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Thread: HDFC Loan Ombudsman

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    Default HDFC Loan Ombudsman

    I could not find the information about the Ombudsman in the HDFC Loan Website. Whereas their Fair practice code page states that they will provide the same in their website. Can anyone help me in this regard.

    I need to file a complaint against HDFC Loan with the ombudsman. What is the procedure to launch a complaint against HDFC Loan with the ombudsman.

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    hardika_mandavia Guest

    Thumbs down Complaint aganst credit card department

    Respected Ombudsman,
    This complaint is on behalf of my mother MRS.PUSHPA H MANDAVIA who was using HDFC credit card 4346 7810 0911 8423 since around 2 years..My mother and i was badly harassed my recovery department regardless of we being regular in paying interest..Our outstanding was approximately 12k..We asked for a settlement as it was difficult for us to make the payment as i being the only earning person in the family..A lady from phone banking department named SHEELA promised me settlement of 9k ,if i pay final interest of 600 INR..We agreed and paid 640 INR, 26117122,dated 30.9.11,collector name and id MAHENDRA TIWARI W05796.After paying MS SHEELA disappeared and other girl called SANGEETA coordinated with us..She told me settle the account in 10k ...MR SATISH accompained her ..MR SATISH being very rude and illmannered ,he indirectly threatened us..We finally agreed but again i got a call from MR SATISH saying that settlement can be done only of 11k..After so much of false promises by bank authorities ,what we got was illmannered behaviour of employes,irrrespect of customer and total dissatsfaction of services..Hence after so much of harassment we agreed to settle in 11k in 3 installments ...I.E. 1st installment in the month of oct,11 ,which is already made of 4000 INR c-26364420,dated 30.10.11.....For 2nd installment in the month of november 11, no one from bank really turned up inspite of we calling bank authorities..Several calls made on 022-66521000 ,but no answer...twice call made on 022-66097178 dated 2nd DECEMBER 11,AT 11.55 AM and spoke to MS SARITA who informed that MS SHEELA AND MS SANDEETA WERE ON LEAVE..And we asked her to transfer the call to her head but she refused and we told her to inform MR SATISH...But no response..Finally on 8th NOVEMBER 11, We got a call from MS HEENA asking us to to make the payment of 7k togather in the same month..We also took the initiative to call and talk to MR SATISH who still behaved in the same ill mannered way..

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    ms kumar@gmail.com Guest

    Default Personal loan complaint

    Sir i am masa sivakumar.in kakinada resident holder,
    sir i take a personal loan in hdfc bank kakinada,and i am paying installments every month proparly,but i am sufring with my family problems just from three months so i didnt pay to bank installments.so i talked to hdfc personal loan manager.i explained every thing to him.i said to him about the 3 months installments.he agreed.but with out informing me the manager deposit the cheque in my account.because of that i have faced lot of problems and also loss my job.what you collected the money was my custmer amount.that amount diposited by custmer in my account as company purpose.so that i loss my job.thats why i am not paying installments.but bank staff was harreshing me.so please i need some time to pay the installments.i just need 2 years of the time.please fullfill my request.

    Thanking you

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    Hanmantra Guest

    Default HDFC personal Loan A/c 19881797

    Dear Sir,

    I hanmantrao was taken Personal Loan from HDFC bank of Rs.300000 and paid 13 installment without fail and after 13th installment i have made full and final settlement
    now bank officer are not ready to my security deposited cheque and nor giving NDC ,

    I hope you will accept my humble request and do the need full

    Name : Hanmantrao

    Ph.No : 9379681884

    Loan amt : Rs.300000

    Bank : HDFC

    Type : Personal .

    Loan A/c No : 19881797

    Branch : Hubli

    Loan issue by Mr. Basavaraj

    yours faithfull


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    K.M.Suresh Murthy Guest

    Default un solved issues with HDFC Bank.

    DATE : 20.05.2013.
    Dear Sir,
    Sub :- Banker’s non co-operation.
    Ref.: HDFC - Our A/c 12082790000952
    We would like to bring to your kind attention that, HDFC Bank is our Bankers we have availed Term Loan/Vehicle Loan and Cash Credit Accounts with them.
    We have cetain issues which is to be sorted out with bankers. We have called several times to their executives and requested them to give the details. But we have not received the proper responses from them and then we had sent no of reminders thr. e-mail and letters. Even then they have given the convincing responses.
    Our company statutory auditing is in progress. Auditors raised some queries and they informed us to get details from the bankers. We are trying to get information from the bankers since last one month no use. Now there is no alternative to fulfill our obligation. Hence, we are approaching you to consider the above facts and please instruct Bankers to provide us the information on the following at the earliest:-
    1. Confirmation of Balances as on 31.03.2013 on the following term loans:-
    a. Term Loan A/c 3361290
    b. Vehicle Loan A/c No. 3410034
    c. Vehicle Loan A/c no. 19027613
    d. Vehicle Loan A/c No. 3383570
    e. Vehicle Loan A/c No. 17353161
    f. Vehicle Loan A/C NO 18403721
    g. Vehicle Loan A/C NO 19022276
    h. CASH CREDIT A/C NO. 1208279000952

    2. Closure confirmation letter for the following:-
    a. Vehicle Loan a/c No. 17344078
    b. Term Loan A/c No. 3322785
    i. Term Loan A/c No. 3306356

    3. Term Loan A/c No. 009LN06083470004:-
    As per our books we have paid excess to the extent of Rs. 347,398.86 to the above Term Loan A/c. Please instruct them to verify and refund us the excess amount collected from us.

    4. Term Loan A/c No. 009LN06083470004:-
    As per our books we have paid excess to the extent of Rs. 347,398.86 to the above Term Loan A/c. Please instruct them to verify and refund us the excess amount collected from us.

    5. We have received payment thr. Bank from one of our customer Rs. 3,24,447.28 (part y unknown)which has been Credited to our CC A/c. on 09.10.2010. We had requested them to provide us the details of Credit like party name and from which place amount has been credited to our a/c. but so far no information received by them.

    Thanking you,
    Yours faithfully,
    K.M.Suresh Murthy
    For Peenya Industrial Gases Pvt. Ltd.
    Peenya Industrial Area, IV Phase, Bangalore-560 058.
    080 28364357/28362991.

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    Davinder Singh Chadha Guest

    Default Complaint regarding issue of noc

    My loan no for my motorbike in year 2003 was 2011 G0 7446 521. At that time it was CENTURION BANK. I had successfully paid all the emi s timely. But I had not received my NOC till date ie. 14 Sep 2013. During this period Centurion Bank converted into HDFC bank. After so many years now when I intended to sell my bike the NOC was required for which I approached HDFC Bali Nagar branch. I was told to pay Rs 500/- for the issue of NOC which is a violation of my basic right. I had paid all the emis well in time and demand my NOC. Pls look into the matter and provide relief.
    Thank you.
    Davinder Singh
    E mail. kn_pack@rediffmail.com

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    vinod c Guest

    Default additional amount deduction

    Withrawing over money (Rs.851.53) from my account

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Very bad banks in india

    Sir, i am applied p loan always said norms not supported,if your bank only for rich people,please dont open account for poor,if you want deposit f you are catch my lugs,i need improve my business need money for this govt put the bank in country,cibil is not our father,i will going to complaint against in court soon,why you cant give me a loan?

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Excess amount taken against home loan EMI -loan AC No. 610995032 & 610995018

    Dear Sir/ Mam,

    I have availed the Home loan From HDFC Bank bearing loan account no. is 610995032 & 610995018, after the disbursal , the banking staff called me up and told me , my ECS has not been activated in system and my EMI is due on 10.04.14, therefore I have issued the cheque on 10.04.14 in favour of HDFC LTD & same has been credited to their account on 12.04.14 and surprisingly I came to know that on 17.04.14 Rs. 11840 has been debited from my account. I tried to talked with the HDFC LTD people but they are giving hallow promises in resolving my problem.

    now today after on week they telling me it resolve very soon.

    Please guide me in order to getting excess amount from them.

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    akhilcc731@gmail.com Guest

    Default Sanctioned Housing Loan Denied for Disbursement

    Dear Madam/Sir
    My home loan was sanctioned way back in Dec 2013 by Anna Nagar Chennai branch. shortly I approached HDFC Ghaziabad/Vaishali for disbursement of the same. HDFC executive told that the property is not approved by HDFC and loan can not be disbursed. They advised to request for closure of the file.
    I was surprised to know that why in past six months this was not communicated to me. A processing fee of Rs 11238/- has already been collected at your end in Nov 2013.
    It may please be noted that the said property is already approved by SBI, ICICI, Central bank of India and Canara bank. I am attaching some of the such approvals.
    It is a very bad part that for such a long time I was dependent on you as loan was sanctioned and refusal for disbursement is causing me great financial difficulty and mental harrassment. What kind of verification is being done at your end if for six month you are not able to ensure genuineness of a property?
    Any how the consequences has to be borne by me for showing faith on you. please arrange to refund the entire processing fees Rs 11238/- paid by me, and close this loan file.
    If any further explaination is there on the situation please let me know.

    With a heavy heart

    AK Tripathi

    Central Electronics Limited, Sahibabad

    Mobile 08743053535

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    RAN Guest

    Default Processing of home loan

    1. Sir, I have applied for Housing loan from HDFC bank (Sripuram Branch, visakhapatnam) vide my file no. 612369479. I have handed over all relevant document including blank cheque to HDFC channel executive namely Gupta. I received message on my mobile from gupta to maintain balance Rs. 4800.00 as a processing fee of home loan probably by 4-5 jun. At that time, I had sufficient balance (more than 1 lakh) was in my account. I have transferred 96000.00 amount to my own ICICI bank due to emergency reason (ICICI Bank ststement enclosed) and left Rs. 5200.00 as balance, which is more than of processing fee. Furthermore, I received Email from HDFC Sripuram branch, visakhapatnam to pay Rs. 5056.00 as processing fee (email enclosed). In spite of maintaining required balance, my cheque has been Dis honored on 12 jun due to inadequate information given by HDFC Bank staff. While change amount of processing fee i.e. 5620.00 I was not informed at any point of time.

    2. When I visited HDFC bank with relevant correspondence, he told that your balance was Rs. 1000.00 only. That time balance were still Rs. 5200.00. I have told that, there is MOD facility in SBI Salary account, which can't be seen in main balance. After cheque dis honored, they told me to make a DD for processing fee on 13 jun, that time I have cash withdrawn Rs. 5500.00 amount, same time amount was autometically shifted in main balance that is clearly reflected in bank statement (Bank statement enclosed), still they not try to understand and finally rejected my home loan document.

    3. Sir, now my flat has been almost completed (95 % job done, job complition certificate enclosed with loan document). I have submitted home loan document on 28 may. Furthermore, I have received demand letter from builder to make payment by one month back. Now I am paying 24% interest per day of that payee amount.

    4. If I withdrawn the home loan document then I can't apply any were for next six month. Sir, there is no any fault from my side. If I aware of processing fee of Rs. 5620.00 then I can't transferred Rs. 96000.00 amount to my own account which I have done.

    5. In view of the above, it is therefore requested that my housing loan file will be reconsidered and the case may be taken up seriously for further processing as early as possible.


    Your faithfully

    Ranjan Kumar
    Indian navy

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default My Experience at HDFC

    Dear Sir

    My name is Arindam Chakraborty & am a mere customer of your Reputed Bank, who perhaps hold a Salary A/c and few other Classic Family Accounts.
    I thought of starting a Banking relationship with your Bank & make it as my Primary Banker & transfer all my Investments & other CASA to HDFC.

    Thus, for my Home Loan requirement I approached HDFC, I was asked for all the required documents & likewise I provided.

    It was communicated to me that the Processing fees will be charged when the Housing Loan is processed,

    Now I am shocked & astonished ,when all of a sudden I have been asked for my company Audit Report/Balance Sheet etc etc.

    To best of my knowledge, I am not a Director/Promoter or Shareholder in the company "ENTERPRISE DATA MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED" that my company will not provide the internal Financials for my Home Loan purpose.

    I pleaded you representative for letting me speak with her Supervisors/seniors, however I feel HDFC has many big shot client & thus don't require a tiny customer like me. I also requested them to speak with my company seniors officially representing your Bank, which may help in getting the Financials if still required.

    From some reliable sources I got to know that Banks can also get the details from Ministry Of Corporate Affairs - Website

    Now my question is , during this incident if HDFC isn’t processing my loan then why INR 11798 was debited for this purpose.

    This whole procedure took around 15-20day time which caused failure in the Agreement I had with the Owner & I had to bear a Financial Losses. However financial loss is not the main concern but fail in delivering my commitment that too be for someone else's lapses is unacceptable & Unethical to me.

    Again when I asked for the concerned person's name whom I can approach & explain the circumstances, people are blank with responses in your Organization.

    I am running from pillar to post & am clueless as to who is the concerned person.

    I want my A/c to be credited with the charges/Fees I have been levied illogically, & also would appreciate a response for my queries & concerns.
    The lady handling my Home Loan told me to send her a email for a request of closure of the application and I had done the same requesting to refund my full amount as per them I have not provided all the necessary documents so there is no reason to process my loan application.

    But HDFC had deducted Rs.2000 and credited rest of the amount to my Bank account. I am shocked and feeling cheated with such kind of incident.

    Some other Bank is processing my Housing Loan requirement now,& hopefully legal team there will not ask for my Company financials. Even if ask they perhaps will also have an alternative too.

    Home Loan No.-613447549
    Looking forward to hear from you.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default hdfc sending bullys at home

    I already informed in hdfc bank grievence cell i m getting abused & threating callls that will send bullys to my home to get their payment.
    2-3days it was quiet fine but now on today they are sending their bully at home and threating to my family members.
    Their is no resolution after complaint in hdfc grievence cell.

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