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Thread: Cmplaint agnst Kappuccinos Salon[Pune] & TimesDeal

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    Default Cmplaint agnst Kappuccinos Salon[Pune] & TimesDeal

    I had purchased a voucher from TimesDeal.com, for few services at a salon in Pune, called Kappuccinos.
    Order ID was TD148038.

    I called up the salon manager thrice, to fix an appointment. But the manager at the parlor was extremely abusive and talked very irrationally bad on phone to me.

    I complained about this to TimesDeal customer-care, and requested refund of the voucher, since I was extremely hurt by the behaviour of the salon manager, and did not wish to avail the services anymore.
    But instead of refunding the voucher cost to me, TimesDeal customer-care person closed the call, saying that I need to speak to the salon manager again and sort out the issue myself.

    I wanted to have the TimesDeal head office number, but the customer-care person hanged up the phone.

    Not only do I want the refund of the money, but also, I want some action taken against the parlor [and the manager] and TimesDeal, for behaving with consumer in such un-appropriate manner.

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    Angry didnt received voucher

    I have also purchased one deal from timesdeal, amount is debited from account but have not received any confirmation or voucher for the same.
    Have mailed to times people but didnt received any response..Dont know how to track this

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    Default Confimration on bill-invoice provided by salon


    I went to a salon, but I didn't receive the bill-invoice, please confirm if providing a bill-invoice is mandatory for a salon and also is it mandatory to have a invoice number on the bill-invoice? Waiting for your reply.


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