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Thread: Cox & Kings :: Cheat

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    Default Cox & Kings :: Cheat

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I would like to bring this to your kind notice that I was cheated by Cox and Kings which is a very reputed company in Tours & Travels market. There was a Franchaisee exebition in Jaipur where I met the representatives of Cox and Kings, namely Ms. Karuna Vazirani and Mr.Bhupesh Nayak, for getting a Franchaisee of Cox and Kings. They told us that we need to fill an application form with a Refundable security deposit of Rs.11,000/-. After receiving all the applications, they will scrutinize among the applications on the basis of their sutaibility and then finalize the Franchaisee and refund the security deposit of all applicants. The application fee was kept to come across genuine applicants which would help them in scrutinizing.

    They asked us to pay the security deposit as soon as possible as it was the time for exhibition to get over and we didn't have much time to think about it. We thought that its better to give an application and pay the security deposit as we will get it back and were paying to a very reputed company " COX & KINGS ". We paid the application fee by cheque but after receiving the security deposit from us they changed completey from whatever they said. They denied returning the security deposit saying that it was a non- refundable fee and all these allegations were baseless. We have heard that this has happened with all other applicants also. I think they (Mr. Bhupesh and Ms.Karuna) did this to achieve their Revenue targets or to tell the company that they did their job well at the exhibition.

    Mr. Bhupesh Nayak visited our sites and then, didn't respond for two months. They replied back after two months when we asked them to pay back our security deposit on call. They told us that we were making baseless allegations and it was a non-refundable fee. It is my hard earned money which I lost by keeping faith in such a good company. Since then I have lost faith in all good companies also.

    It will really great if you can look into this matter and raise it to the concerned authorities to get my security deposit back.

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    Post Cox & Kings' Cheated Again!!

    Hello All,

    I am mentioning below one link which is clearing showing the brand name Cox & King's cheated his clients. "How Cox & Kings' tourist robbed in Europe",This case is happened with my Best friend and would like to request to read at least, so you can save yourself for not to being cheated like this. I have never seen a company who has got very big reputation in the market but still making a money by wrong way. I always read the others blogs about their theft and other cheating activities but never believed it truly, But when it happened with my best friend itself, Guys trust me....Just want to show their real face to everyone and would like to spread to every single person ear in the world who really want to go ahead with COX AND KING'S.

    Guys, this is absolutely my serious advice for not even think about to having your beautiful trip with this company. For any queries, just reply to this I will surely answer you all.

    Please read it and spread it.


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