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Thread: Starcj alive - online shopping

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    Default Starcj alive - online shopping

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    Dear Sir(s),

    Online shopping from STARCJALIVE.COM
    Order No : 20111114021334 dated 14th November 2011 through INTERNET.
    for purchase of SUNFLAME burner
    Neither the product had been delivered nor the refund
    of the amount of Rs 5,090.00 till 4th January 2012

    I had placed an on-line order for purchase of SUNFLAME gas burner on STARCJALIVE.COM under my user id purisk50
    and transferred an amount of Rs 5,090.00 online with the company policy assumption that orders outside Mumbai shall
    be delivered within 8-10 days.

    I waited for delivery of product for 16 days wilh 3rd December 2011 but the same was not delivered.

    After waiting for a period of 16 days, I cancelled the order with them on 3rd December 2011 though telephone 18605001860
    as well as through email from my email id purisk50@hotmail.com.

    Despite having cancelled the order on 3rd December 2011, I have NOT YET received the refund of an amount of Rs 5,090.00
    even after waiting for 31 days.

    I have been writing numereous mails to them at response@starcj.com but till now I have neither received any reply nor my amount.

    May I request your good office to intervene and ask starcjalive.com to return my money ALONG WITH interest till the date I receive the refund in my account.

    Please let me know if need to supplement you with any other information for your kind help



    Flat No: 103, G.H.S. 71 (Sheetal)
    Sector 20,
    Haryana, India
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    Unregistered Guest

    Default no response after delivering defected goods

    I (maninder kaur) ordered tyche bedsheet set costing 2600rs nearly a month ago I.e21st July.I recieved bedsheets in box but the courier man insisted that we can't open it until he is gone.when we opened the box the bedsheets were lying in open condition without any packing.they had no tags nor they were anywhere similar to what is shown on t.v.they were like Wat is sold on roadside,torn form sides.after several complaints,the telecallers give irrerelevant excuses and refuse to return our product.this is is fraud company with no respect to customers.my aunt ordered crockery set and she recieved half of it broken.
    The persons who order shall order on their own risk as the market is full of far better options at same prices.
    Maninder kaur.9136751219

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    nikhat Guest

    Default plz change my dermaseta order no20121114041478 with something of higher cost w

    Which iwill pay.product is unused.I may buy 6in one machine and pay rest of balance

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    ammu205@yahoo.co.in Guest

    Question Orders placed for supply of Massager & Chopper-Reg

    I have placed orders for supply of Massager & Chopper on two occasions,but so far no action seems to have been taken.I have not recieved any intimation whether my orders are recieved or not.My phone nos. are 040-23325985, and 9985301849.Please let me know if any action has been taken or you are not intrested.Thanks

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    ganesh mahtho Guest

    Default not recevied

    my order no20121117038. it is sad to say the orderded product is not received but the other tow items like gift pack contng item code:103836 electrolux 9pcs cookit microwave and item code:128373 apricoat 5pcs non-stick cookweare received but item code 113165 electroulx 20l gill mwo not yet received main produt

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    asifsid43@gmail.com Guest

    Default complaint about foot massager TODO

    Dear sir,
    I had ordered a Todo Foot Massager (ROI)
    Order No.20121115045020 dt. 18.11.12.
    Invoice No.201211182022.
    The massager was delivered to us after two / three days , but after openining
    it was foud that its plug was having only one pin, so we complained and it was
    delivered after three days and the previous one was returned.
    now, there seems something to be wrong in it, as its left side slot seems to be
    malfunctioning. Kindly arrange to send a technician to set it right, at the earliest
    also let us have a contact no. so that we cud complaint.
    today v continuously tried 011 44074407, but all in vain.
    thanking u
    mohammed asif siddiqui
    79-B/38, zakir nagar, okhla,
    New delhi.110025.

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    mbhendre@gmail.com Guest

    Default belmonte combo

    dear sir,
    order no.20130620043237 dt 10/7/2013
    meri complaint ye hai ki jo tv me belmonte ka six shirtings & three suiting dikhaye gaye oosamese sabkuch barabar aya hai, sirf one combo barabar nahi aya.
    oos din add. me ak black,ak strips & ak navyblue suiting dikhaya tha. hame tin bar change karake ak hi style ka combo bheja gaya. hame cheks shirting & navyblue
    suiting chahiye. i am request to you, jo kombo hame chahiye pliese wahi bhejana. apka no one online shopping ka channal hae to aiesa kue karate ho? ees bar combo
    barabar nahi aaya to hum consumer foremm me janewale hae.


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    rbector20@gmail.com Guest

    Default complaint against TELEBRANDS

    hi sir i'm rahul bector i was order a air lounge from telebrands hen the box of air lounge received in our house when we open the box there was 26 books and 4 air cousin(pillow) and then we complaint to tele brands so they again send the air lounge but again we received 25 books it we pay payment online so we request to give use justice i,m from India,Punjab,khanna .

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    pralsatra@gmail.com Guest

    Default vlcc dimond beaury kit

    i ordered vlcc dimond beauty kit on 5oct2013 and i received it on 10 nov 2013 in that kit i got vlcc's freeservice vouvture which ends on 31st dec 2013 they delivered product late so now i want to get extend vlcc's free service by starcj alive my friend ordered same product in the octo end 2013 and she got vlcc's free service validity till 30march2014.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default hiding of complete information

    how come you people hide that 3g dongle of one particular company will support
    to the smart tab fujizone
    i have lost th etrust completely i am well older customer i have purchased so many items from you i am thinking off leaving your medium of shopping
    how can you cheat
    and when i call back for clarification you talk rudely and gave me fujizone company no to contact and ask then what you people are doing telling it supports 3g dongle and not telling a complete truth

    even after so many customers have complained but you still continue to give your same advertisement with lack of information
    what trust less

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default datawind tablet 4799

    Front is not proper its luse so pls change my tablet

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    anil93308 @gmail.com Guest

    Default given 6 sarees inspite of 7

    Sir I bought 7 saree's but the person has given 6 he is thief can u help me out

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    Unregistered Guest

    Smile Received hp printer 1510, with broken scanner glass, delivered by tanvi express .

    PLACED ORDER NO: 20150224052796 ON DATE:24/02/2015, & RECEIVED THE HP PRINTER 1510 ON DATE:26/02/2015.






    MOBILE NO: 9820671994. E-Mail : adilelavia15@yahoo.com

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    satis4you@yahoo.co.in Guest

    Default replacement of product sent wrongly-0rder no-20150305055491 dated -5/3/15

    Even after lodging the complaint within 30 minutes of the delivery, there has been negative response to a geneuine issue, I was shocked to hear that they are not ready to replace the product eventhough they had sent me the wrong product, point no-8 in the "TERMS and CONDITION" gives us the right to get replacements if the complaint is lodged within 2 days of delivery,the product costed me Rs 2999/- either replace or refund the amount,

    I have also sent mail to response@starcj.com giving all the information. but till date i have not received any positive reply,

    L.satish kumar

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default return product

    I have ordered to silk Saree in 2 March but delivered me in 13 March. Product quality is very poor and delivered is so late. I call to customers care but his talking behavior is very cheap

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