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    I have been raising a complaint with branch manager/ customer care and head services of ICICI bank from last one year and i am getting such answers from bank which are not acceptable.
    I had applied for the home loan in icici-bank. I was given the offer letter vide application form for the acceptance but i did not sign the application form because i came to know from ICICI Loan executive that the property selected by me is not approved by Icici bank. But still the fee of 11030 is debited from my account. After hearing that i got the loan from any other bank. I went into lot of mantel stress that time. I called that ICICI Loan executive so many times to refund my Loan fee of Rs 11030 which ICICI bank have taken but he is said that it is not possible.
    Property selected by me was Lodha CASA RIO .After that i came to know that ICICI bank has given loan to many other customers for Lodha Casa Rio and what was told to me that property is not approved by ICICI bank. Also somebody from head services department ICICI bank called me once for understanding my complaint and told me that they have given loan for Lodha Casa Rio property to only their employees. Now my question is if the property was unapproved for me how come it became approved for other customers for lodha casa rio or their employees. It is a double dealing case and iCICI bank needs to address it strongly.
    Also i was not given any sanction letter at that time. Now your Head services department is lieng that i was given any Sanction Letter. There was not even done any address verification done as other bank did before sanctioning the loan. It is very unfair and fraudulent in ICICI bank part that bank did not give the loan on my selected property firstly , secondly i did not given the acceptance on the offer vide application form AND THIRDLY FOR THE SAME PROPERTY OTHERS WERE GIVEN LOAN still bank has taken the money in the name of fee from the customer. I would not have been fighting for getting this money back if ICICI bank would have not given any customer loan for Lodha Casa Rio.
    Offer letter for facility vide application no. which i got for signing is 777-8497542. I did not sign this document. ICICI bank is not returning my money.
    Please help me It. I need my 11030 back…

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    We are sorry to hear about your experience. We have made a note of your email id. We'll contact you and work to address your issue at the earliest.

    ICICI Bank Customer Service Team

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    I got my money back from icici home loans.Thank you rbi/consumer court/icici bank.

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