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Thread: CIDCO of Maharashtra Ltd

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    Default CIDCO of Maharashtra Ltd



    FIRST APPEAL NO. 2754 OF 2006 Date of filing : 28/12/2006

    IN CONSUMER COMPLAINT NO. 92 OF 2005 Date of order : 19/03/2009


    Shri K.K. Trivedi

    A/3/7/6 Millennium Towers

    Sector-9 Sanpada,

    Navi Mumbai – 400 705. … Appellant/org. complainant


    1. The Managing Director

    CIDCO of Maharashtra Ltd.,

    Nirmal, 2nd floor, Nariman Point,

    Mumbai – 400 021.

    2. The Manager (Marketing-1)

    CIDCO of Maharashtra Ltd.,

    CIDCO Bhavan, CBD Belapur,

    Navi Mumbai – 400 614.

    3. The Asstt. Estate Office,

    (Nerul / Sanpada)

    CIDCO of Maharashtra Ltd.,

    Sector-3, Sanpada,

    Navi Mumbai – 400 705. … Respondents/org. O.Ps.

    Corum : Shri P.N. Kashalkar, Hon’ble Presiding Judicial Member
    Smt. S.P. Lale, Hon’ble Member

    Present: None for the appellant.

    Mr.Prakash Kadam, Advocate for the respondents.

    - : ORAL ORDER :-
    Per Shri P.N. Kashalkar, Hon’ble Presiding Judicial Member

    None is present for the appellant. Mr.Prakash Kadam, Advocate for the respondents/CIDCO.

    The complainant, who is appellant, had filed consumer complaint against CIDCO alleging deficiency in service. The complainant pleaded in his complaint that he had deposited with CIDCO an advance maintenance amount of Rs.4,596/-. He pleaded that CIDCO was not giving any interest on that advance maintenance deposited by him. Therefore, he claimed refund of that amount and also claimed amount towards mental harassment of Rs.32,532/-. He also claimed that the CIDCO had not given gas pipeline within reasonable time. Listing these three grievances, he filed consumer complaint against the CIDCO and its officials.

    CIDCO filed written statement and contested the complaint. According to the CIDCO, as per terms and conditions of allotment, maintenance of Rs.4,596/- was collected from the complainant and it is kept with CIDCO till the flat purchasers of that particular building forms Society. After Society is formed, the said amount is given to the custody of the Society. So, there was no question of refunding the said amount to the complainant or paying any interest on that amount. As far as delay in installation of gas pipeline is concerned, CIDCO pleaded that as per agreement, gas pipeline is installed in the flat of the complainant and delay occurred because of B.P.C.L., who is giving gas supply line. Thus, CIDCO pleaded that they had not committed any deficiency in service.

    Considering the affidavits and documents placed on record, the Forum below agreed to the contentions made by the CIDCO and was pleased to dismiss the complaint and against the said dismissal order, complainant has filed this appeal.

    When this appeal was called out, none appeared for the appellant/org. complainant. Therefore, we asked Mr.Prakash Kadam, Advocate for the respondents/CIDCO to advance arguments. We heard him extensively and we are finding that there is no merit in the appeal. CIDCO has taken advance maintenance charges as per terms and conditions of the allotment and once Society is formed, that amount is given to the Society. The Forum below also rightly held that delay in installation of gas pipeline is on account of B.P.C.L. and no blame can be made on the shoulder of the CIDCO. Thus, on finding there was no substance in the complaint, the Forum below rightly dismissed the complaint. The appeal filed by the appellant is devoid of any merit. Hence, we pass the following order :-

    -: ORDER :-

    1. Appeal stands dismissed with no order as to costs.

    2. Copies of the order be furnished to the parties.

    (S. P. Lale) (P.N. Kashalkar)

    Member Presiding Judicial Member

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    Unregistered Guest

    Post To many shop keeper at road

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Khandeshwer, Sector-16, Plot-14,

    There is to much shope keeper at roadside.
    thats why roads are to dirty, they are not keep the roads clean & neatly.
    there are lots of plastics, dustbins, paper,etc. on road.
    Hence, There are lots of problem to live. in dirty smell.
    So please, sir help us. to take decision.
    Your's Regards,
    (Navi Mumbaiker)

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    Khargharvasi Guest

    Exclamation Sewage treatment plant near to residential colony in kharghar

    Dear sir/Madam,

    I stay in khaghar. CIDCO has planned sewage treatment plant(STP) at sector-15 behind SPEGHETTI Complex which is completely residential project & they have started work as per plan. Initially (during buiding Speghetti complex) that land is allocated to garden by CIDCO, which now just because of few corrupted officers, they are going to use for STP. I am not opposing the STP but such type of plants should be little bit away from residential colony.

    CIDCO should built this STP plant away from residential colony. So please, sir help us.


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    Unregistered Guest

    Default illegal construction in open car parking space aft

    I got possession of Flat N 502 known as Haware Glory at Kharghar , sector -20 constructed on plot no-56 on 3/7/10 from Haware builder as per the agreement dated 14/6/10 . I was also allotted open car parking space O 58- A dated 9/6/2010 from Haware builder wrt purchase of Flat N502. Haware Glory CHS was formed on 11/7/11 and the Society Office got constructed with toilet inside the Society Office as another Society named as Haware Splender also exists on same plot . The clubhouse and swimming pool being maintained by Haware Splender .
    On 27/4/2012 Haware Glory CHS opend a toilet with door from outside and ventilation window facing my car parking O58-A on one day without intimating me which can be proved from the fact that lot of cement particles were observed on bonnet of my Car MH43N-6099 , the snapshots of which I have save in my camera .The Society Members told me verbally that this was done due to bad smell as the toilet was inside the society office. This means that one should demolish the toilet constructed inside their flat also. Now this creates smell when i go near my car and some toilet water is being observed near my car parking due to toilet cleaning and will lead to growth of mosquitoes and insects . When I got the Car parking space from builder ther was no such toilet door and window. Now there may be problem for me if I want to rent or sell my Flat in future as the buyer will have certain objections for the toilet door near my parking space O 58-A.
    After 27/4/12 I have written several mails to the President /Secretary of Glory Society on 28th ,29th April 2012 and on 2nd May 2012 which is the official mail ID but I received no reply from them. So I request you to do the needful

    FLAT NO- N502
    PLOT NO-56, SEC-20

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Illageal Construction bearing plot no.21 & 22. Sector no.1, Ghansoli, Navi Mumbai.

    We wish to bring to the notice of your good office that, we had filed a Right to Information application
    with concerned civic authorities to seek details and documents in relevance to the structure/building, as mentioned
    in the subject item, which was permitted and had received sanctions for the sake of residential dwellings in the form
    of Row House(s) only. But unfortunately, the same is operated for commercial purposes and utilized as commercial
    lodge known as ‘Sai Shraddha Lodge’ without procuring proper licensed and / or N.O.C from Fire officer and/ or
    authorities. Other relevant Documents and/or copies of necessary permissions related to sanctions/permissions for
    carrying out commercial activities, if any, are not submitted to the concerned authorities till date, thereby indicating
    to violation of civic and/or administrative guidelines and breach of provisions pertaining to regulations.
    It has also been observed and evidentially proven, that the Occupancy Certificate for the above mentioned
    structure/premise has been denied U/Sec.45(i) & (iii) of the Maharashtra Regional and Town Planning Act 1966, as
    concerned Architect and Developer totally failed to comply with the provision/guidelines.
    Therefore, we request you good office, to initiate strict legal and penal action against the developer/owner,
    as is evident from the reply letter Dt: 11/7/2008. issued by the CIDCO authorities through our R.T.I. application as
    We look forward to a early and prior response from your good office in the above regard and also insist that
    strict disciplinary action must be initiated against all those responsible for such an act of breach of regulation.
    Yours Faithfully,
    Mr.Vijay Shetty,
    International Human Rights Access
    Maharashtra-General Secretary

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    disha.myguru@gmail.com Guest

    Default garbage mismanagement

    This is with regards to irregular collection of garbage from New Panvel. This is not the first time, that garbage is not being collected for a continuous period of 2-3 days. This time garbage is not being collected since Wednesday, 11 july. This has lead to dumping and and collection of garbage at every premises's exit, leading to extremely unhygienic, unhealthy conditions which can further worsen to unwanted epidemics.
    This is hightime that the concerned department of CIDCO should wake up and take an urgent step for the welfare of the residents.
    I hope that this humble request is heard and acted upon at the earliest.

    Disha Tiwari
    P6 34/7 Sector-15
    New Panvel
    Navi Mumbai

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Complaints Regarding the Unwanted/ ILLegal Construction(Huts)

    Respected Sir,
    This is to inform you about what’s going on sec-20-D Nerul West 400706.since back 6 years there was no jopad patis(HUTS) and no unwanted construction in our sector. We have met many peoples regarding this but no action has been take till now. Many times CIDCO has put the Notice board stating that this property belongs to CIDCO then to this unwanted construction is growing day by day.
    This peoples who stay there are most from Bangladeshis without any Rason-Card they are been given the facility of water and electricity from the street light free of cost. Question arises that how the New Connection is provided if its an illegal place for electricity and Water. What role they play in Tax?.We the citizen of nerul who pay property tax regularly? But still do not get such free of cost facilities!
    Once CIDCO had taken action to destroy the entire building which was totally developed then also they collapsed the entire building stating that it was illegal but now at the same place the Unwanted construction (Huts) are made and Rent is been taken Is this legal?
    Our sector which has 5 religious temples /church which is good for us but this unwanted construction below this temples and church make it worse & and sad for our sector.
    Below listed picture is the Proof:-

    Complaint Address:-
    Sec20 D, Nerul (West),Below Balaji Temple.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Cidco Rental Flat

    Dear Sir,

    i Have taken a Cidco flat G-14/304, Shree Ganesh CHS, Sec 9 Gharonda, Ghansoli Navi Mumbai on Rental from Mr. Balram Krishna Bhoir (cidco Officer in Khoperkhairne).

    I have stayed there from 1st April2010 to 25 dec 2013. However, after leaving the flat the owner has not given me my security deposit of Rs. 20000.

    I believe that cidco officers are given flat to stay, not to give on RENT.

    Kindly help me to get back my amount as i have all the necessary documents and proof with me.


    Randeep Bhatia

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    Unregistered Guest

    Thumbs down Cleaning of Pavement in Sec 30 , Kharghar

    Dear Sir,

    This is to bring it to your notice that the residential premises in sec 30(owe gaon), Kharghar is absolutely dirty and no maintenance is undertaken by CIDCO, All the pavements in front of all the buildings are filled with garbage and scrap. Kindly arrange to clean them at least occasionally.There is a pawn broker in front of Plot no. 7 who has put up a stall on pavement and selling tabacco and other stuff. The stall is illegal. He is spoiling people's health.
    The areas are filled with garbages and lots of mosquitoes and flies are entailed.The garbage needs to be cleaned every often. kindly look in to the matter and arrange to clean. I have never seen a cidco staff coming and cleaning these areas.

    202, prathmesh park, plot no 7, sector 30 ,
    Kharghar 410210
    Navi Mumbai

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default NOT KEEPING CLEAN.in sector 36. plot 29 kamothe navi mumbai

    Sir. I have observed that from last 15 days., the wate carry out vehicle of Cidco not coming daily. So that in front of each socity many dust Been has been seeing. And due to this dogies carry out waste from dust been and area looking very dirty and bad smell

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