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Thread: Reliance Netconnect+ ...STORY OF THE YEAR 2011

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    Angry Reliance Netconnect+ ...STORY OF THE YEAR 2011

    I got my Reliance Netconnect+ postpaid connection in Sep'28 2011 by paying advance rental for an Unlimited plan @ Rs.750 per month ...

    i paid Rs.1500 for 2months . Yet , i got a bill in October .

    When i called Customer care they said that my unlimited plan starts on 9th of every month as new billing cycle starts on 9th for all reliance Customers .

    So , i've to pay for the usage till 8th October . I was not informed of this before about the billing cycle and other things abt billing .

    Eventhough the bill was generated on 9th October , I got to know about this Bill only on the due date i.e 26th October by SMS .

    Unluckily , i was travelling on that day and i couldnt pay on that day and i ended up paying a fine along with the billed amount the next day ....

    The next month was fine ...i.e the unlimited usage for my first month .

    But , i got a bill again after the Second month for which i've already paid as advance rental . When i called customer care , they said that the bill was for the dates of 4th to 8th december .. stating that my unlimited plan started On 4th October and ended on 3rd December ..... but I've already paid in my first bill for the usage till 8th October . Their explanation was just improper .... i paid for that again .

    And then, i decided to change to prepaid connection . So , i gave a complaint to Customer care regarding changing my netconnect+ connection from postpaid to prepaid . They tried to convince me with Some " Special offer just for U " . Having rejected that , they took the complaint and guided me to the nearest Reliance World to submit some documents to change to Prepaid .

    The Executive at Reliance world refused to take my documents ??? She behaved as if she was just mad .

    The conversation goes as follows :

    me : I Want to change my connection from postpaid to prepaid

    Executive : Come after Jan 1st .

    Me: I already gave a complaint to customer care before 3 days

    Executive : Tell me ur Netconnect+ number .

    Having said that , she checked the info in her system which says like " Contact your Nearest Reliance World for further assistance "

    Executive : Call to customer care , we are not going to deal with this complaint . She gave some number of customer care , that was wrong .

    so , i came out of the reliance world and called 180030005555 , the customer care number which i know well . They again guided me into Reliance World and the person from the Customer care said that he'll convince the Executive to take up the Complaint ..

    But , she refused to speak with him too ..... He was literally fainted to hear her words when i held my mobile close to her .

    Again , he asked me the adress of the Reliance world and got the Landline number of the Store in is system . She then switched off that Number ...

    There are 2 other executives in the Store watching all this as if they dont bother abt anything and its not their business ....

    I literally begged every one of the Executives present there to speak with the Customer care as if i was asking money from them ... but no one responded to me .

    Being abled to do nothing , i left the Store

    This is the way RELIANCE treats its Customers .... and if u still go on with Reliance , they will make u beg on the streets some Day .

    The least we expect from the Customer care is that they listen to our Problem . But , she refused to take a complaint .. What are they paid for ?

    Having failed to solve a complaint can be an excuse sometimes , but failing to take a complaint ?

    May be these things are so small in our lives , ...... But , in a large scale , i Call it Corporate Corruption

    The real fight against Corruption is the fight against the Individuals .... if we can kill these corrupt Companies individually , Corruption dies as a Whole .

    Do u think Reliance doesn't have any role in 2G Spectrum Scam ?

    Without a subscriber , even Reliance is Zero .... does that mean we as a major part of Reliance and as Reliace is corrupt , aren't we corrupt ?

    Why do u fight against corruption or Support Anna when u urself is being a part of Corrupt Company as a subscriber ?

    Cant we make an end to this corporate scam someday instead of being a part of them ??

    Together we can make it happen .... if we just believe .

    This is the year when the World witnessed the Power of the web world in true sense .

    Arab , Egypt , Syria , Russia .... every other country used internet to the core to make a Historical changes this year

    If they can influence the Rule in Russia , how big is Reliance when compared to Russia ?

    Nothing is really hard to do if we can commit ourselves to this task ...

    How many of our problems are getting solved by posting in this forum ?

    I dont think atleast 5% of the Complaints .. Wht abt the rest ? We dont consider going to the Consumer Court really ..because this is INDIA .

    i've got an Idea ....

    , i'm trying to make a database of all the compaints posted in this forum related to Reliance in this year and share it with every Ministry and department of India , Newspapers , making them available online ....

    this is my first Target

    This link provides the Telephone directory of senior officers of TRAI

    (www . trai . gov .in / telephonedirectory.asp )

    .... i'll send the database to every official of TRAI ... as TRAI can influence Telecom .

    So , people willing to contribute to the database or sharing their complaint can mail me at


    Write ur complaint in detail as u would write to Shri. R. K. Arnold ,Secretary , TRAI and post in this forum .. i'll copy it to the database

    And i've recorded every voice call to the customercare and the Executives of Reliance World ... i am planning to make a Video documentary of that and upload it in youtube .. i'll be posting a link in this thread too ..within a week . Whenever u get a problem with Reliance , U can share that link in Facebook , twitter and other networking sites to show ur anger ... When they continue with poor service , the Number of people sharing that video goes higher ....

    If u can believe , this Reliance version of Kolaveri Di will be the most popular video in the New Year to come.

    Merry Christmas !!

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    Hi Harsha,

    We have noted your complaint. The matter has been escalated to our customer service team who will get in touch with you directly to resolve your concerns.



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    hi Harsha,

    I totally agree with you. They are not going to solve anything. They only say " Your Problem hs been escalated to our customer service team ".. but trust me , they are good for nothing. I have been personally given this pathetic sentence for like 50 times. I called them many times , but they are just a excuse making machines. Cn you believe , I purchased this Crappy Reliance Netconnect + Datacard on 6th of sep.. and from that date on wards , My speed is pathetic. When i Called the customer care, they told me that some up-gradation is going on in your area due to high number of users , So you may be facing speed issues. they told me that the max time limit provided to the engineers is 31st of Nov. i called 4 times, and each time they told me that the time limit is 31st Nov.. but you know what .. November is of 30 days only. when i told them this , then they said that , sorry sir, the time limit is 30 th nov. and before that , this issue will be resolved. So,, I waited. and you know what i suffered with this speed problem . then i called them on 25th Nov. they told me that within this week problems will be solved. I again waited. Then I called on 3rd dec. they told me that still problems are there , Max time limit is 31st Dec , before that problems will be resolved. today is 29th Dec. and Still I am getting a Pathetic speed of 60 kbps-180 kbps. I am completely frustrated with such a fraud company. You want any support, I am with you .

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    Dear Sir,
    I Praveen Kumar Somisetty used tata photon Reference: Tata Indicom no:9246741585,
    Every month I m getting Rs: 350 or 400.00, in the last bill I got very huge amt 1850.00 for this I raised compliant and so many times I orally explained to tata photon executives regarding wrong bill for this no response from tata photon, but they harassed for payment like any thing. one day i got a legal notice for not payment for this I given reply for legal notice, finally to day I got a call from his lawyer and he is saying that tom marrow attend in the delhi court. I shocked like any thing what happening

    Sir I never said I will not pay the bill and every time I requested for solve the problem but they are not responded, please look in the matter and save me from tata photon.

    Thanking You,

    Yours Sincerely,
    Praveen Kumar Somisetty
    Mobile No: 09000571007

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    Hi Vidi,

    This is to inform you that your concern has been noted. Please share your contact number with us so that we are able reach you. Our team is eager to help you.



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