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Thread: complaint against "freecharge.in"

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    suneetsingh Guest

    Default Freecharge: Series of recharge failures

    Tried recharging my postpaid airtel number its getting failed again and again. It is an urgent recharge I have do, which my trying from last two days, please transfer my FCredit to my bank account so that I a can recharge it from some other way, frfreecharge should transfer my money back to my account else my mobile services will be discontinued.

    Order Id : FCMA150515174874689 and FCMA150514174563376

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    Amanpreet Singh Guest

    Default complaint against freecharge

    I tried to pay airtel postpaid bill of 750 rs through freecharge but transaction failed and money got deducted from my account. Order no FCMW150509171695767

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default balance na malava babat

    My no 9737132336 recharge but bank account se rupe cut gye but mane balance na malyu
    Order no FCVA150603184037616

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    sudhir8052 Guest

    Default deduct 50rs from my account

    Hi sir i am recharge 50 rs .recharge unsuccfully but money cutting in my account. ref no IGOADLFBM2

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    Kumar Shaurya Salhotra Guest

    Default Recharge failed and money deducted from my bank account

    I have recharged my VODAFONE no. 9873738803 twice on 5th July, Recharge was not successful with account history showing payment pending with order ID- FCVA150705198259264 & Order ID FCVA150705198262244 With 250 RS Each, Total of 500 RS. but money was deducted from my bank So I kindly request you to resolve this issue complete my recharge or refund the amount. Thanks

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default [#2041003] 3G recharge 1GB -- Rs 265

    Long story short -- "NEVER USE FREECHARGE WEBSITE, worst ever customer relation ethics"

    I tried to recharge from freecharge.in (I regret on my choice now though) It was of Rs. 265/- for 3G 1GB data, I am still waiting it to get effected.
    My order id: FCVM150809214316429
    Complain# 2041003

    There is long email chain going between them(Freecharge.in) and me as I am request them to either recharge my mobile with data pack from there side or refund my amount.

    And in every reply they saying that we are sorry and please wait as it is pending from operator's end. It is been more than 36 hours and there is no resolution. I mean why should I wait for the issue which is between freecharge and airtel.

    Above all I can't recharge my phone again from somewhere else as freecharge not refunding my money and if they some how manage to get it resolve than it will be a straight Rs 265/- loss.

    Never seen such a insensitive behavior as when I needed it urgently and bought a new connection for this, I can't use it due to this issue.

    Reiterating again, please don't use this website instead recharge from the operator website or a local retailer(at least they will get some benefit and you will know some one whom can you speak directly in case of any issue)

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    ppratyush.stu@gmail.com Guest

    Default Money deducted and app shows payment successful but no recharge done

    Dear Sir ,
    I have done two recharges on the No. 8090963991 on 1/8/2015 using Freecharge App in mobile. The transaction history shown by the app was successfull but i didnt get the recharge.
    I have lodged a complaint regarding this to freecharge but they are not sincerely looking into the matter, theyare just only delaying the matter by sending 3 mails per day stating that we are looking into the matter.
    I request the concerned authority to take strict action against freecharge and let my money be back to me.

    Transaction ID :
    1. #FCVA150801210694630
    2. #FCVA150801210692600

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    Default Freecharge suspended my account

    freecharge suspended my account ...
    i have 311 rs in that and they not activated it .
    they said that mail us by your registered mail id but i dont have access to my registered mail id .i forgot all about my registered mail id .
    i have my proofs ...and i also sent to freecharge but he denied to activate my account ...my 311 rs are in that account .

    my regiatered email id with freecharge - 0811910010@gmail.com
    phone no - 8930020673

    my alternate email id is - nirmaladevi021965@gmail.com

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    Default Fund transfer from freecharge is not reflecting in my bank account- Ticket Number- # 1185719

    Dear Concerned,

    I transferred Rs.5000/- to my bank account from freecharge wallet on 11 Feb 2017.
    Transaction id is RYj0svTUSoOdSExiKUJSiA.
    Till now money is not credited to bank account.
    I raised complaint with freecharge several times with ticket number #1185719
    They are not able to give proper answer rather than a copy paste answer asking me to wait 5-7 days.
    Now they replied me to wait till 21 February 2017.
    I am not able to understand why I should wait for my money?
    If there is delay in payment gateway, it would be resolved within 2 days.
    I really dont know from which planet freecharge is. They are playing fool with me even after 5 days.
    It is not a small amount, which I transferred for medical emergency.
    Kindly help me to get my money back.

    Thanking you

    Contact Number: 9483703267
    Alternate No. 9964740252

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