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Thread: HDFC Quick Remit - The worst customer care seen

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    Default HDFC Quick Remit - The worst customer care seen


    I was having some enquiries regarding my money transfer from UK to India,
    For contacting the customer care HDFC always gives two mail ids and 1 phone number (only for USA)
    If we send a mail to both the mail id's the result is nothing

    How in the world a bank can deal its customers like this ??

    HDFC, Please dont reply like follows,.... as you always do

    Dear Mr Customer,

    We request you to contact Times of Money for your query as they will be able to assist you better. You may contact them toll free at 1-877-5584257 (for US customers only) or e-mail them at

    Regards, Customer Assistance, HDFC bank

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    sijojoy Guest


    my quik remit login id had bee blocked well!!! i need to send money from u.k to INDIA please tell me how to recover it or pleasetell me proper u.k contact service no

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    SureshDunna Guest

    Default HDFC Quick remit


    I remitted money to INDIA through HDFC Quick remit.

    Money has not credited to benificiary account . I transfered money from myside two weeks back itself.

    When I check with Customercare, they are replying, we are checking with backend team and it will take three days more time.

    The reply is same from last week onwards.

    Can you please suggest me how to get resolve this issue? How can we escalate this issue ?

    Thanks in advance,
    Suresh DUnna
    +32 2202 2123

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default account blocked

    my account is blocked and i cannot find customer care number or email adress can any one provide me.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Quickremit is not quick and its very slow response .

    Hi I am Santhosh Nair

    I send money from Singapore for some emergency need and its today 4th day still not received money in my HDFC NRI account in India . I did chat with HDFC agent and they asked me to send a mail to quickremit@timesofmoney.com and i did that . Now an automated reply sat that they will respond to me in 48 hours , Is there any escalation contacts available and seems Quickremt service is not relay-able

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default no customer care support no- ridiculous

    I am regularly sending the money thru quickremit. earlier my password declined. they sent me temp password. When I tried with that ,they blocked ID.
    no customer care no on web page. I have one number but it is not responding. I tried on line to seek customer support. they replied which no one can read

    They never credit your account less than week what they claim 4 days

    service is worst I have ever seen.

    a,k,sharma, california

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    Gaurav Desai Guest

    Default Quick Remit: Wost Customer Care and looks to be very risky

    Times of Money has been in tie up with HDFC bank but HDFC bank does not take any ownership of the service and remmitances. The team does not have any phone number to contact instead of any issue nor has independent website.
    This is puttiing customers money at risk.

    The service is the poorest ever seen. Something that should be taken up soon.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Money not created

    Dear sir
    I sent the money 1000 sgd on 25th August through hdfc quick remittance to my iob bank account. The money was created on 26th August. On 27th money take back by the bank which created on 26th August. About this I didn't get any information and I didn't get my money also. For this I was sent mail to hdfc bank on 2nd September. But still I didn't get any feedback. So I suffered past 10 days. So kindly do the needful. ( reference no. 2314148014 )

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