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Thread: Beam tele internet connection

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    Question Beam tele internet connection

    I ordered for a new BEAM TELE internet connection HYDERABAD around a 1month back. I totally paid the amount with one month advance payment. I contacted the customer care 30 times. Went to the branch office 10 times. I callled the concerned person 30 times. Still they are not able to provide a connection.I mailed the appellate authority and the nodal officer nodalofficer (at) beamtele.com , NO RESPOSE. , They even took the power for the common setupbox from my house 2 weeks back. some of the token numbers of the compaints are :4239157,4177922,4164308,4154424,4130353,4134516,4 136636,4145613,4121683,4111738....

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    Default Beam Fiber Account ID 86129

    Beam has rectified the internet problem on 02-05-2012

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    I have taken Beam Tele Connection on 2nd June'12. I requested for Wireless Router and made the payment through cheque.
    I was assured of the wireless router on 4th June'12. In the mean time I am using the Broadband service with wired facility. There is no problem in the continuity of service. Though, I had raised few concerns on the serivce, they were addressed very quickly.
    But, the issue with Wireless router was not solved. I had to keep calling them everyday to get status update. I have made more than 7 calls on 7th, 8th aand 9th June'12 for wireless router. I get the routine response from Customer care that the ticket is fowarded to conceeerned dept with higher priority and will bbe resolved bby evening without fail. I was vexed with the false promises they have given. They would not allow me to talk to aany of the supervisor and give some vague response that supervisor iss busy on other call. I requestedd for call back but in vain.
    Vexed with thiis mental torture, I escalated on 8th that if I do not get the router by EOD I will request for Stop Payment of Cheque(surprisngly the cheque wwas not cleared even after 4-5 days, I doubt admin Dept efficiency in realisng the money).
    after this call, within 10 minutes i receive a call with Beam Tele, and they conferences the area Marketing executive with again false assurance that by 9th 12noon, router will be installed.
    Next day, 9th June 11.45am I call up customer service enquiring their promise(nobody called me till that time). Now, I was very adament to talking to supervisor, after 10mins somebody by name Sunil Kumar comes on call and loops in another guy asking for status. They said the router is cleared 30 mins back and will be installed in 1hr.
    I asked what happened to the mental torture I have been thru for 3 days. They are not botherd about it at all. These guy pass on the blame on Admin dept. for the delay. Surprisingly customer(myself) has never received any update about this delay.
    I had earlier been with other vendor for 2 years, I did not call them single time regarding any concern.
    I would want to reiterate Beam Tele about being Customer Oriented. This is a Consumer industry where in the existence of business is only through customer devoted service, increasing Customer confidence and improving company's credibility through esteemed service.
    I did not experience any of the above inn tlast 1 week. I am worried that within 1st 1 week of taking Beam Tele service, I happened to call more than 10 times, for how many more calls do I have to prepare myself to continue with this service.
    Please open your eyes and realise the kind of service gap your have deployed. Let there be a propoer escalation matrix shared with customers and follow strict SLAs taking Customer into loop wrt. communication.
    I wish you to grow but not at the expense of customer satisfaction.....
    Just for your reference, one of the Ticket nos I have raised 5310246

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    muraliks21@yahoo.com Guest

    Default BEAM Telecom not responding to complaints - my net connection is down from 4days and no response.

    How to teach a lesson to this sort of any non responsive telecom providers ? I appreciate any legal actions for this sort of providers on priority basis


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    Default Billing issue

    This is Pushpendra Dwivedi from Safilguda Secunderabad and my mobile no.9000251852 a very upset customer of your as I have never seen the worst service them beam telecom before.
    Its been almost two months and my problem was never resolved, in spite of sending bank statements for the amount deducted for the month of Apr-13, calling almost 50 times and providing
    Hard copy of statement at your Secunderabad office my issue was never addressed, all your representatives can give is just assurance that it will be taken care but guess what you guys yourself
    Donít know what you are doing. There is a stupid guy Chaitanya from a/c dept. with who I have spoken multiple times still no go. This is really frustrating. Please address my concern in 24hrs or
    Send someone to take the line off my home, I really had it enough.

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    Ticket No : 11956951

    Appreciate all the friends posting their concerns here, but do not understand is there anyone to take action in BEAM Network? Am now sure that they dont know their jobs and why are we wasting our time reminding them how to do their job?

    I have registered a complaint a week back for BEAM network's slow bandwidth. A technical person came after 24 hours checked and said that my quota is not reset and after lunch only he can call up his server team to reset to my astonishment, Upon my insistence he called them and informed me saying that it will take 48 hours to reset my account. It means to say that when they are at fault I have to pay for all the days for the time when my internet is not working? who is going to pay when net is down? Nodal officer is also not able to show any solution even after two days of complaint. They sit on the complaint expect a customer to pay for BEAM's indifference and incompetence from Nodal officer level to Appellate authority?

    I wonder why I get so many SMS saying my ticket is updated, for what it is updated if there is no solution shown to me? Its frustrating to even write here as I feel that I am wasting my time along with my money for not able to access net speed even now. If am unable to do my job is BEAM going to rescue for any loss? After 24 hours of my complaint on no net connectivity and slow connectivity, technician could not provide solution. My account is not "reset" still in his terms and when contacted customer care no solution but just said 24 hours more!!! So to get to talk to a technical or accountable person i need to wait for 48 hours always???

    It looks like beam expects its customers not to work on official work till their technical team gets time to attend to customer's grieving. Does Beam allows 48 hours of non working hours to their staff accepting silly reasons?? And my office work cant wait for until BEAM's irresponsible team provides any solution to me.


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    Default beam telecom no response to complaints

    No internet since 15 days. 10 tickets logged. They close tickets every 2 or 3 days. Nodal office and appellate authority non responsive too. Very irritating situation. How to teach them a lesson. 12199707 this latest ticket no.

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    Default Beam Tele - Worst experience with customer support team


    I raised a request two days back and did follow up with several of your customer care executives (Pradeep, Reena, Pallavi, Alia and Preeeti) and supervisors (Mahesh and Priya) but unfortunately none of them helped me. I spent whole day following up with your team and three hours on call. They just kept me promising for immediate resolution and call back which never happened in last two days. And the worst is, your team closed the ticket without resolving the issue and without confirming with me.

    When I contacted them, instead of re-opening the same ticket (so that they can do the same follow up), they created another ticket and now asking for another 24 hours for resolution. Is this because your team is trying to hide their failure in resolving the issue on time? Why did they close my ticket and why did they open a new ticket instead of re-opening existing one? Did they do this to get another 24 hours of SLA time with new ticket?

    This is my worst experience with customer support, I am sorry to say but your customer support seriously lacks professional ethics and don't know how to value their own commitments. I had to be on hold for more than 30 minutes to talk to supervisors but unfortunately they were not different and were not responsive, they also promised to respond back but they never did.

    First ticket # 14419174
    Second ticket # 14440647

    Please note, this is the third time I had raise a complaint for your service in last one month. Last two times, I was promised of permanent fix and this problem keeps re-occurring.


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