of 4000 on me and they will file case against me. now my problem is that now i dont have the reciepts with me as i have already thrown them and my question is why should i pay more 4000 when i had cleared every thing before 3 yers and if there was any problem then why did they came to my house during that time and recieved payment from me at that time during cheaque bounce.so i m in a mentally harrassed state as my final exams are goin on and they are really annoying me and i m soon going to take some serious action against bajaj finance if my exams get spoiled due to this stupid tension.bajaj finance are really the biggest ever cheats n they only know how to cheat.... i really regret that i had brought my desktop through those cheats.so plz help....

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