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Thread: Deceived by bajajfinservlending

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    I want to shear this shocking incident that how these companies are making the fool out of their customer. I had financed an AC from bajajfinservlanding which is a part of Bajaj finance group under the loan account #(4240cd00043050 ).Last month due to some financial crunches I was not able to make an instalment, and they agreed upon taking the instalment money next month i.e in the month of DEC,2011 with some late fee. I was told that someone from their team is going to come to my place on Friday the 2nd DEC 2011 to collect the payment i cancelled all my day to day tasks just to wait for some one to come n take the instalment.

    On sat the 3rd of DEC. two gentlemen from bajaj finance came to my place in the day time when i was asleep as i work in the night shifts . they confirmed my loan account and had my all information with them. they told me the DUE amount that was RS.3800 including late fee. since they had all my info. and they told me my loan acct number and DOB n father's name and etc. i din't feel it necessary to take down they names and ID as they seemed professionals and had the badge id of bajaj finance.when i check my volte i only had Rs.3600 in there they gentleman told me that i can just pay him Rs.3600 and he will come and collect rest of 200 tomorrow and then will give me th receipt when i asked them either to give me a receipt of 3600 or take the whole payment tomorrow he said that won't be possible i have to make the payment today and he will come and take Rs. 200 tomorrow i thought it is just the matter of 200 n i gave them money that very moment i got the call from bajanfinservlanding the lady on the phone told me she is calling from bajanfinservlanding n tod me that they have sent their agent to collect the payment for the loan account #(4240cd00043050 if or not i heard from them . i told the lady about the whole story and she said that's ok n spoke to the agent standing their and they asked me to be rest assured about it.

    But no body has returned so far neither to provide me the receipt nor to take the payment insted i have been getting the calls from bajaj finance to make the payment and out this frustration i am not even paying rest of my instalments unless this issue gets resolved i have been so frustrated and feel deceived. when the lady was call me again for the payment i asked her that she must have the record that which of the two employees were sent to collect the payment they was so rude n said this to me in the harsh words that it is not their responsibility to keep the track of their employees you should have taken their id's. which shows how responsibly these people are working.
    I would request the Honourable court to have a look at the matter and do the justice
    and punish the culprit.

    Kind Regards

    Neeraj Sharma

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    BEWARE : Be Careful when signing the ECS form as they will fool you to fill in a open ECS form for the value of the product you are getting financed with them. So if you are buying One Lakh worth of products then they will make you fill in a form where they can draw any amount upto 1 lakh from your account every month till 2025. When we ask them why, they will say that is needed. They should actually get a form signed with the maximum amount as EMI amount and then the ending date as your emi ending date. If you are still troubled and having problems send emails to these guys in their company and they will take it up quickly. Rajeev Jain is the CEO of the company and others are their top team. I had issues with these guys and took it up with these guys and got it resolved.

    Ashish Sapra <ashish.sapra@bajajfinserv.in>,
    Devang Mody <devang.mody@bajajfinserv.in>,
    Prateek Agarwal <prateek.agarwal@bajajfinserv.in>,

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