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Thread: The Chief Post Master General West Bengal Circle, Kolkata

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    Default The Chief Post Master General West Bengal Circle, Kolkata

    State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission

    West Bengal



    KOLKATA – 700 027

    S.C. CASE NO. FA/08/405

    DATE OF FILING: 17.10.2008

    DATE OF FINAL ORDER: 30.03.2009


    The Chief Post Master General

    West Bengal Circle, Kolkata – 700 012

    Represented by the Sr. Superintendent of Post Offices

    Asansol Division, West Bengal


    1) Narayan Chandra Pal

    S/o Late Madhab Chandra Pal

    Bhiriagi Football Math, P.O.- Durgapur – 13

    Dist. – Burdwan

    2) Sri Shyam Sundar Kundu

    91, Santi path, C-Zone, Durgapur – 5

    Dist. - Burdwan



    FOR THE APPELLANT : Mr. P.R. BaksiAdvocate

    FOR THE RESPONDENT No.1 : In Person

    : O R D E R :


    This appeal was filed against the order dated 03.9.08 passed by the District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum, Burdwan in D.F. Case No.127/2007 whereby the case was allowed and OP3 was directed to pay Rs.72,000/- which included Rs.60,000/- as compensation of bonus and Rs.12,000/- as interest.

    Facts in brief are that the complainant is a retired person and after receipt of the retirement benefits decided to keep the money deposited in Post Office under MIS Scheme and accordingly consulting the OP3 & 4 he deposited three separate A/c Payee Cheques each carrying value of Rs.3 lacs for opening three separate MIS A/c in the name of the complainant jointly with his wife and daughter. Such cheques were deposited on 03.2.06. On 03.8.06 the Sub-Post Master of concerned Post Office informed the complainant the MIS A/c along with his wife and daughter was illegal and the complainant was forced to withdraw his deposit and he received back Rs.3 lacs. The complainant though deposited the cheques on 03.2.06, but due to negligence on the part of the Post Master the cheques were not sent immediately and the amount under the cheques were shown deposited on 15.2.06. The Government of India amended the scheme of MIS and no bonus of the amount was to be given on and from 13.2.06. As the amounts deposited by the complainant was encashed on 15.2.06 he was deprived from the benefit of bonus. Accordingly the complaint was filed praying for Rs.24,000/- as loss of interest, Rs.60,000/- towards loss of bonus for two MIS and Rs.10,000/- as compensation.

    On behalf of the appellant Mr. Baksi, the Ld. Advocate contended that the delay in the deposit of the cheques in the bank was due to non-availability of sufficient number of working days and the work load and, therefore, the scheme having been closed on 13.2.06, the complainant is not entitled to any relief as the cheques submitted by him were encashed only on 15.2.06. It is further contended that even if the complainant became entitled to the bonus and the scheme continued, the bonus would have been available to the complainant after six years and, therefore, the payment of compensation of Rs.60,000/- forthwith will benefit the complainant twice as he would be enjoying the return from the said sum of Rs.60,000/- for the entire period of six years and the appellant would be deprived of enjoying the money for the said period as was entitled even under the scheme.

    The Complainant/Respondent appeared in person and contended that he was not only deprived of the bonus by reason of delay caused by the appellant in getting the cheque encashed within a reasonable period but also was deprived on the interest as the money was not returned forthwith by the postal authorities.

    We have considered the contentions of the parties and we find that the cheques were deposited by the complainant on 03.2.06 and the scheme was modified withholding the bonus benefit on 13.2.06 leaving enough margin for encashment of the cheque. Even the explanation given by the appellant show that 03.2.06 was a bank holiday and 05.2.06 was a Sunday. Again 09.2.06 was a holiday and 12.2.06 was a Sunday. Even omitting these four days the postal authorities had six clear days for getting the cheques encashed and the inability to do the same was due to default of the postal authorities themselves. There is no acceptable explanation for not transmitting the cheque to the Bank within reasonable time. There is no allegation of delay by the Bank. Therefore, such conduct amounted to deficiency in service whereby the complainant was deprived from the sum of Rs.60,000/- towards bonus under the MIS Scheme.

    It is true that this sum of Rs.60,000/- would have been available to the petitioner after a period of six years had the cheque been encashed within time and petitioner was granted bonus benefit. But by default of the appellant when the petitioner was deprived of the said amount the compensation has been quantified equivalent to the said amount of Rs.60,000/- and this compensation cannot be kept withheld. The fact that the petitioner may be earning further benefit from the said amount, is not a ground for depriving him of the compensation.

    In above view of the matter we do not find any ground for interference with the impugned judgment and the same is hereby affirmed. The appeal is dismissed and there will be no order as to costs.

    (A.K. Ray) (Justice A. Chakrabarti)


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    perspective11 Guest

    Default complain against speed post

    Respected sir,
    I have booked a parcell from calcutta airport post office in speed post vide item no.EW232116822IN on 17.3.10. to be delivered in U.K. but most unfortunately the parcell is not delivered yet. I have lodged a complain vide No.100000 94059, which is still unattended. taking into account that your department has lost the parcell, now I want to demand a compansation against the same.
    I would request you to go through the same and let me know in earliest.
    Thanking you
    Goutam Kr. sen
    F/F, 4/2, Hatiara Road

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    Join Date
    Apr 2010

    Default Issue of search bill

    Dear Sir,
    With due respect I want to state that I am a retired Air Force Officer settled at Kalyani,Nadia,WB.
    A registered letter NO:2528,DTD: 25/01/2010 was despatched by Air Force Record Office,Subroto Park,
    New Delhi-110 010 to The Manager,State Bank Of India,Krishnanagar Branch,5B,D L Ray Road,
    PO: Krishnanagar, Dist: Nadia, PIN: 741101,West Bengal.Registerd letter is containing my Pension related
    financial PPO/PPC.The concerned bank denied to give any information whether the letter is received or not.

    Sir,kindly issue a search bill to locate the registered letter at the earliest.So that I can avail my pension
    PIN: 741235,WEST BENGAL. MOB: 09687207687,E -MAIL: gparimal@yahoo.com
    Thanking You,
    Yours Faithfully
    Parimal Ghosal
    PIN: 741235,WEST BENGAL. MOB: 09687207687,E -MAIL: gparimal@yahoo.com

    +91 9687207687

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Mis interest due on 23.05.2009 not credited to my bank a/c. Thru' e.c.s.

    Ref: My mis a/c. No. 937540 - regent park p.o., monthly interest - rs. 500/- , due on 23rd of every month, bank a/c. No. 0904201 0009030 (1910) - oriental bank of commerce, tollygunge branch.

    Re: Non credit of mis interest on 08.07.2009 i lodged a written complaint to regent park p.o. Who
    forwarded the same to tollygunge p.o. , kolkata 700033, on 11.07.09 vide their no. A-850. Contacted tollygunge p.o. Personally and i have been told by the p.o. That no action can be taken unless form r-7 is received from the sbi, southern ave. Br., kolkata. Here again personally contacted sbi, southern ave. Br. Repeatedly. Recently i have been advised by the chief manager of the sbi, southern avenue br. That the form r-7 in question had already been passed on to tollygunge p.o. Way back on 26.05.09.

    Almost long one year is going to be elapsed i have not received my hard earned mis interest. Kindly look into this. Regards

    == mira bhattacharjee, 45/1/1a, moore avenue, kolkata 700 040. (m) 9433233925

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    caamitabhaghosh@gmail.com Guest

    Post Missing NSS Book of a SENIOR CITIZEN

    Dear Sir,
    On my retirement from Indian Oil Haldia Refinery, I submitted a NSS Book No 62203 Haldia Oil Refinery Post Office,Purba Medinipur on 24.04.2009 with a request to transfer the book to my Home town DHAKURIA POST OFFICE,Kolkata 700031 as my all Sr citizen deposits,MIS Deposits are kept here.
    On my numerous visits to Dhakuria Post office, I do not get any co-operation,guidence from the Post Office Staff.

    Today around 3.30 PM, I visited P.O., as usual, Post Master including his deputies has replied that they do not have
    any knowledge about whereabut of the book and probably a poor Sr Citizen like me has to surrender the amount.On my request they also refused to give any E mail address of the concerned Senior persons whom I can contact to recover my own money kept with govt for last 20 yrs.

    I hope you will use your good office to help me providing necessary guidance which your busiest employees of Dhakuria PO unable to give. I also earenestly request you to keep this letter confidential, oterwise , I apprehend, I will be harassed while withdrawing my interest on my Sr Citizen Deposits as Postal Dept do not transfer this amount to my Bank Account for reason known to them only.
    With regards,
    Amitabha Ghosh.
    E mail caamitabhaghosh@gmail.com
    M 9874532485

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    Shanta upadhyay Guest

    Question Request not complaint

    My MIS BOOKalready shifted from mahamayatala to haltu .but till now did not take care. I did not get yet the book. please directly speak to the postmaster of haltu . help my widow mother. I personally need your help. thanking you

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    Unregistered Guest

    Post Money order of Rs 2000/- Missing ( from Purba Medinipur to Paschim Medinipur )

    Dear Sir,
    I have sent a money Order on 07/09/2010 from the post office of Khanjanchawk ( Haldia) bearing the PIN code No 721602 & receipt no 88 . This is being sent to my mother for an emergency purpose ( Tanmoy Batabyal c/o Madhusudan Batabyal, Village :- Tikayetpur , P.O:- Asanboni, Dist :- Paschim Medinipur PIN 721506.) But surprisingly , she did not get the same yet though the Post Master assured that it will reach to my mother within 4 working days.

    In the above said context , you are requested earnestly to do the needful so that I'll be able to send the money to my mother.

    With Regards,
    Yours Sincerely,
    Uttam Batabyal / Mob 9674166600 / batabyal.uttam@yahoo.com

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    manasray47@yahoo.co.in Guest

    Default Speed Post Facility at Senhati Post Office, Behala

    Dear Sir,
    The Senhati Post Office, Behala which serves a large hinterland does not have Speed Post facility at present. In this era of communication revolution, this is highly unusual. Smaller Post Offices like Sarkarpool Post Office on Budge Budge Road has Speed Post facility. The person who is booking Registered Letters can do this as well and there should not be any problem. People of this are has to go to either Behala Post Office or New Alipore Post Office which are far from our area, particularly for the old people.
    Kindly look into the problem and do the needful.
    Manas Ray

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    Chandannandi1@gmail.com Guest

    Exclamation Harrasing by the Ku@@@@ Post Office, Pin - 713407, W.B

    This is not complain but want to draw attention to the Top authority.
    A woman is eager to open a Savings Account with Ku@@@@ Post Office and requested to give her a account opening Form. So many times ( 5/6 times) she visited the post office during office time. But all the times the reply from the Post Master was that you come after 2 days. After several times of her request then Post Master adviced to bring Rs 50/-(Fifty). She requested to give her account opening Form & wheni will deoposit the form then you check & advice if anything to do or pending. Last time of her visit to Post office on 17.03.2011 Post Master said you give me photo, photo copy of your all documents etc & denied to give her account opening form.
    1. Is post Mater has the right to fill up form when prospective customer is not agree to fill up by him.
    2. Secondly, instead of encourage he is discouraging woman to open account with the post office.
    On behalf of her request ,as a social activist I want to draw attention of the top authority so that in future no one harrass .
    Chandan Nandi
    M# 9433501682
    Mail; cn54@in.com

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Harassment while booking letter by Speedpost

    On 23-3-11 I went to Jodhpur Park Post Office,Kolkata, to send a letter by Speedpost.The gentleman manning the Sp eedpost counter asked me why I had not got the letter weighed. In other Post offices weighment of letters is usually done at the Speedpost counter but not at this post office.Any way, I had to go to another counter to get the letter weighed. When I returned to the Speed post counter the genleman told me that he was busy accepting telephone bills and asked me to come after one hour.He turned a deaf ear to my request to book my letter.

    In disgust, I left the Post Office and sent the letter thru courier Ms.DTDC. In stark contrast to the uncooperative behaviour of postal staff at Jodhpur Park P.O. the people at the courier office were courteous and I could book my letter within minutes.

    No wonder Postal dept. loses out to private courier operators even though their rates are a little higher.

    From A.chatterjee

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    Unregistered Guest

    Smile No action on complaint dt 19/1/2011 w.r.t non-payment of MIS by ECS from DUMDUM PO

    MIS a/c no. 38856 operated from DUMDUM PO is held by both of us(E/S). We have registered for credit of monthly payment of MIS by ECS at SBI,Dumdum Cantt branch.
    The ECS supposed to be paid on 07/11/2010 for Rs 1340/- was not deposited in our a/c, which was followed up in DUMDUM PO and later with Cossipore PO( Sh Sahadeb Bera), by a written complaintdt 19/1/2011 and also by e-mail. It is regretted that despite several reminders over phone, he is indifferent to addressing the issue and has confirmed that the matter is not being responded by SBI etc, and that we may take up the matter with PMG.
    Under this circumsances, pl do the needful, since the matter is getting deayed day after day.

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    monisha1957@hotmail.com Guest

    Default Non receipt of MIS interest on 20/05/2011

    Dear Sir,
    This is to inform you that my husband and I have a joint MIS at Watgang PO, KIdderpore. My husband went to the post office to collect the interest on the scheduled date. He was at the post from 10.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. but the Post master had not come and like my husband, several other customers had to go back home without transacting their business at the post office. Sir, I would earnestly request you to look into the matter and see that the customers are not harrassed uselessly.

    Looking for a favourable reply.

    Thanking you,

    Yours sincerely,

    (Mrs. Monisha Singh)
    503/1 & 503/1A Parnasree Pally
    2nd Floor, Flat 5
    Kolkata 700 060

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    Tapan Kanti Ghosh Guest

    Default Non receipt of MIS interest through ECS.

    From- ghoshtapankanti@hotmail.com

    Dear Sir,
    Sub. MIS A/c 3567235.

    I informed Post master of Sontoshpur post office ,Kolkata on 29.10.2010 that interest for Oct 2010 is not credited to my saving account 17870100003438. I attached a statement from UCO bank Golf Green branch stating that Rs 700/-not credited against ECS (credit)dated 06.10.2010 along with my application
    I find you had sent the money through ECS but bank did not credit it due switch over of old SB A/C 3652
    to New SB A/C 17870100003438.
    Kindly look into it and arrange for payment of OCT 2010 MIS interst to my SBA/C 17870100003438.
    With Regards,
    Tapan Kanti Ghosh
    W2B18/3 Phase 3, Golf Green, Kolkata 700095.Phone (Mb)9830786514

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    ShibaProsadBhattacharyya Guest

    Post Transfer of RD A/c 7017786 &7018390 of Santiniketan S.O. to PondicherryHeaPostOffice

    The Chief Post Master General,
    West Bengal Circle
    Kolkata: 7000012.

    Re: Transfer of RD Account No. 7017786 and Account No. 7018390 of
    Santiniketan S.O. to Pondicherry Head Post Office

    Dear Sir,

    I am sorry to bother you again that the above RD Accounts belonging to my mother-in-law aged 84+ have not yet made transfer nearly a year now from Santiniketan S.O. to Pondicherry Head Post Office in spite of you had given instruction to your concerned officers vide your letter no SB2/L-79/02/11 dated18/03/2011 againt my number of reminder letters.

    I am disappointed even when the Sr Supdt of Post Offices Pondicherry Division had written for the transfer of said accounts. The same has not yet done by the Santiniketan S.O.

    This transfer delay of one year has caused interest loss that to a senior citizen.
    I expect postal authority must take up as a case study of disobedience by the junior officers who could defy the official order by their higher authority. I would be happy if disciplinary action be initiated against those irresponsible officers for their such service conduct.

    With best regards,
    Yours truly,

    Shiba Prosa Bhattacharyya, Fellow,Indian Council of Arbitration, Post Box 50,
    HeadPostOffice, Pondicherry-605001. Mobile:9489390523

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    ppdube1Unregistered Guest

    Post Not receiving book post of several copies of economic and political weekly 2011

    The post master General
    Kolkata Circle, Kolkata.
    Sir ,
    I have not received several copies of Economic and Political Weekly which were sent by the EPW office (circulation@epw.in) regularly.The copies are8,9,10,12,14,17,18 of volume XlVI.Ihave reported them about the aforesaid copies but they e-mailed me that they have sent all the copies regularly.The copies are very much importatnt to me for my research work.So being perplexed Iam reporting you. Please give me a co-operative hand to me.I need your help because local post office will not bother me.
    Thanking you,
    I am
    Partha Pratim Dube
    3rd june, 2011
    12/B,Dutta Bagan Lane,
    Serampore, Hooghly,
    West Bengal,712201

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