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Thread: Complaint on French Express Courier

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    Ramesh. S.K. Guest

    Unhappy Complaint on French Express Courier

    To 28.11.2011
    The Honourable Court of Consumers,
    Chennai North (Sub-urban),

    Sub: Complaint regarding the denial of delivery from French Express Courier Ė reg.

    Ref: My courier booking no.A28065084 dt. 11.11.2011 of French Express Courier from Badhri Agencies TNV248, Tindivanam.

    My Lord,

    I am Ramesh. S.K., the Complainant residing at No. 10-A, R.S.Road, Kattukollai Street, Gummidipoondi - 601201 suffered by irresponsible service of French Express Courier; the noncompliance of courier rule of door delivery, denial of answering for the whereabouts of the parcel in the case of delay for more than a week, neglecting and not responding to the call from our side and not in a position to explain the reason for delay of the parcel which I have asked my representative Mr. Venkatesan to book from Tindivanam to Gummidipoondi.

    I have asked my tailor Mr. Venkatesan on 11th November 2011 to send me the newly stitched dress for me and my two sons through any courier service, as one of my younger sonís birthday fell on 15th November 2011, from Tindivanam my native town. I sent the sms to the tailor with my detailed delivery address as No.10-A, R.S.Road, Kattukollai Street, Gummidipoondi - 601201. He has approached the nearby courier to his shop and asked the courier person whether it is possible to deliver the parcel in time before the date of my sons birthday and in turn the courier person accepted it to deliver it the next day itself. As he booked and informed me about the courier as French Express I didnít receive the parcel till 14th November 2011 evening. I contacted the tailor and asked him to verify the status of the parcel through the booking centre and inform us whether it reached the delivery destination or not. My son was expecting the new dress anxiously, telling us it would be beautiful for him to wear it on the auspicious day of his birthday. We were consoling him and controlling his anxious moments from the next day of the booking date. Atlast he became the victim of worst service of the courier personnel making more stress on the day of his birthday. We were pained to console him any more and managed to pass the whole day sitting in a stressful mood. To the worst effect of the courier personnel even till date we didnít receive the parcel. When contacted the booking office, he said the same excuse from the next date of the booking, as the parcel was said to be delivered as he was in formed from the feed back he got from his Chennai office through phone. He also said the delivery boy is having the parcel and said he would deliver it soon on 15th November, after we didnít receive the parcel even on 15th he again said the delivery boy switched off his mobile number when he contacted and gave his friends number to me on 18th November and asked me to contact him which was a different courier office delivery boys number. When I contacted the number it was attended and I could not hide my anger and told him that if it was booked in postal service by the time we would have received the same why were you so late to make the delivery even after so many days. His reply was shocking to me because he said that for the sake of courtesy only I have given my contact mobile number I too would have switched off the mobile as the other delivery boy have done and if required you could come to my office and collect the parcel and from the next time you can book through post office itself. This is understood that the negligence of duty by the delivery boy was voluntary and even not cared about answering the position to the customers. He also said If you didnot collect the delivery the responsible is not with me let the other delivery boy who is not present now will come tomorrow and you can collect it as he wished and said he could not hold responsible for the parcel which was lying in his office for the past 7 days. My patience still worsened to the peak and I did not go to the office to collect and informed the booking person and my tailor that I would receive the parcel only if it is delivered to my doorstep and it is not my duty to collect the parcel from his office and it is the duty of the courier person to deliver it to my doorstep. The delivery boy telephoned me the next day 19th November 2011 to my mobile and said that he came close to my destination and he could not reach it before the delivery time and asked me to come to the office and collect the parcel or it would be returned back to the booking office if I did not collect it that day. I informed this matter to the booking officer person in Tindivanam about the careless and irresponsible delivery boys reply. He also said me not to worry about and I shall put a complaint on this matter and let him be brought to the complaint of the head office. He promised me that he shall do the necessary steps to deliver the parcel in person of his own cost if it gets returned. In this circumstance I worried about the condition of the new dress which was worth to about Rs. 5000/-, as he doesnot care for the delivery how he could have bothered about it condition. The irresponsible delivery boy and the Courier which engaged his service has to be brought to justice and made to pay the compensation for the hardship suffered by all of my family members for past 12 days. I pray the lord of justice to bring them to book and punish them not to repeat the same for any one else as we have been done in such a wanting situation. Still I did not receive the reply even from the booking person.

    ĎI have to receive the booking receipt from the tailor after he confirmed the parcel has been returned through other courier.í

    Yours faithfully,

    RAMESH. S.K.

    Place: Gummidipoondi

    Date: 28.11.11

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    B M Brennecke Guest

    Default B M Brennecke

    I live in Australia.
    This is not the first time that my parcel has not reached my friend and her family in France!
    I can not believe a clearly marked parcel, although the package was split was sent back to me, at an obvious cost to the French postal service in a plastic cover and not delivered to the actual person it was intended for. Nothing was damaged
    I went to my local office that thought this was ridiculous too.
    As you know overseas postage is no longer cheap! I now have to re pack and send it back to the intended at a cost AGAIN.
    Or may I suggest I get you to pay for it. Nothing with Australia post would not stop this CLEARLY marked address getting to the intended person. You have made a big mistake returning it to the sender.
    I am not happy!
    I expect an immediate response to this and expect you to do something.
    I currently have another parcel to send and am thinking about how I am to do this. Do you have any CLEAR suggestions that I am guaranteed this will get to the intended person.
    Bernadette Brennecke OR bbandjack@hotmail.com
    PO Box 1256
    Mt Barker
    SA 5251

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    Unregistered Guest

    Thumbs up courier not delivered POD No 3200422500

    Dear Sir,

    With reference to the subject POD, till now am didn,t recived courier. The local branch didn't answer properly. Do the needful ASAP ( Urgent )

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    Unregistered Guest

    Angry franch express courier - compliant

    Dear sir/madam

    i am prabhu from thoothukudi ..
    last 8-7-2013 my brother send one courier to me (franch express courier).. but yet now i am receive .. when i cal, the head office phone no is not valid.. there is no customer care no.. after contact local branch they telling that courier in kanchipuram and kadpadi etc .. till now any one not tell correct status.. my courier bod no is : 2502325327.. my booking place is thoothukudi... please help me ..
    thank you .

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