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Thread: Chairman, LIC of India, Jeevan Bima Marg, Mumbai.

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    Default Chairman, LIC of India, Jeevan Bima Marg, Mumbai.


    Appeal No. 1440/2006

    Smt. Santosh Devi W/oLate Shri Amar Singh Moga, R/o Village Khasoli, Tehsil & District Churu (Raj.)




    Chairman, LIC of India, Jeevan Bima Marg, Mumbai.

    Regional Manager, LIC of India, Jeevan Bharti Building, Cannaught Circle, New Delhi.

    Sr. Divisional Manager, LIC of India, 'Jeevan Kalash', P.B. 66,Jaipur Road, Bikaner.

    Branch Manager, LIC of India, Opp: Bhartiya Hospital, Churu (Raj.)

    ..Respondents-Opposite Parties


    Mr. G.S. Hora, Presiding Member

    Mr. Sikandar Punjabi, Member


    Mr. Prem Prakash on behalf of Mr. Asgar Khan, counsel for the Appellant.

    Mr. Vizzy Agarwal, counsel for the Respondents

    ORDER Dated: 08.07.2009


    This appeal arises out of the order dated 15.7.2006 passed by the learned District Forum, Churu whereby the complaint of the Complainant was dismissed.

    The Complainant's Husband Late Shri Amar Singh Moga had obtained a life policy for a sum of Rs. 50,000/- on 28.10.2000. He died on 4.8.2005 and thereafter a claim was filed by the Complainant being the nominee under the policy but the same was repudiated vide letter dated 10.2.2006 on the ground that the Life Assured (LA) had been suffering from cancer before he got the policy revived.

    The policy was revived on 27.4.2005. This is to be seen whether the LA had been suffering from cancer before he got the


    policy revived. The learned District Forum relying upon the evidence produced by the Respondent Corporation came to the conclusion that the LA before revival of the policy had been suffering from cancer for which he had taken the treatment but this material fact was suppressed by him while filling the form of declaration of good health.

    We have heard both the counsels and gone through the file.

    At the time when the policy was revived, a declaration about the health was obtained from the LA, who denied to have received treatment of any ailment for a period of more than one week. The LA was subjected to biopsy, the report of which was issued by the S.S. Biopsy & Cytology Research Centre which was suggestive metastatic squamous cell carcinoma. The report of S.D. Hospital has also been placed on record which shows that the LA had maligant tumour and he was under treatment for the same. There is enough material on record showing that at the time of revival of policy, the insured had been suffering from cancer and therefore repudiation of the claim of the Complainant was justified.

    Consequently, we find no force in this appeal and the same is dismissed with cost on parties.

    Member Presiding Member

    Hira Lal

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Non-Receipt of Policy

    The Chair, LIC of India, Mumbai.

    Ref :- Application for New policy for about Rs.47.00 Lakh made to Branch No. 907 on dt. 28/08/2009.

    B.O.C No. :-2743.

    It is very sorry to inform your goodself that, despite of passing of about 31/2 months till the date, I have not received the policy.

    The Adhoc premium of Rs. 21000/- was paid on 28/08/09, (the zerox copy of receipt No. 39236 is enclosed for ready reference) & the medical requirements has also complied through T.R’A namely Sai Pathology Labs.

    It is therefore requested to issue the policy immediately & please note that, the policy is in force, as from last 31/2, LIC is happy in enjoying our premium & if anything goes wrong to me, than LIC is bound to pay the claim.

    This is for your kind information & taking necessary action.

    Thankig you,
    Yours faithfully,

    (Hemanshu M.Shah)
    502, Shreeji Sharan,
    Shantilal Modi Road,
    Kandivali (West),
    Mumbai - 400 067.
    Mob :- 9821029951.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default non refund of deposit by LIC

    A deposit of Rs.6000 was accepted by your chembur branch (939)vide BOC No.18480 and the agent code was 01848939 Dev officer code 0005395. There were some problem in acceptance of the policy hence I requested the agent to get my deposit refunded but now he is avoiding me.
    I have sent a direct letter to the branch Manager, LIC Chembur enclosing copy of receipt but they are also not doing anything. Please look into the matter on urgent basis so that the innocent customer is taken for a ride by these agents.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Agents Renewal commission not paid by CB17 MJ Road Hyderabad despite sevral reminders


    K.S.S.Ramachandra Rao
    M.A.Eng) M.A. (Psychology) LL.M Hyderabad
    Advocate, Date 07-04-2010
    408,Mehta Towers, Ashoknagar
    Hyderabad 500 020
    Telephone numbers 040-27641195 Mobile 9885039965


    1) The Zonal Manager
    Life Insurance Corporation of India
    Zonal Office, South Central zone
    Secretariat Road
    Saifabad Hyderabad

    Dear Sirs
    LIC Agent Name:- K.S.S.Ramachandra Rao number 825 73 K ,License No 198190
    At City Branch 17,MJ Market Hyderabad –500 001
    (D.O Sri A.MuraliKrishna)

    I invite your attention to my letter dated 9th March 2010,addressed to CB17, LIC MJ Market,Hyderabad and copy endorsed to you.(copy enclosed for your information and necessary action).As the issue under question is not settled I am approaching you for early settlement.
    I have to advise that I worked as LIC Agent from August 2001 to March 2007
    The premia on most of the policies procured by me are being paid and the Policies are in force, as per list enclosed. But your CB 17 stopped the payment of renewal commission since April 2007.
    In this connection I had sent a letter dated 22-10-2009 to CB17 under Regd Post Ack due and letter dated 9th March 2010.(copies enclosed). They received the letters as per acknowledgements received by me. They have not so far taken any action on it. They slept over on the matter. In my recent letter I stipulated the dead line as 20th March 2010 for settlement of my demand/claim for commission.
    But on 26 -03- 2010 to give some evasive reply some one from Sales Department of CB 17 L.I.C M.J. Market, Hyderabad called me over telephone number and made some remarks as under without making any homework on the matter and without verifying any records. He said in most irresponsible and evasive way as under
    and told blatant lies as under with a negative attitude and preset mind of to avoid legally entitled payment to me on frivolous and flimsy grounds.In this connection I observe that usually some undergraduates etc
    take up the profession as L.I.C agents It may be customary for the bosses in the office to say any thing to silence them because they donot dare to question the superior authorities. They care only the Crorepathy/high profile agents perhaps. Other agents are looked like second rated citizens.
    He said that
    1) Sales Dept CB 17: -All policies procured by you are lapsed.
    My Reply :It is total LIE made by you without making any effort to verify.
    Many policies are in force.
    The list of Policies is enclosed
    2) Sales Dept CB17 (SD) :_ Your License lapsed in Aug 2007
    (My reply It is not his innovation I myself said about this).
    3) S D CB17 :-The Policies donot belong to CB 17 but may be from other Branches.
    My reply: This is another irresponsible statement made without verifying any
    Records. All the policies belong to CB 17 Hyderabad and not any other branch 2 policies are since transferred to your Zaheerabad and Medak Branches.
    2) SD CB17 No renewal commission is payable as all the policies lapsed.
    (My reply At least about 40 to 50 policies procured by me are in force as most of the policies are from my self, my daughter and other family members /close friends etc who are all paying the premiums regularly)
    3) SD CB 17 Then he asked me to produce all the receipts for payment of commission.
    4) My reply: - For his irrelevant and unjustifiable advice I said that it was NOT possible for any agent to obtain and get receipts from the policyholders and show it to LIC for payment of renewal commission, Please send your reply in writing in post. But I have not received any reply from LIC CB 17 till 7 th april 2010.
    By saying this ridiculous irresponsible irrelevant absurd statements he made me to think that LIC is going back again to 2 nd century B.C. or so.
    The People of India now have to presume that are no proper records/maintenance of Policy holders /Agents records and have to afraid of the safety of the moneys in the hands of L.I.C.Is the so called full computerization of records in LIC is in a mess?
    I request you to initiate action at least now and arrange to remit the renewal commissions to my Savings Bank account number 10287294577 at State Bank of India Old MLA Quarters Branch Hyderabad –29, MICR no 500002029 IFS Code SBIN0001880.
    Now I am not in a position to go to AXIS bank and open account there.
    I am a senior citizen aged 66 years.
    It is sad that there had been no response to copy of letter my letter dated 9 th March 2010 either from your office or Dvl officer Senior Manager CB 17 Hyderabad
    I therefore once again request you to arrange to remit all the arrears immediately and the future renewal commissions from time to time.
    I am furnishing these details as feedback that may be of some use for you.
    Moreover this is high time that the loopholes in the area of developed software should be plugged in.
    Why cannot you develop a soft ware where if you type the policy number, the name and code number of agent /Development officer payment details can be obtained or if you type Code number of an agent or DO the details of all his policies can be obtained?
    Finally I once again pray you to pay me all dues of renewal commission fro CB17 Hyderabad, Zaheerabad and Medak branch offices together with interest for the period of delay and credit the same to my aforesaid account on or before 20tth April 2010, failing which I will have no other option except to approach your higher authorities such as Chairman ,LIC ,Ombudsman I.R.DA,Minisrty of Finance and Print and Electronic media etc and further actions for Justice .
    It is sad that there had been no response to copy of my letter dated 9 th March 2010 either from you / Divisional Manager/ Senior Manager CB 17 Hyderabad although all of you acknowledged the receipt of the letter.

    Hyderabad Yours faithfully
    Dated 09-04-2010
    K.S.S.Ramachandra Rao
    Copy forwarded for information and necessary action to
    1) The Chairman
    2) South-Central Zone
    Hyderabad D.O
    HYDERABAD - 500 063

    The Senior Branch Manager,
    City Branch 17
    Life Insurance Corporation of India, M.J Market
    Hyderabad 500 001
    Copy for information and necessary action to
    1) The Divisional Manager,
    Life Insurance Corporation of India
    Divisional Office Secretariat Road
    Saifabad Hyderabad

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    Unregistered Guest

    Post non recipt of renewal licence from lic of india

    i have summited all of my documents regarding my renewal of agency renewal. My licence no is 1580750 & my code no is 05915251 agent in dehradun cbo-1, in lic of india since 5 years so please sir help me.
    LIC.NO:- 1580750
    CODE :- 05915251

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    tusc.kol@gmail.com Guest

    Default non receipt of surrender value from city branch no. 3 situated 14 madan street, kol-

    The Respected Chairman
    Lic of India

    Dear Sir, Sub: Pending of surrender cheque under policy no. 414359634 in the
    name Smt. Asha Sharma

    I would like to inform you that under above noted policy which has submitted on 20.04.2010 at city branch no. 10 but in my letter i have written my policy no as 413817344 instead of 414359634.
    Now you are requested to send my surrender cheque under above noted policy and rectified the above same which is to be redressal under following address.

    Smt. Asha Sharma
    C/o The United Sales Corporation
    36, Strand Road,
    4th floor, Room No. 19
    Kolkata-700 001
    Kindly acknowledge the above matter and do the needful for my goodself.
    Thanking you,
    Yours faithfully,

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    tusc.kol@gmail.com Guest

    Post non receipt of surrender value from city branch no. 3 situated 14 madan street, kol-

    The Respected Chairman
    Lic of India

    Dear Sir, Sub: Pending of surrender cheque under policy no. 414359634 in the
    name Smt. Asha Sharma

    I would like to inform you that under above noted policy which has submitted on 20.04.2010 at city branch no. 10 but in my letter i have written my policy no as 413817344 instead of 414359634.
    Now you are requested to send my surrender cheque under above noted policy and rectified the above same which is to be redressal under following address.

    Smt. Asha Sharma
    C/o The United Sales Corporation
    36, Strand Road,
    4th floor, Room No. 19
    Kolkata-700 001
    Kindly acknowledge the above matter and do the needful for my goodself.
    Thanking you,
    Yours faithfully,

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    Sunita Sriwastaw Guest

    Default Non-payment of Commission on Renewal Premiums being paid by Policyholders

    The Respected Chairman,
    LIC OF INDIA, Mumbai

    Sub; Request for the payment of Commission on Renewal Premiums,being paid by policy holders in Agency Code NO-266 51J Name-SUNITA SRIWASTAW BRANCH-GOMIA DIVISION- HAZARIBAGH State- Jharkhand
    Dear sir,

    (a) The above LIC agency code no-266 51 J in my name Sunita Sriwastaw was active since 01/07/1996.
    (b)The above LIC agency code no-266 51J successfully completed 4th year with 16 (Sixteen) no of Policies, as per available data from LIC branch GOMIA.
    (c)The above LIC agency code no-266 51J was unfairly and illegally terminated on 31/08/2000.
    (d) The above LIC agency code no-266 51 J should have been terminated from 01/09/2001.
    (e) As per LIC Rules and Regulations in this regard, I am entitled for commission on Renewal premiums, being paid by policy holders .

    Your high office is requested to intervene immediately in this matter so that I can get my long pending payment.

    Since I have shifted to Delhi, my written registered letters were not replied by Branch Manager, Gomia ./SR Divisional Manager, Hazaribagh in spite of several reminders.

    you are requested to send my Commission Cheque/Correspondence on the following Address given below

    Yours faithfully

    Sunita Sriwastaw)
    House no- G-66A, Gali No-5
    Vishwas Park, Uttam Nagar
    New Delhi-110059
    E-mail: sunitasriwastaw@yahoo..in / ams55s@yahoo.com

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    sudeshseth@ymail.com Guest

    Unhappy The chairman LIC BOMBAY

    My policy number---114440861
    Dear Sir,
    I am a senior citizen and I am being subjected to great harrassment. My policy was due for payment in the month of March 2010 and still waiting for the payment although nearly 4months have passed. I am told that the payment of this policy has already been made whereas I have never received and the originil policy is with me and then how the payment is made without policy. And then they should give me a proof in writing so that I may be able to take legal action. I had great faith in LIC and never thought that such a thing can happen and senior citizen would suffer for the payment. It is clear from this incidence that your staff has also been corrupted and thereis lot of bungling in accounts.
    I would really appreciate if you interven in the matter order for immediate payment and also give sufficient compensation for the delay.
    I hope you will take immediate action in the matter.
    Thanking you,
    Neeta Seth
    I-61, Kirti Nagar,
    New Delhi-110015

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    Thumbs up Non-transfer of LIC Policy No.543495051 for Rs.453/- Mly from Bokaro to New Delhi.

    Dear Sir,

    This is to inform you, that after so many reminder to your branch office BERMO, DT: Bokaro (Jharkhand) in connection with trasnfer of LIC policy no.543495051 for Rs.453/-MLY in favour of Mrs. Anita Sharma from Bokaro to LIC of India, Branch Unit No.112, (PA Code No.3996), N-69, Bombay Life Building, Connaught Circus, New Delhi-110001, still pending with the branch no body is responding even after so many letters written to them even inform via e-mail sent to the Branch Manager.

    Now, I am sending a e-mail to you, Sir, kindly look up the matter for transfer of above LIC ploicy as early as possiable to as per address mention in the letter.

    Thanking you,

    ( Mrs. Anita Sharma)
    LIC POLICY No.543495051

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default about renewation of agency

    I want to renew my LIC agency which is terminated, so what can i do for that?

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    r.sannabhadti Guest

    Thumbs down Surrender of lic policy No.880402539 "Children money back policy"

    Dated:2nd Nov.2010
    Dear Sir,
    Sub: Surrendering the policy No.:880402539 ,T-T:113-23,Inst.Premium:Rs.3638
    Payment mode: Yearly.: ”Children money back Policy”
    This policy was taken when I was 3years old. Premium was paid for this policy regularly up to 2006 .My father was the proposer for this policy as I am being minor.He did not get the intimation for the last 5 years. This policy was registered on line with e-mail address and mobile number given. E-mail, mobile and postal intimations were not sent to us all these years for this policy. Now after enquiring, we were told by this office that the policy can not be revived. I hope you will make sure, such a thing will not happen to the other policies. Hence I had no option but to surrender the policy and get my money back.
    With best regards,
    Yours Sincerely

    (Ms. Shruti R. Sannabhadti)

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Sir, I am agent from last 8 year,but no scope agent in lic,why we work in lic

    I gave examination of ADO & I cleared this exam. Means I qualified Interview, I filled a form of western zone, Amravati division. My interview in Amravati My interview was good .But sir , when display a final list not my name mention ,Sir my qualification is M.B.A( Marketing )( appear last sem) .& I am L.I.C. Agent. I worked since last 8 years, I doing a policy 25 to 30 per year & my FPI above 2,00,000 last three year. Because going to my education. When you gave add. Of A.D.O then you mention who are MBA (Marketing) & Min. Two year experience in LIC give a 1 st preference of this candidate. Sir, but not my selection. Sir I ask a question why not my selection?.
    Sir I am very unhappy I qualified fulfilled education. But not I am selected Sir I am promises you. when my completed MBA I joined private insurance company. And decrease your market share I know your market share is 73% I promise you, because I am knowledge of various plans mostly Money plus in this plans customer rupees are decrease I doing publicity this plan. Sir in LIC not growth of Agent, LIC is based on only Agent. Agent work hard so LIC increase but what do you in Agent. sir when my completed my MBA I know I will selected in private insurance company I will selected lot of Insurance adviser & doing a lot of work. & sir today resignation of lic agent. Because sir I know I work is less but my some hand to increase the lic.
    Sir I am very unhappy because not my selection. I work in LIC last 8 year ,my dream was when I will selected LIC as ADO I will good work ,I recruit various Agent & doing a lot of work of agent. Sir when I see a list various person are not experience. Please sir you find, I think when recruit ADO post unethical work of interviewer please you find, please sir answer this email on my email id.

    my email id : vega_austin@yahoo.com

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    rayudu.nallam@yahoo.com Guest


    Dear sir ,

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    XXXXXX Guest

    Default Chairman club member ( actually begger )

    Respected Sir,
    2008-2009-PREMIUM-4.5 CRORE
    2009-2010-PREMIUM-3.5 CORE
    Refused Car LOan-By Branch-By Division-No Answer From ZONE after sending30 Mails.
    Treating me as CHAIRMAN CLUB BEGGER.

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