Dear Sir,
This is regarding our electricity bill of last month. We have got a huge bill (approx. 12000/-) last month for our electricity consumption. While enquiring at the office, we came to know that they have given us the combined bill of last 28 months... this is because we were getting our bill of same units since last these months. We have changed our meter about 28 months (unless to mention that this was a proactive step from our side as we were geting very low bill) & they missed to enter the new meter number in their system. Now after 28 months they suddenly realized it & awarded us with such a big amounted bill. Being service classed, it is impossible for us to pay such a big amount & that to without any fault from ourside. Pls advice on this & let us know hw we can close this matter?

Thanks & Best Regards,
D Jain