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Thread: HDFC credit card transaction discrepancy

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    Default HDFC credit card transaction discrepancy

    Hi, I have a HDFC Titanium Internation credit card. I did a international trasaction on 9th Nov, 2011 and received a msg from HDFC bank stating that 12,235.00 has been charged for that particular transaction. But when i received my monthly cycle statement it was 12,527.00. I called the helpdesk and enquired about the same. They told me to fill charge dispute form and ensured that it will take 3 working days to solve that problem, so i filled the form on 9th Dec,2011. Nothing happened as such and i called them 2-3 times. On 25th Dec, a lady from HDFC called me and told me that the amount in the statement is correct and i have to pay that amount only. On asking the reason, she told me that i did the transaction on 9th of Nov but the bank got the money from the client on 10th Nov. So, the bank charged accordingly. I told her that i have the msg sent by the bank then she told that the msg might be wrong.
    Even the lady claimed that every time we do a International transaction there will always be discrepancies in the amount.

    I am not getting the point, that the msg was sent from the bank itself then how could the bank charge more for the same or the banking system is corrupt or it happens like this only..?

    Any suggestions, what i should do..??

    PS: This was my first international Transaction.

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    Default transaction history

    how to check titanium credit card transaction history

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