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Thread: Dell one of the worst services in india.

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    Post Dell one of the worst services in india.

    On 17th January 2011, we bought DELL INSPIRON 5010 NOTEBOOK, along with 3 years warranty,. Within a day or two we started facing issues in the machine i.e. the battery and the lower base of the machine become too hot within few minutes, some of the systemís drivers were not properly installed and also we need to restore our operating system so many times.

    The above mentioned issues were resolved by the technician over the phone but from last few months we started facing new issue related with camera and Wi-Fi support.

    I launched a complaint on 22nd January 2012 Complaint No. 850505475 (India).
    On 25th January 2012, technician visited and changed the camera and its cable since then the machine stopped working. Once again we launched the complaint regarding this issue. A person from customer care called up and told to diagnose the system and Found an error code, and told that this is because of loose RAM in the system and ask me to bring a screw driver to open Memory slot and reinstall it, When I denied to do so he suggested me to buy one Screw driver Kit from the market charging around 60-70 Rs. And told that it is not possible to send technician again and again, they are just sent to change the part. And If a technician is sent then It will charge approximate 1000 Rs.

    Then we talk to Supervisor Mr. Praveen, He told this error is of Hard disk failure and need to be changed, He sent a technician to change the parts. When Technician came he found that HDD is crashed and he changed motherboard, Heat sink. After changing the parts the technician tried to install Windows 7, which he found corrupted. The seal of the CD was broken in front of us by him, i.e. we never used that CD before. He launched a request to send the CD.

    Next day I received a call from Dell, A person from that side suggested me to get Windows from any of my relatives or friends, if possible. So he could help me to install the windows. I denied for that too.

    Again we made a complaint, This time we are connected to Chandigarh to Mr. Kamal, He Said that it is possible, if we could replace your laptop with new one, Then I request him that if possible then we would like to have better version by paying the difference. He told to have consideration over this issue and that problem will take 24 to 48 hrs to be resolved, also retrieve your old data from crash Hard disk give back to you.

    Then we got a call from Mr. Sujan, He told us that this problem will take 4 to 5 working days to be resolved, And no replacement will be made against this laptop. Then we got a Mail from Mr. Sujan, After all of this he said that he wants to diagnose the system step by step once again. And as usual system was not working. His manner was very rude. I feel he needs to learn about how to talk with customer.

    Again I made a call to him. He asked for another 4-5 working days to resolve it. During these days he sent a senior technician with all the parts. The technician asked us for the CD which we were supposed to receive from Dell, but didn't get.

    I feel Mr. Sujan didn't get the problem we are facing

    We launched the complaint on 22 Jan 2012, and problem is still not resolved. Before 25 Jan 2012 at least laptop was working, we got all these issues only after the webcam was changed. Because of this my work is suffering a financial loss. I am working with world known company SDL Multilingual Solutions Private Limited Mumbai, Maharashtra as a Translator.


    I want to share one of my incidents with Apple MAC PRO at Ginza Tokyo Japan. I got a problem in memory slot, due to which system was not working, I launched a complaint of it and problem was solved by changing the parts. Again I faced this problem and this time they replaced my laptop with new one and with better version, and wanted the old one to learn why this problem is happening again and again.

    I understand every company has its own policy to work, but still taking 10-15 days to resolve an issue by a company like you is beyond my expectation. Once again remind you that the problem is still as it is.

    If problem is not resolve soon defiantly I will go to consumer court.
    Hoping for better Service.


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    keran Guest

    Arrow not giving service on time

    i m facing touchpad problem.i have installed os 21times still issue is not solved.dell tecnical person r telling that issue will be solved in 2 days but now 15 days are passed but issue is not solved.

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