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Thread: complaint against Axis Bank Credit Card devision,

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    Angry complaint against Axis Bank Credit Card devision,

    I am Snehal Adhav Kalyan East want to give complaint against Axis Bank Credit Card devision,

    one month back one executive from your credit card devision collected document from me and told me that i will receive my credit card within 15 days and there is no problem in document.He had also given me the mobile number of his head M.Ashish (9833370733)and told me if any proble please free to call him.

    As I am not the priority customer still I didnt get such type of treatment from Axis bak and also i am thinking that AXIS BANK is best bank out of all,but i was wrong as i got very harsh tratment from this person Mr.Ashish and as first of all 0 response from him,not pick uping my phone and when i called from other phone after one month told me I don't know anything regarding your document and not able to return you back the same.

    Its very bad to say they don't know how to behave with customer and also how to take care of customer.

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    Dear sir/madam,

    With reference to above, I would like to inform you that, I have Saving Bank Account at AXIS Bank, Mhapusa branch. One of my friend made me NEFT of Rs.11,000/-. After 4-5 days bank transfer those amount in lien account without any question to me. Then after 4-5 days the bank revert the same amount and debited my saving account. Could bank do this ( revert NEFT) at their level ? Without asking me anything, if banking doing like this then any NEFT and or any AMOUNT bank can easily revert. As NEFT take place after confirming the details of the party, bank account no., name of the party, name of the bank, branch of the bank etc. Then how is it possible the mistake.

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    Dear Sir/Madam,
    This is to lodge a complaint against AXIS BANK Credit Card Department who has illegally put the amount in my savings account on lien for credit card outstanding. There was absolutely no communication (via email, phone call and hard copy letter).Last when they contact me was on November 2010 for the payment of Rs. 800/- in against the payment of Rs. 14,698.87/-. But after that there was absolutely no communication (via email, phone call and hard copy letter).
    Credit Card No. 4718 6300 0162 8725.
    I was not at all contacted either by Credit Card Dept or Recovery Dept.They are insisting that only after I make a payment of 14700/-, will they release the lien. Now they had contacted me on my mobile mentioning that amount in my savings account on lien for credit card outstanding of Rs.33,456.45/- .

    Particularly look for answers to the following queries from my side:

    1. Why wasn't I contacted about details regarding the case, during the case investigations at all?
    2. Why was I not informed about the one sided decision taken by the bank?

    AXIS Bank Savings A/c No: 007010100542203 Barakhamba Road, New Delhi-110001.

    How can credit card department put amount from my saving account on lien for recovery without informing me/ my authorization?

    I would like to lodge a case against AXIS Bank. Also, please remove the lien on my saving's account at the earliest.

    I request you to please contact Axis bank and remove lien on my savings account.

    The persons contacting me in this regard are :
    Mr A K Gupta - Collection Manager
    Mr Vijay - Collection Manager
    Miss Simran - Telly Caller

    AXIS Bank Ltd
    Statesman House, 148, Barakhamba Road, New Delhi - 110001

    Looking forward to an early and favorable action from your side.

    Thanking You
    Manish Joshi
    (M) 08285323017

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    Default Axis Bank Credit card Settlement caller

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I m getting harresed by the caller i told them to settle the amount still they are pressurizing me i m a heart patient last month only i came from hospital after treatment anything happens to me Axis bank will be responsible for my death.

    Please tell them not to hares me.

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    Default Mr. vasudeva Murthy Vadlakonda

    Card number 4718 6000 0045 9018. I think Axis Bank is on looting spree from customers. I paid the amount due in March by cash in one of AXIS bank and now they are saying I have to pay fee on cash payment and this rule they are saying is with effect from March 12. why the customer was not told at the time of paying?

    I also held a senior citizen's savings account (235010100069456) with zero balance privillege. They charged twice minimum balance penalty although my balance was more than Rs. 5000 most of the time. I had to close the account. No body bother if you post complaints at their I-Connect site. I think this bank should be black listed.

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    I have a credit card bearing no 4718 6100 0138 8579, i am not using this card for the past 6 months and requested you to settle my account. Your executive came to me collected 3 installments from me and gave the receipts. I was informed by your executive that i will receive a settlement letter then i can clear the payment. All of a sudden today i have received threatening calls from hyd and was informed that i will be arrested . They threatened my wife. I am not in station. I should pay a small amount . I will pay the amount without penalties if you send me the statement and inform me the final amount. As they are calling and threatening my wife that cheating case was filed against me i will be complaining to ombudsman for threatening me.

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    Angry axis bank credit card payment not credited

    This is with reference regarding the payment made for the the total outstanding amount of Rs 2300/- in my previous credit card no - 4718610000445685
    which was in the name of Kunal Bhargava.

    While going through with the latest credit card statement i get to know that the previous payment of Rs 2300/- was not credited in my credit card and
    still the amount of Rs 2255.96 reflecting as outstanding in current statement.

    Yesterday i had a word with one of your representative on call center and she also confirm that the payment was not receive at Axis Bank's end,
    due to which the current credit card no - 4718600000784134 is on block mode due to payment not receive

    Just to share with you that i have made the payment of Rs 2300/- on 30/03/2012 through the HDFC Bank a/c no - 01191020001358 wide chq no - 313677
    and the same was debited from my a/c on 31/03/2012.

    Attaching my bank statement for your reference to cross check the entry at your end.. Debit entry is of 31/03/2012 on the 2nd entry on the statement

    Name of The card Holder - Kunal Bhargava
    DOB - 19/07/1981
    Old Credit Card no - 4718610000445685
    Current Credit Card no - 4718600000784137
    Registered Email id - kunalbhargava1@gmail.com

    Request you to check the entry at your end and credit the amount in my card and also remove the hold

    Waiting for early and positive response

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    Default Reg. Transfer of money

    I submit that I am holding A/C no. 20084181943 in SBI branch- R M S Chowmuhani, Ram Nagar, Agartala (Tripura). I made transfer of Rs. 22,000/- to Shri Ramji Sharma, Bank- Axis Bank Ltd, Baddi (Himacha Pradesh) with the A/C No. 360010200000824 on 02/6/2012 through NEFT Internet Banking vide Reference No. IR14934032, UTR No. SBINH12154475058. But the A/C No. I written i.e 360010200000824 is in the name of L.I.C, Najafgarh, New Delhi, Bank- Axis Bank Ltd. Najafgarh Branch, New Delhi, Branch Code- 000360. Sir, I want to submit that I wrote a/c no. 360010200000824 by mistake/erroneously, but name of account holder as Ramji Sharma, Branch- Baddi (Himachal Pradesh) was writted correct. It is not understood that how Axis bank deposited money in tha account no. 360010200000824 which in the name of LIC, najafgarh New Delhi in Branch- Najafgarh, New Delhi. In view of above, I request your good self to kindly pursue the matter with Axis bank Ltd to return my money. I shall remain grateful for this kindness. With regards !

    Shyam Nandan Sharma
    SBI A/C no. 20084181943
    My Mob No.- 8794046954

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    Unhappy Credit card is locked and removed from my account

    without any prior notice or call my credit card is blocked by the the axis bank , and even the details for my transaction are removed from the online account details,

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    Dear sir,

    sub : Please check my order no. Od20621120165 with completle services.

    we have purchased sony vio laptop website on flipkart.com & payment made of axis bank credit card no. 4718610003128460 name of the pareshkumar n patel.

    we have mode of payment axis bank credit card with puchased murchant for the flipkart & flipkart will tell us to me no other charges for credit card with speak to axis sinier manager sibbu bhai with all safisant services with bank. & he tell me no deduction charges with your credit card but 26/06/2012 1715.20 dr. & service tax 212 also debit my credit card & they will purchased my laptop for the period of 12 months ago & the emi is 2859 for for all including charges with debited my credit card with also debited my axis bank credit card so please i have tell to flipkart & also axis bank credit department and they will tell me your problem is solve soon....i have 2 months with tell him. So please check my status & also debited amount will be 6 month emi process but i have purchased period 12 month emi process so please check & solve my problem as soon as possbile. Before the 1st installment amount debited my credit card 2859 rs. Per each installment with regred.

    we have telling mr. Sibbu bhai with all my problem solve & respectly said but not about 2-3 months solve my problem so please solve my problem as above the statement.

    charges will be less then or credited my axis bank a/c. Rs. 1715.20 & 212.00
    also installment period about not only 6 month but 12 month status as above the order no. Od20621120165.

    thanking you

    ashwin kashiram patel
    (bro. Pareshkumar n patel)
    mo. No. 9825228818


    1) grahak suraksha email address
    2) flipkart murchant sent to
    3) axis bank of main branch sent to
    4) r.b.i. Bank of main branch (axis bank credit interest)
    5) axis bank credit card department main branch.
    6) mr. Sibbu bhai at axis bank credit card department

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    Default Issue of credit card

    issue of credit card which i do not require. in fact the same has communicated to you several times over telephone. please be noted that i will not remain liable if you charge is levied on me for it. my details are as:
    Address: daspara, monirampur, barrackpore, 24 pgs(n), 700120
    Date of Birth: 02/03/1951
    Mothers name: Namita

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    bipinarya Guest

    Angry cpp fraud

    hi, I am Bipin arya, i am account and credit card holder in Axis bank, one day i got a call from axis call center and he suggested to have CPP and the very next moment he transferred my call to somebody related to CPP and we had little discussion and i simply denied the offer. But next hour i got a msg that your account has been debited Rs.1680. they were telling u will get a brochure and if u want cancel it, u can... u have a month decide and trial. these did not happened. i feel that i am cheated with my own bank.

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    Default They say waver on joining fee but thy dont

    They say waver on joining fee but thy dont
    All these agents who contact u are blooody deperate guys
    Ti get you a new card for commission and thy give all wring info
    And when u call up these asshole customercare guys thy say it will be
    Waved of in next bill. N it keeps repeating ir thy end up saying you dont have this
    Offer on ur card, all mother @@@@ers are cheats in our india people dont have an idea
    Why customer care is for ... Bastards wil never proper in lifeJ

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    Question How i call without pass word


    MY CARD NO;4718 6003 0032 3138.



    MY E-MAIL ID: c.chandra84@redifffmail.com

    im reqest to send my pass ward

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    Rajesh mohapatra Guest

    Default change my email id

    I am( Rajesh mohapatra ) account holder of axis bank ltd.
    148,Barakhamba Road New Dehli -110001 .This your kind information that i want to change my Email ID.
    Therefore i am requesting for the same

    My account No-912010017369201
    mob no-9811431929
    Email ID-rajeshmohapatra1972@gmail.com


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