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    Default Terms and Conditions

    Forum Rules

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    POOJA RAUT Guest

    Default Good service of dhaval tours

    We have booked shimla kulu manali package through dhaval tours in may 2011, we booked this tour 3 months before so we go the confirm railway tickets, we all are total 2 families, service which we get from dhaval tours were too good, hotels were very nice. vehicle and driver was also good and co-operative, we have booked this package from thane branch, all staff were also very co-operative, we got all details 15 days in advance from the departure date. they also be in touch with us during tour period, one person from main branch is always there in touch with us to take care of our tour, we all are very happy with dhaval tour and now in christmas vacation we all are going to kerala backwater with dhaval tours

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    Default Vignaharta direct insurance company is a cheater

    Vighnaharta Direct Insurance Broking is cheating the public like anything by giving them wrong commitment. Also they told me that they are calling directly from Birla Sun Life and give me completely fake information.Their phons is also unreaceble now. why BSLI is not canceling its dealership I have seen many complaints against them on net. pls do something.........

    Mis-guide of BSLI VISION policy
    Policy no. : 00 51 42 689

    LAST week of SEPTEMBER 2011 i got a call from Mr.AAkash Srivastav (Sr.SalesManager) contact details ( 011-206766938 206766986 204038083 204038085 206766802 206766630 20676768312 ) stating that he is from BSLI and explained me nice benefits ofBSLI VISION plan which is stated below :

    1. You have to invest 30,000 OR 50,000 for 5 years only , so i opt 30,000/-

    2. Then he said since he is direct from BSLI and there is no agent between BSLI and me so the benefit which agent gets will get it to me like for first 2 year Co. will reback me with 50% of premium i.e 30,000 which is 15,000 within 3 months of premium paid. So my total investment for 5 year will be 1,50,000 less 30,000 reback of first 2 years which is 1,20,000 investment only.

    3. After completion of 5 years i'll double which is 2,40,000 ( Guaranteeed )and in case of death my nominee will get 4,00,000...and acidetaly 8,00,000 along with 2,00,000 of mediclaim for WHOLE Life every year..( include opd to critical surgeries)

    Since it was nice benefits i opted for the same and person ( Mr.kshitij)came with the form and i filled all details with my sign wherever required

    when i got the policy document i found everything wrong which includes that my term is of 20 year and i have to pay 30,000 premium for all 20 years with no other benefits which he committed me.

    Also my sign was forger ed in all documents like pan card copy ,copy and he literally cancelled my wriitten 5 year term in to 20 year and signed my forgered signature.

    I got call from Divya Sharma stating thanking for policy and told me that some IRDA person will call me for the benefits.

    i got the call from Mr.Bipin Navin Chandra @@@@hi stating he is from verification Department

    After 15 days pass i neither get the cancellation form nor any new copy of earlier policy of 30,000......then i started calling Mr.AAKASH SRIVASTAV
    (09891579589)on 30 SEP. 2011 , his no. was switched off. i tried calling him next 15 days but still he is out of service .......this striked me ,

    Then i found i was Mis-guided on policy and found my forgery sign on documents.

    Then on OCTOBER 2011 i called BSLI customer care and logged complain there and also visited BSLI branch at G.B.ROAD,KASAR VADAVLI THANE-W... And found that such thing has happend with many poor cutomers and BSLI is not at taking at decision ......!!!!!
    Please give me justice against Vighnaharta Direct insurance and reliance life insurance.

    Now i got policy on 21st of November... i rush to to my nearest branch and filled the FREELOOK REQUEST FORM.. MIS KETKI ATTENDED ME AND TOLD I WIL GET MY FULL PAYMENT WITHIN 15 DAYS.... She gave acknowledgement slip... along wit my written letter which i gave her abt my complaint...

    Under the aforesaid circumstances ,i want to canceled my policy forthwith& request you to kindly eturn my money which i already paid to you i.e. Rs30,000 at earliest...

    and take strict action against Vighnaharta direct insurance company.. or terminat their agency....


    ( 9819496501 )

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    Dear Members and Users,
    I am browsing the "CONSUMERCOURT.IN for quite some time.

    I would like give the following suggestions to the Members/Un-registered users the following:
    This is mainly relates to the Complaints about Employment/Salary/Full and Final Settlement/Dismissal/Suspension etc.
    (a)Please do give the complete details(Name and Address/Telephone Number/Mob Number/E mail ID etc)the "EMPLOYER"
    (b)The complainants also furnish the complete details about their (Name and Address/Telephone Number/Mob Number/E mail ID etc.

    Unless these information are furnished it is very difficult to give a solution.

    Thank you with regards,

    V.Raja Gopal,Coimbatore,Tamil Nadu.
    Formerly Deputy Inspector of Labour,
    Government of Tamil Nadu.
    E mail ID avvvr1952@gmail.com/avvr1952@yahoo.in

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    Cool Vidhata Agritech company is totally fraud company

    Vidhata Agritech company is totally fraud company
    following are given my offer letter,i have responsibility of marketing in five city of jharkhand.Against of these the company had to give give salary .but yah company 2 month tak mujhse kaam leti rahi or sari information mujhse leti rahi but aaj tak mujhe ek bhi paisa nahi mila ,tab maine consumer complain me jaane ka man banaya......isse pahle v maine koi complain padha tha is company ke against...but pata nahi abhi ye complain dikh nahi raha h .following are given my offer letter

    Ref-VAPL-0703/1589 Date- 07/03/2011
    Sub: OFFER LETTER for the post of "AREA SALES MANAGER".
    Dear Sir,
    We are pleased to inform you that management has decided to promote you as AREA SALES MANAGER w.e.f.
    10/03/2011 on the following terms & Conditions: -

    *Allotment of Districts
    1. 05 District – Ist Month (Appointation of senior Distributor’s)
    2 05 District – IInd Month (Appointation of junior Distributor’s)
    3. 05 District – IIIrd Month (Actual Sale and Appointation the permanents customers)


    2. Sales Target: - Target of collection will be approximately Rs- 10,00,000/- per month by appointing AD/RD/SS/C&F Agent as well as through actual sale.
    NOTE:– If 40% of target is not completed then only 5% of the total business provided by you will be given.
    3. Monthly Salary and Incentives:
    Basic Salary - Rs. 15,000/- Per Month
    Incentives – (a) 0.50% on deposit of /SS/C&F Agent
    (b) 0.50 % on Secondary Sale
    (c) 01.00 % on Actual Sale
    Other Allowance
    • Traveling Allowance : Actual by Train (Sleeper)/Bus
    • Daily Allowance : Rs. 150/- per Day (only on tour not at H.Q.)
    • Hotel Charges : Rs. 350 To 450 per Day (20 days /month)
    • Local Traveling Allowance : 1.50 per km. actual
    • Mobile Charge : Rs. 1500/ per month
    4. Reimbursement of other expenses:
    Other than above the candidate will be paid the expenses of advertisement additionally for conducting the interview for appointment of field staff and distributor" after taking the prior approval from the company on submission of documentary respective bills.
    5- Responsibilities:-
    Your will by required to appoint at least 10 Dealers / Districts and 1 Super stockiest in each 5 districts for undertaking marketing operations as per the direction and guide lines of the company from time to time.
    (a) Appointment of Distributors:
    You will be required to appoint at least 10 Dealers / Districts and 1 Super stockiest in each 5 districts,1 C/F Agent / State as per the direction and guide lines of the company from time to time and 1 C/F Agent for each state.
    (b) District Information:
    You will be required to collect & submit all district information in agriculture point of view like potentiality of district. List of Agro dealers. District Map, crop grown. No, of village. Blocks and Tehsils and main completion’s and their brand name form Sales officer, ASM of concern district / area.
    (c) Reports:
    You will be required to send daily working report by E-Mail-Vidhata_agroproducts@Yahoo.co.in to the Head office, Jhansi (U.P.) compulsorily, the e-mail charges will be paid by the company. In case reports are not sent by you further T A/DA advance will not be released, repeated failure in submitting daily report may lead to administrative action against you as per the company rule.
    (d) Rules and Regulation for leave - You will be allowed four day leave in a month. In addition you will get holiday for all important festivals. for sick leave or any other casual leave. You have to take permission in writing and salaries for all such leaves will be deducted. If candidate is absent without intimation and permission he will be marked absent for two days and the disciplinary action will be taken against you.
    (e) Primary & Secondary Sales Responsibilities:-You will be required to maintain primary & secondary sale according to your appointment if the candidates not achieve sales target regular tow month than company take action against you as per the company rule.
    6. Terms and Condition For Collection Of Payment:-
    (a). Security Deposit :- The candidate will be required to collect the payment of security deposit from distributors in the form of demand draft only in favor of the company, in any case, cheque or cash collection will not be permitted to him.
    (b). Payment of Sales:- The candidate will be required to collect the payment of sales in the from of demand draft only in favour of authorized regional Distributors or super stockiest. C/FAgent appointed in the area in any case cheque or cash collection will not be permitted to him.

    (c). Details of stock:- The candidate will be required to collect and submit all (he party wise business transaction report like receipt of stock, actual sale, receipt of sales payment and balance stock available in allotted area along with payment sales, in the prescribed, format to the company on monthly basis. Failing which the monthly remuneration (salary, TA/DA, Incentive) payable to him will not be released.
    7. Terms and Condition For Payment of Incentives / Advance:-
    I. TA will be paid as per actual by Train Sleeper Class/Bus fare on submission of bills along with proof of documents.
    II. Sales Incentive on deposits of SS/ C/F AGENTS and on actual sale will be paid as per the details mentioned in the package.
    III. Further TA/DA advances will be released only after submission of previous performed tour reports as per the guidelines and further tour programmed will be approved subject to satisfactory performance of yours.
    IV. All the payments including incentive will be released only after submission of monthly sale account as desired by management from time to time
    V. Advance against incentives will be paid for 1 or 2 months and from 3rd month onward incentive will be paid as per achievement of the sale / collection.
    VI. Advance against incentive which is paid earlier will be deducted from your incentive account.
    8. Other Terms & Condition of Appointment :-
    A. If any of the above terms & conditions are violated by the candidate it will be treated as breach of trust and he will be terminated without assigning any notice with immediate effect and company will have full right to take legal or administrative action against him.
    B. The candidate will be required to develop the area within allotment of the area to him. If satisfactory performance is not made by him within above period the area will be withdrawn from him with immediate effect.
    9. Legal Action:-
    In case of any dispute during the tenure of the candidate the area of legal action will be under jurisdiction of Jhansi (UP).

    10. Probation Period :- Initially, you will be on trial period for three months. if your business performance is satisfactory than only your appointment will be continued.
    If you are agree the terms and conditions of your appointment please sign the copy of this letter as a token of your acceptance and start the work.
    With all the best success in business.
    Auth. Signature


    Signature of Candidate………………………
    Date.................................... Managing Director
    or v bahut sari information h jo jarurat pari to main provide karunga

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    Plz i want to know my PF status. Whenever i am trying to know that the below given statement alone coming. Kindly let me know the statusSTATUS for Member ID: BGBNG00069410000005793

    Claim ID : BGBNG110500012955
    Status : Claim Form 19 for PF Settlement AGAINST Member Account No (BGBNG00069410000005793) has been approved. Payment is under process.

    Claim ID : BGBNG110500012962

    * * Data available since last six months. * *
    * * BANGALORE data availaible from 12-06-2011. Last updated on 09-12-2011 at 05:30 pm * *
    * * Approval Details on PPO and Scheme Certificates will be made available soon.. * *

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    Thumbs down Complaint new mobile lcd blank

    Dear Sir,
    I have purchase Sony xperia from hot spot chowk branch of Lucknow after one month mobile screen gone blank,
    I get back to HOT SPOT to show they says,ok Iwill clear you why it happen,after service centre reach service centre said full mobile
    Will be formet,or LCD will be Replaced,In this work one week will take.
    I dont, think that this type of complaint should be repair,It will be chane to new Mobile,Because it is not a thousand or ten thousand,It is Twenty five thousand, Rupees.Pls revert back.



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    Unhappy Online fraud and cheating

    The website timtara.com is a masive online fraud. This company is luring people online with lucrative discounts and then never delivering the products. I also made two online payment of Rs. 12,994/- on December 27, 20011 and Rs. 4,190/- on December 28, 2011, for a digital camera and microwave oven respectively which the company executive assured to me over the phone that it will be delivered to my doorstep within 8-10 days; however, I have not received even a single communication from their end regarding the status of delivery of my product. They had sent me a mail stating that the product is awaiting shipment on December 8,2011, and ever since it is showing that status only. Their mobile customer helpline number +91 9560114499 gets never picked and their landline helpline number 033-40166500 also gets picked rarely and the person on the other end only gives fake assurances like the product is out of stock, it is in process, it is already dispatched by vendor, u will receive it by next week etc.

    On being apprehensive, I researched over the internet and discovered that there is a plethora of complaints against this company on popular consumer websites like mouthshut.com and consumercourt.in. I am also giving you the details of my order in the form of email received by me from the company as well as the company's details as under:

    Order1 #10158195
    Dated 27th Dec 2011 03:15 pm.

    Order2 #10159029
    Dated 28th Dec 2011 03:15 pm.

    Corporate Head Office
    Infosecure Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
    B-26 Second Floor, Sector 8
    Uttar Pradesh -201301

    Regional Office (East)
    Infosecure Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
    Suite # 617, Regus,
    Constantia Level 6 ,
    11 U N Brahmachari Road
    Kolkata 700 017
    Customer Care: +91 9560114499/033-40166500
    E-mail: customerfirst@timtara.com

    Also interestingly of note, the website claims that “timtara.com is Rated No. 1 for “User Experience” by Dataquest Magazine + Sapient-Nitro Research in Jan'11 within 7 months of launch” on their website.

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    Default fraud company- timtara.com

    I have a complaint against the fraud online shopping website timtara.com. I purchased speakers from their website 15 days ago and have not yet got my order. I have sent many e-mails but have not received any reply from their end. The maximum delivery time as informed to me by the the timtara team is 10 days. None of my queries have been answered and no one answers the customer care helpline. Strict action should be taken against this fraud company.


    Name-mayank verma

    >Order Id: 10164049
    >Product Name: Edifier 2.1 Speaker P 2060
    >Quantity: 1
    >SKU: P2060
    >Amount: Rs. 1,249.09
    >Date: 2012-01-4


    Corporate Head Office

    Infosecure Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
    B-26 Second Floor, Sector 8
    Uttar Pradesh -201301
    Regional Office (East)
    Infosecure Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
    Suite # 617, Regus,
    Constantia Level 6 ,
    11 U N Brahmachari Road
    Kolkata 700 017

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    Default Product not shiped from www.koovs.com

    had made an online order from koovs website. I have already made the online payment of Rs.2555 and I have not got any update about my Order.

    My order details:

    Order Number : 399649 Order placed on: Jan 02, 2012, 12:57 AM
    Online Order Status: Complete

    Freesize: Freesize
    Quantity : 1 Shipping Status - In progress Total Price Rs.2555

    it has been 22 days since I have placed the request and I don’t have any update about My Order, any time I called the number: +080-67880666 I get the message all the Customer service Agents are busy your call is Important to us please stay online and when I send emails to info@koovs.com, I don’t get any reply.

    I want them to deliver the product as soon as possible or give me my money back.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Untitled.jpg 
Views:	1239 
Size:	87.7 KB 
ID:	4382  

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    I have a complain against my banker HDFC bank Ltd. I have deposited a cheque of Rs.25000/- in HDFC bank Ltd. Tinsukia Branch on 31/01/2012 of Syndicate bank Tinsukia having Cheque no.930695 But That cheque has not been deposited in My account Till 09/02/2012 as where the cheque has been cleared from syndicate bank on 01/02/2012 and I am not Geting any proper reply from my bankers.My account no. with HDFC Bank Ltd. Fancy Bazar branch Guwahati Is 03992560004269 in the name of Jain Auto Distributors 1st Floor,P.r.complex ,A.t.road Guwahati-781001,Assam

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    I am Ashutosh Yadav, resident of VPO : Bahadrabad - 249402, District Hardwar, Uttrakhand, I had puchased a GSM connection (7500000753) of IDEA about 8-9 months back then I had ported into DOCOMO after 2-3 months then after a few months ported it to AIRTEL and used properly a month or 40-50 days. Then due to some verification problem it was disconnected temporarily.

    I have written so many mails to AIRTEL about it and provided all the details required by them. I just want to say if a number was proerly being used by me from other user and after porting why it was disconnected and being harassed to user. AIRTEL is leading company they always trying to solve the problems of their users but this time their officers are not taking it seriously.

    i need your in this regard and papers like IDs or resident proof etc. can be provided to you. the sim number is : 8991971210182613317.

    Also I want to mention here that my currect # 9897902762 is about 10 years old.

    Thanks and kind regards,
    Ashutosh Yadav

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    Mar 2012


    More than 3 years ago I had bought and taken over an apartment From Ansals {API} in Gurgaon on Faridabad Road complete with car parking but till date they have not handed over the parking space.

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    I bought a Videocon washing machine for Rs 15900/- and a Kent water purifier (Maxx-UV) for Rs 7000/- from Khoshla Electronics Pvt Ltd at 371/1 Diamond Harbour Road, Kolkata-700034 vide bill number BHA/11073 on 12-02-2012 of which as usual delivery of both the products were made late and the water purifier has not been installed yet. After several requests over phone to Khosla Electronics Kent installation team contacted me over phone for installation on 21-02-2012. After another two days one of their employee came to my house for installation and suggested changes in the water supply system which we did next day and then again he came after one day and at the time of installation installer probably found that one of the valves in the new machine is not working and suggested replacement of the valve from his stock. We requested him to replace the defective machine which he said is not possible because of filthy reason as it can happen to any such machine for the reason of long transportation and the installer company is different from selling company but if we can arrange replacement taking up the issue with the Khosla Electronics then only they will arrange installation. I contacted Khosla Electronics and they made me understand that it is a very very difficult job and they have no idea when it will mature.
    Sir, there is a limit for compromise. I want immediate replacement of new Kent water purifier machine and exemplary punishment of the Khosla Electronic because every time after purchase of any product from their shop they behave very casually, normally avoid to pick up telephone calls after purchase, take long time to deliver the product and at the time of delivery their people demand money and behave unusually.
    Thank you.
    Amit Bandyopadhyay (Mobile No- 9434494088) Email Id-bandyopadhyay.amit@gmail.com

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    Default Delay in issuing Grade card/Provisional certificat

    Dear sir/Madam,
    IGNOU is delaying issuing Grade card/Provisional certificate for the MCA program for Enrollment No:060850268 on the pretext of frivolous reasons.I had completed all components and passed all the modules of the program.I had passed during June 2010.

    I have applied for jobs for which the Grade card/Provisional certificate is necessary during selection.I am really so tired of reminding them.So i request consumer court to take necessary action and see that i do not suffer further due to inefficiency and delay at IGNOU.Further I would like to request consumer court to direct IGNOU to identify those responsible for the delay and take necessary action on them.


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